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This game was released in 2009 for the PS3 but Remastered in 2019 for the PS4. This is one of few games I can say I spent the entire day playing and FINISHED in 24 hours. It’s amazing and I never wrote about it because I’M A KNUCKLE HEAD and didn’t have this site to write on yet….anyway…here…we…go

To begin with this game has everything in it you want as a Ghostbusters Fan. I personally consider this the third film considering it’s writing is amazing, the cast is all the original cast “Minus Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis”. The soundtrack is amazing and sets the mood for a great Ghostbusters story. The graphics for this version of the game have been updated and are pretty great for a 10 year old game.

It plays as a third person Action Adventure game and is pretty easy to handle in terms of control. You start the game equipped with a standard Proton pack which blasts and is used to catch ghost. By directing the beam you weaken each ghost and than use another button to set a trap and direct the ghost to the trap. You are given money based on each ghost you catch which is used to upgrade the beams speed and traps.

As you progress thru the story as a Rookie Ghostbuster with no name you are given others blasters and other options for how to deal with each obstacle that comes. The game is very story driven and pretty linear in terms of how it goes. You follow the Ghostbusters who aren’t a bad part of the game in terms of protecting and keeping alive. Yes they can fall to the ground but picking em up is easy and you can’t really die in the game unless all of your partners can’t revive you.

The game AutoSaves so it’s not so frustrating to continue on. Over all I love this game and it’s probably one of my favorite games to play of all time. You can get it for about 20 $ currently on all current gen systems and if you’re a Ghostbusters fan I highly suggest you do!


Normally I would wait till I finished the DLC to write about it. However considering I made it all the way to the end of this one..but didn’t finish the very very very last part of it “DAMN 5 RETRY LIMIT!!”. I figure why not write about what I know and YES I WILL FINISH THIS TODAY!!

So this DLC for Batman Arkham Origins dives into the past for Bruce Wayne “BATMAN DUH!”. It is based around his training as a younger man trying to learn to fight. Clearly entering this part of his life he has an idea on how to be Batman but discovers that with training from this North Korea band of Ninjas he can learn more about himself.


Now nothing about this DLC is EASY. Honestly it’s ruff and REALLY HARD to get past but so gratifying that I can’t even put it into words. Playing the DLC doesn’t change much about the controls. Some of it even takes away elements to challenge you more but it’s really really ruff!! Over all the price is cheap.. it’s very well designed and FUN! Honestly … I wish it had more too it but for the price YOU CAN NOT COMPLAIN!


Arkham Origins was a game that I originally played and Finished on the PS3. I enjoyed it so much to the point that at the point that my ps3 stopped working. I went and traded in that version for the Wiiu Version to see if it could hold up. Honestly I received more with this version of the game than I expected.


Right from the get go I Could see that the game is stunning to look at. Really not to much of a difference from the ps3 version but you can tell some minor details are better. A fluid game that really graphically and sound wise does a great job. The game is amazingly fun to play both on the screen and on the wiiu controller. It’s again more fun to play when YOU DON’T HAVE TO STOP.


The only thing that upset me about this version of the game is that not all the DLC was released for it. The DLC that was released WAS GREAT. However finding out that a part was missing and wouldn’t be released in the future of course is upsetting. However the game does hold more than enough hours of game play to enjoy. The Details are in the content. Really having no problem with the price or anything that followed the game. It’s just a minor thing… Over all this version of the game IS STILL being explored for hidden details and is well worth the price!


So this week we talk about Batman Arkham City Armored Edition for the Wiiu. Now to begin with I have already reviewed the Batman Arkham City Game as I played and finished it previously for the PS3. You can read about that here..

Now this was one of the first games I figured I would buy for my Wiiu for a couple of reasons. First off the price was great for less then 20$ I got an upgraded version of a game I love. I received for that money also all of the DLC that comes for the game, and of course the Enhanced Wiiu gameplay that really I will get to in a moment. So over all just buying the game was worth the price and really I received a great deal for my Dollar because of it.


Now right off the bat “no pun intended” you can tell that the WiiU Version of Arkham City is better then the PS3. Visually the game looks great. It uses good lighting effects and really works well with the Gamepad. The city looks about as good as they could have made it and the level of detail just shines in terms of character design and what it does for the story. It’s good at keeping you with the game and driven to finish it. The option to play the game only on the gamepad is also a big plus for when you don’t have access to the TV and really it doesn’t hurt the quality at all of the graphics. That little screen makes it all shine as well as it needs to for the game.


So what’s better about this game. Well to begin with the controls are super easy and the level of detail that went into giving you options makes the game really really easy to play now.


You would think that having a touch screen wouldn’t do much for this game but it really does help to making each mission easier. Setting up each weapon to the D-Pad and informing you about upgrades is really that much easier in this game. The big change to this version vs the others was the lock picking aspect is much easier. Having to use the screen to set power chips is a fun aspect that really takes nothing away from what the game was.

Over all the game is great and worth the money. If you enjoyed the game for the ps3 you will love it for the Wiiu. I should also say that being able to post pictures on the Wiiu Network is EPIC! Really lots of fun in that Community and probably a bigger credit to the game then was given!


So this has been a long time coming and I am very excited to write about my review on what is to be the THIRD part of a trilogy that has to be one of my favorite stories ever told. SO HERE WE GO!


Now before I BEGIN I should note that I did pre-order this from and Received it the day it was released. I haven’t uploaded the DLC yet but really I think it’s just a trivial “fan” gift really.. I look forward to uploading it soon just wanted to finish the game first before writing about it.. or doing anything to everything that is happening in this review is happening unaltered and so on…

Lords of shadow 1

Ok so this game continues exactly from the moment the last one ended. It begins from the same starting point as the DEMO did. Really not much was altered from that. I played the game on “Normal” difficulty which was hard enough to begin with. Will I go back and play it on a harder setting? Maybe? Really this entire series just grabs the hell out of me so really saying I will probably go back and play the game a million times will probably be an understatement considering this game is at this point probably going to be my favorite game of 2014…but we will see what happens in December.. but so’s looking that way..

Lords of shadow 2

Anyway .. Yea the game takes place right after Castlevania Lords Of Shadow and does a good job of putting the player up to speed with what has happened. So even if you didn’t finish Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate it gives a run down at the start of the game of what events have accord without giving away to much detail about what is to come from the game. Really it’s a pretty straight forward story and while my gf has told me the story was kinda hard to comprehend because so much was going on. Really I had no problem getting it ” However I was really focused on all the little details that went with it” Which the game is FULL of details from picking up Scrolls which give insight to the backgrounds of the Monster, Lore, and Heroes of the game. It has a ton of artwork and really does a good job of gifting the player for exploring.

Lords of shadow 3

Ok so what has changed? To begin with the over all game play of the game hasn’t changed that much in terms of Control. You still have your standard attack, wide attack, jump attacks and so on. Really as you go on the game gets easier as you pick up more power ups and weapons to help you. Personally the Void sword is the coolest of the weapons I think because it is meant to not only save your life but hurt your enemies which helps! You have several tree Branches of upgrading your weapons this time also.  This will allow you to pull off better combos, and attacks. Over all it works well and uses a point system that you can access in the menu at any time. It doesn’t force you to upgrade your weapons but doing so really does make the character attacks more fluid and easier to handle.

The biggest change to the game is the Camera! Which is a BIGGGG plus compared to Lords Of Shadow 1. This time it’s all free third person point of view. No Chapter selects, or dialog at the begin of each stage because the game flows with the story rather then cutting it up into parts. This time it’s all open world and free to search around. Very rarely does the camera get fixed but at times when really nothing is really around to search. YOU WILL BE SEARCHING ALSO.. Finding power ups and upgrades are vital! Over all the game design is well enough that having a good mind and common sense will really treat you to wanting to find everything the game needs you to find. So you will not be lost but you will want to return to some spots to use powers you didn’t previously have. Now this game doesn’t require you to go back and forth but if you want to find everything and give that extra step for power ups you are granted the ability to.

Like the Previous game the artwork is stunning and the soundtrack is on point as well. Personally I have no complaints about the design of the game at all. It’s dark, gothic, and very much what you would expect from a Castlevania game.The gameplay this time around also does add an element of stealth that really isn’t as bad as people say it is. However even on “Normal” it’s challenging but not in the slightest bit frustrating for a person who has EXPERIENCED Stealth games before. It’s over all a different element to the game that really some will enjoy and of course some will complain about.

Over all this game is probably the most enjoyable part of the story I would say. Giving really good story telling with fun and challenging game play. Your not going to find everything the first time around so the game play really does encourage you to go back and play it over and over. The design of the characters are overwhelmingly cool. I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s really a good conclusion to the series. Really I am kinda sad that it’s all said and done now…

Before I write anything or say anything I want to NOTE: Yes I am still working on Skyward Sword…for the wii. It has been moved from part 2 of my article to now part 3… Part one can be found here…Click Here…and here we go!


So like many of you I actually waited till 12 pm on November 22 with my 3DS Ready and willing to Download The Legend of Zelda A Link Between worlds. I had seen before hand some articles explaining how it would be a sequel to probably my favorite in the series “A Link to the past” so naturally I was EXCITED. With many things I get excited about my hopes held high, my mind was open, and really once again I was blown away by how great a job Nintendo did.


Now to begin with this game screams ” A Link to the past Remake”. At this point having finished it in under 24 hours (Like I have done with Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess) this game held no exception to keeping me driven, engaged, and most of all ENTERTAINED!  The graphics are beautiful and the feel really does hold on to that Zelda feel I haven’t had since 1992. Much of the game I felt like I was young again playing it. From the amazing musical scores, to the very cool puzzles that drive the game. A Link between worlds is really something to enjoy and over all returns my faith back to Nintendo as a company that knows exactly what to give its fans.


The game takes place several years after the events of A Link to the past and is filled with lots of little Easter Eggs. The Characters represented are lovable, Dangerous, and more often then not hold a odd tone to them. It reveals a very dark under tone to it but present it in a very lighthearted way. While simple in design having a action button for your items, slash and shield button, the touch screen menu is very simplistic and represents the game very well.

Honestly I can’t think of any Zelda fan that would be disappointed with this game. (Especially an older timer like myself who has been waiting for an amazing Zelda game like this one.) It was well worth the price of 39.99 on the eshop and really if you haven’t played a zelda game since 1992…YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS ONE!


I have written already about the past two Arkham BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM AND CITY…So finding out that a prequel would be made and hence been released recently titled BATMAN ARKHAM Origins… My hopes were HIGH.. AND So was my expectations considering the last two games were epic! So ….again..HERE WE GO!


Arkham Origins takes place year 3 for our hero.. The city of Gotham still doesn’t know who batman is…meaning he is really just a rumor, and many of the villains we know and love this game introduces. Many of the questions we had entering Arkham Asylum get answered in terms of character and the roles that are played.


In terms of design really not much has changed this time around. If you played any of the Arkham games you are ahead already of the game. Much of the combat remains the same with lots of brutalizing close combat that flows well with the action. The game takes much of the lore from the comic books and again places it in tune with the story line of the game. Again TONS of good information for anyone trying to get into the series. The graphics are exactly what is to be expected and really the only thing I can complain about is that the game really doesn’t change much compared to the rest of the series. You do get a couple of new toys to play with but really not much is to be given to someone who already finished the last two games.

What it does do well! Is end the series or give it a better start for that matter. Cause this game takes place before Arkham Asylum and City your given everything you want from an Arkham game and really can just focus on the missions. Now I am not really much for prequels but this game does have a very good drive in story for it. It really does give it that push and is honestly my favorite of the 3 games to date. Everything from the relationship batman has with Alfred to how everything is plotted just plays out well and is TRULY entertaining.

Honestly this game was worth the full price and I enjoyed every second of it!


OK so this the game that forced me to buy a 3DS.. I was such a big fan of Castlevania Lords of Shadow for the PS3..THAT when I heard a sequel was coming to both the PS3 and the 3DS.. I knew I had to buy a 3ds.. So at some point.. I DID.. and the game came out last.. Tuesday..and HERE I GO!


To begin with the game is structured into 4 parts.. A Prologue, Act1, 2, and 3… it also allows you to examine each monster in the game with a Besatry card mode.. “kinda cool if you want a closer look at the monster you fight and the list is pretty big” and a Cinematics player ” this lets you go over the plot points and story of the game” Which honestly ..for a 3ds game its done very well.. The voices are on par with the ps3 version of the game, as is the music and sound effects.


Really this is probably the best SideScroller I have played …well…all my life…lmao…THAT’S BOLD I KNOW!! but really I enjoyed this game so much that I honestly couldn’t put it down.. Sure I have work, and a job, and need to sleep…but really..if I had no responsibilities at all..this game would have been done probably the first day I got it..

That and I am also working on Tomb Raider..but kinda ditched it for the moment to finish this game..So NOW that I have it finished i will get back on Tomb Raider …again…

ANYWAY…This game plays so well that its kinda amazing how Konami didn’t get anything wrong with it.. So the big question is how does it play? Well that’s really the perfect part about it I think… If you take some elements from Lords of shadow for the PS3..AND some Elements from the old NES/DS/and GameBoy SideScroller games.. You pretty much have a sum of what this game is.. its what I personally have been waiting for in a Castlevania game since SNES’s Super Castlevania IV..


I would love to spoil stuff about the story…but I don’t do that..HOWEVER.. I will say you play in each Chapter 4 different characters.. Gabrial, Simon, Alucard, and Trevor.. Also I will say the story is REALLY REALLY GOOD AND soooooo much easier to understand then previous games.. its clear and to the point.. Do you really need it to understand the upcoming game? Probably so…Unless they plan on telling what happened in this game in the sequel… which I think they may have too.. it’s an important part of the story..


I will also say that for a 3D Sidescroller its used VERY VERY WELL… not cheesy or anything like that.. it blends well with the elements of the game..and the 3D graphics are probably the best they can be for  a game designed the way it is.. because really..This game like the First Lords of shadow is a WORK OF ART..and for sure something too see on the eyes..

If you own a 3D’s and you love siderscrollers..THIS IS A MUST HAVE.. I am overjoyed that I purchased the game and the 3DS for it.. and honestly.. am sure going to go back and probably work for 100% on it.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!


Ok so going back to what I was saying.. The game works in chapters…and each character is given 4 special abilities which they must search for.. but they start out with a basic attack, and a area attack.. Basic attack is just a whip attack forward..area attack is exactly what it says.. Attacks behind, in the air, and forward..but its slower.. your also given a jump, and a button to use projectiles like the axe or time stop.. You can swim and of course like older Castlevania games Swing using your whip from platform to platform..

Taking from previous games your also given a health bar and a magic bar..  this bar can be upgraded and based on your % you can find a number of boxes used to upgrade each bar.. The menu for the game is straight forward and really its super easy to understand if you have played previous adventure games…

Really it takes little to no time to learn the game and really everything is presented in such a way its hard to not pick up the game easy.. Its fun… very well paced.. and its also almost impossible to get lost considering your given a map that shows you pretty much everything you need to know..

IT DOES have some quick time elements during some of the boss battles, as well as having a few puzzle elements during some portions of the game. Really everything is placed well enough to enjoy it and not seem like a hinder..

So yea..Once again its an amazing game..and was well worth the money.. If your at all a fan of the series..or even love just the old one’s its worth looking up..hell it has a demo you can get a pretty good feel of what your getting into from that..


So like I said before.. This game surprised me! I had very little interest in the series..but I did have in the past friends who had big interest in the game.. My girlfriend being one..and my best friend in the city being the other… For whatever the reason I just couldn’t get into it.. BUT..WITHOUT a doubt this game hit my radar and I am over joyed that it did…


So to begin with you should know this… Forget everything you know about the previous games.. They are fun for what they are but this for the most part has very very little to do with those games. Yes SOME elements are in the game…but for the most part the game is built from the ground up… From the weapons you use to the way you use them..the game is very COMPLICATED in terms of action games….. To start with if you haven’t played a fighting game..chances are your not going to be able to play much of the game very well… lots of the moves are based around a very very simplistic fighting game..


Ok so lets go with how beautiful the game is… To say this game sets up environment very well is a understatement. Really some of the designs for the stages are so twisted and out of this world it amazes me any company could create them. From stages that make you walk upside down, with colors flying all over the place, and words like “KILL, DEATH, DIE!” Appearing every so often you find yourself dragged into the game in sort of an old School Arcade kinda way.. Only with lots of spice…and ADULT content… The game is not lacking on setting up the story and keeping you with it… The Music and soundtrack is done by Combichrist which is an amazing Industrial/goth/Death Metal band… that if you haven’t heard of em before this game..chances are you didn’t like the music I it was kinda a nice surprise…

So.. the game play.. Like I said earlier the game plays very much like a fighting game.. You have to learn Combo’s You have to remember combinations and jumping attacks and so on.. Your given a health bar and later on a power bar for a special Attack.. It all really comes with the story…

Honestly if your into action games and your looking for something fast paced, lots of action…and a interesting story.. You should defiantly look into playing AT LEAST the Demo.. Buying the game I will leave you to..but over all I AM THRILLED I spent the 50 bucks I did on it..cause it was well worth the money..