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Darksiders Genesis is the prequel to the Darksiders series. The Fourth released game and it’s very very different from the previous Three. So excited and curious …this is what I thought of it!…

To start with this game has some massive changes to it compared to it’s previous sets in the series yet somehow still plays like it belongs in the series. No longer a over the shoulder third person point of view hack and slash game this is the first in the series to take a top down prospective of the world you are going to explore. This is also the first two player game in the series which is interesting considering the series revolves around the four horsemen (Not exactly the biblical type as previous stories have told).

In this part of the series you play as War (From Darksiders 1) and New (to be playable) Strife. Oddly enough War plays exactly as he did in Darksiders 1. He’s heavy and relies mostly on his sword strikes and Strength power moves that you acquire as you progress thru the game. While Strife relies mostly on a run and gun and slightly faster movements type of play. While I attempted to play this game with my girlfriend on coop we found it was just easier for me to play it in single player in which I could just switch between the characters at any time using a button combination that was given. Holding L1 and taping X switched between characters and made it easy and pretty fluid at times. Also the game allows you to play as both characters based on a health bar which when depleted would also switch between characters However had a time limit so as to not make it impossible to kill both characters.

As with previous games you are also given characters to help you thru the story which while shorter than the previous games also comes with a new tree experience core system that can be used to upgrade things like Armor, Health, and Attack. Both Strife and War are also equipped with different abilities between the two but are also given a meter (as in previous games) that builds up for a Chaos form that grants invincibility for a short time and extra increased attack.

Honestly the game is pretty awesome and while I didn’t finish it as quickly as I did the previous three this felt like it belonged to the series. It’s beautiful by design and the sound is exactly what you would expect from a Darksiders games “FUN AND AMAZINGLY EPIC”. The story is interesting mixing both lore and a bit of humor between War and Strife. It adds just a bit of extra this and that to the story you already know if you played the previous games. Over all it’s worth the price if you’re looking for a hack and slash adventure that isn’t too difficult to play.

I have no clue how I managed to forget to write this review. This game came out in 2016 and is without question one of my favorite PS4 games to be released on the system. Anyway.. here.. we…go!

Watch Dogs 2 is set several years after Watch Dogs 1 and follows instead of Aiden Pearce a New collective group part of DedSec set to correct justice in San Francisco this time around. Instead of working with only 2 other people on your side you have a larger Younger Group of Characters to help you. It’s in this respect the game shines because the drive this time around isn’t Vengeance but Hacker Justice and a crew trying to set right the issues played out by the corporations involved.

The main character you play as is Marcus Holloway. One of the things that you will notice this time around is how nibble the character is. Using pretty much the same mechanics as before but with an added advantage to use Parkour and better hand to hand combat. The game sets up lots of missions to hack into buildings and solve puzzles as the story progresses. This time around you are also given a cool 3D Printer which allows you to upgrade, Customize and create new items that will help you get in and out of each mission. Your granted a Drone, Spider Drone, Robots and while it does use the same Blue Line Hack puzzles it’s far friendlier this time around and not used as often.

While watch dogs 1 had a interesting online component of invasions. This time around you have a coop element also. Finishing missions with other players is super fun and can also be tedious at times while working with other players. It’s all optional this time and you don’t need to do any of it to progress the story but in terms of fun it’s on another level.

I can’t explain how much time I spent playing watch dogs 2 but it was ALOT. The game is clearly much cheaper than what I paid for it on release now 4 years later… almost 5… Honestly this is probably one of my top 5 games on the PS4. It’s fun.. great story driven action and worth every penny.

This will be a 2 part review as the Online for the game isn’t up yet. From my understanding it is set to go online early 2021. That will be interesting and I’m sure I will have plenty to write about that “at the time”. Currently this will be all about the Single Player Campaign…so here…we…go

So take everything you enjoyed about Watch Dogs 1 and 2 “Which I reviewed here”

and apparently I never did a review for Watch Dogs 2 “My guess I never finished looking over the Online aspects of the game BECAUSE I WAS HAVING TOOOOO much fun with it!!…Will write one in the future soon”.

Regardless Watchdogs Legion takes place in London during a not so distant future. You are once again apart of the cyber hacking group DedSec set to fix the ruling Government for the people! It plays like many open world games. You gather and upgrade weapons, steal vehicles, and go on missions. The biggest difference with this game is that it doesn’t have a Single Player set to ride with. This game allows you to recruit playable characters throughout London to help with each Mission. It’s a group effort this time around and if you don’t like a character you don’t have to use em EVER!!

The game also has a pretty neat hand to hand combat aspect to it. It also has a cool Combat mode that you can use to gain more credits for upgrades and so on. They put you in a ring to fight several rounds against random fighters. To go along with this most of the missions in the game are puzzles. You are set up to hack computers, with drones some of which you can ride on fight with and hack cameras.

Using a blue line switch is a majority of the puzzles you are required to solve to hack into most of the computers. Some require sneaking into buildings and avoiding security. Think GTA V but better. Which is exactly what this game is. Graphically it’s beautiful, the music is on point and the story is easy to understand. The map system works great for finding places to go and it has a great fast travel system.

Overall for 60$ the game is great! While it doesn’t focus on characters the ones you do pick up are interesting enough to keep the momentum going. It’s fun and I really am looking forward to the ONLINE.