Metroid Zero Mission (WIIU)

Posted: July 12, 2021 in Video Games Alexander

So recently I powered up the WiiU because I came to find out that Metroid Zero Mission is actually a Remake of Metroid 1! Which I never got to play so naturally I ran to it! So … this is what happened… HERE….WE……goooooo

Originally released for the Game Boy Advanced Metroid Zero Mission tells the story of Samus and travels to planet Zebes to stop and destroy the Mother Brain and the space pirates who are causing trouble for the universe. For the most part the game is simple. Explore the planet for power ups, upgrades, and don’t die between save points.

A majority of the game is following the maps given to you as you explore and going from one point to the next without dying. Simple right? Well the enemies will become more and more challenging as you go. You are going to have to do some puzzle solving and exploring to make it further in the game. Because the original was an 8 bit game and this one is a 16bit game some liberties had been taken in advancing the story and naturally the game itself. Instead of holding the surprise that Samus is a chick to the end.. this time when you die they tell you right then.. It’s a chick.

It’s sound and graphics are top notch for what you are given as a remake. It’s engaging and fun to play and honestly I couldn’t put it down once I started it. For the price of Less than 10 dollars on the WiiU EShop. Really you can’t go wrong with this purchase. So much of it is a wonderland of WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!?

Honestly I’m glad I got to play this version of the game because you can really see the love that was put into it. So many various details that couldn’t be done on the NES original. WHICH!!! IF YOU FINISHS IT!! you receive the ORIGINAL! FUN FUN!! so kinda like buying two games in 1! Either way.. it’s a no brainer if you are into this series!

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