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This one took me by surprise for several reasons. First of all it’s FREE DLC for those who purchased any of the new versions of DOOM or DOOM 2. ID has been extremely good to the fans with supporting Free DLC. Some.. small..and some like Doom Zero an entire experience.. So what did I think of it?….here…we…go!

On the Surface you could look at Doom Zero and say “Oh another Expansion!!”… However if you really dig into it you will come to find “Pleasantly” it’s telling a story about a piece of the doom universe that was never really explained. About a Villain or.. Villainess who was in the background the entire time and no one bothered to question it. I won’t say more than that but if anything this game is worth playing just to get a bit more context out of the Doom Universe.

Now the game itself is pretty much Doom 2 with a couple of added demons. Yet Again this is just a surface observation. Cause what charm is layered in this DLC comes in the form of amazingly brilliant Puzzles. I am talking the kind of brain teasers you wouldn’t expect from a Doom game. This game had me really using my detective skills to get past each level. Of course it starts out easy as all games should.. As you progress the stages themselves become amazingly fun to figure out. Not so much hard as much as it’s making sure you are constantly paying attention to what you are doing with the key searching.

If I’m being really honest this game which consist of 32 levels and was FREE is probably better than some of the PAID content I have seen for Doom. I won’t name anything BUT It’s really that good and really should get more credit for what you receive from it.

A few months back I was playing Mortal Kombat 11 on Kombat League. Kombat League is basically a online Ranking system. You fight random players and the better you do the more the rank you have goes up. I was doing pretty well on it and it built up my confidence to the point that I said to myself.. well why not push this? Why not try to really focus my skills and abilities. I’m pretty good at this…Not the best by any means but pretty good. So why not try out the world of REAL competing.

So my focused moved more from Kombat League to actual Online tournaments. I learned very fast that it takes a level of focus and skill that is really far beyond my “Current” ability. Some people really put in so much time into learning Frame data, combos, Links, Counters, speed variations. The entire thing is a real science kind of like playing speed chess. What I came to discover is that the community around competing is super GREAT and it’s what keeps driving me to do it.

The first Tournament and Community I found was Outworld Television.

Getting in it was a welcoming community of Hundreds of people and it’s still growing. I joined the Discord, Signed up and was viewed by over 500 + players and fans. It was a HUGE THRILL… I was nervous out of my mind…and of course I lost.. but it was the first step in a much bigger world than I ever could have thought about. Hell my family even watched that first match and like I said it was a thrill! I didn’t do terrible but it came to me very quickly that I still had a great deal to learn from the experience. So I was on the hunt for more!

I found other competitions!

Other communities and again was welcome for the love of the game. I even started to win a few matches. I continued to learn. Took some massive beatings! I continue to look into the community and celebrate other peoples successes and help those who welcome to learn just like me. It’s fun for me and it can also be very very discouraging also. Yet I have a great support group of friends and family that keep telling me DON’T GIVE UP!…

So I push on!.. it’s been an adventure.. and I am super surprised by how it’s all turned up. Mortal Kombat has since MK 2 been one of the joys of my life. Perhaps an obsession to a degree but I like to think it’s a healthy hobby. I put a great deal into it. With the recent post of NRS not Continuing DLC for MK 11.. AND MOVING ON TO SOMETHING NEW!!

My hopes are high to learn something new and continue this hobby. I will also continue to look into other communities and I welcome friends from all over the world with it!.. For the love of it!

So recently I powered up the WiiU because I came to find out that Metroid Zero Mission is actually a Remake of Metroid 1! Which I never got to play so naturally I ran to it! So … this is what happened… HERE….WE……goooooo

Originally released for the Game Boy Advanced Metroid Zero Mission tells the story of Samus and travels to planet Zebes to stop and destroy the Mother Brain and the space pirates who are causing trouble for the universe. For the most part the game is simple. Explore the planet for power ups, upgrades, and don’t die between save points.

A majority of the game is following the maps given to you as you explore and going from one point to the next without dying. Simple right? Well the enemies will become more and more challenging as you go. You are going to have to do some puzzle solving and exploring to make it further in the game. Because the original was an 8 bit game and this one is a 16bit game some liberties had been taken in advancing the story and naturally the game itself. Instead of holding the surprise that Samus is a chick to the end.. this time when you die they tell you right then.. It’s a chick.

It’s sound and graphics are top notch for what you are given as a remake. It’s engaging and fun to play and honestly I couldn’t put it down once I started it. For the price of Less than 10 dollars on the WiiU EShop. Really you can’t go wrong with this purchase. So much of it is a wonderland of WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!?

Honestly I’m glad I got to play this version of the game because you can really see the love that was put into it. So many various details that couldn’t be done on the NES original. WHICH!!! IF YOU FINISHS IT!! you receive the ORIGINAL! FUN FUN!! so kinda like buying two games in 1! Either way.. it’s a no brainer if you are into this series!