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So before I Just jump into this I want to give some links to some past stuff I have written about this series.


PART TWO! <Click for part two!



So clearly I have a love for this series. HOWEVER I have no love for buying games that I already own with little to no difference between the original on sale item. Which means I really didn’t see the point in buying this version of the game short because I already owned it on the “Gamecube” with most of the rest of the series “0 – 4”.

So why did I buy it? Well truth be told it kept coming up in conversation. The conversations would go pretty close to this…

Someone: So hey did you play the resident evil HD remake?

ME:I played the game on Gamecube and don’t see the point in buying it again now.

Someone: Well you know they are releasing 0 next year in HD also.

ME: yea…I have seen the previous…

Someone: I heard if the sales of both those games do well they will work on a HD Remake of 2!


So over all this conversation was repeated enough times that I figured WHY THE HELL NOT. I know it’s a great game and really I keep hearing it’s a good HD version port of the game so …why …not?

Resident Evil®_20150711222514

Resident Evil®_20150711222514

Well alright.. I Downloaded the game from the psn which to my surprise it cost me less then 20$. Which helped it’s sale on me also because for that price I can understand spending the money for updated graphics and perhaps a revival of a experience I already knew I was getting myself into.  Now keep in mind my love for this particular game was pretty high. It was my first Gamecube game I owned and I played every mood it had to offer in the original GC version. This time I would come to understand that the settings of the game would come as a surprise. This version would have 3 settings as opposed to the original 2 settings of difficulty. Naturally I played the 3rd most difficult setting.

Resident Evil®_20150712091232

Resident Evil®_20150712091232

Me being a natural to this series my first play through it I picked Jill between the two characters “Jill and Chris”.  I came to find that the videos in the game I can assume nothing could be done to fix them so they still remain the same as the previous GC version. However the moment you enter the mansion EVERYTHING is Crystal clear and this is really what you are paying for. Better sound quality, and a better visual experience. Now I say better with a lose tongue because one of the things I enjoyed about the Original was the mystery that came with the game.

Resident Evil®_20150713143738

Resident Evil®_20150713143738

While it maintains the same story and everything that comes with the original experience something that I think was over looked was the fact that what you interact with  “items, ammo and so on” was supposed to be something you went looking for. Cause it’s remake nature and clarity built into the backgrounds most of the stuff that you are looking for is BRIGHT and CLEAR TO FIND. It takes away the question of what am I supposed to be looking for because everything you are looking for IS BRIGHT AND STICKS OUT ON SCREEN..

Resident Evil®_20150716141545

Resident Evil®_20150716141545

If the room was meant to hide a item you can see it clearly because chances are it’s brightly light and clearer then the background hiding it. Not really a big deal but if this was my first time playing the game I would lose that experience of …what am I supposed to be searching for? OH well the BRIGHTLY LIGHT AMMO BOX ON THE FLOOR COULD HELP! That sort of disappointed me but was really the only thing that brought the experience a bit down.

Resident Evil®_20150716175314

Resident Evil®_20150716175314

Short of that I found myself constantly say ..HEY I NEVER NOTICED THAT! This I think was the result of the HD experience. From paintings on the wall to the writing on some of the items it was all a real treat to see how high the details have become. It was clear from start to finish that Capcom put a great deal of love into making it a experience that old fans “like myself” would enjoy and want to relive.

Resident Evil®_20150716220102

Resident Evil®_20150716220102

So am I a fan of this version of the game? YES.. Do I think it was worth the 20$  price? For what I managed to get from it YES! Honestly coming from a fan of the series and someone who really enjoyed this particular game I can’t see any reason why anyone who loved the one for Gamecube wouldn’t want to relive this game and enjoy another run past it.

It does come with some extra treats in terms of content also so …why not help and support! WITH THE HELP AND SUPPORT MAYBE CAPCOM WILL FINALLY MAKE A RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE HD!!



Skylanders Swap Force was the first game I received on my Wiiu because it came with the system. That was the bundle I purchased because I had played and finished Skylanders and Skylanders Giants. It even became a sort of ritual for me and my girlfriend to play and finish each of these games in December. Last month was really busy with work and what not.. so We managed to pull this game off yesterday in the span of 13 hours. WAS IT WORTH IT? LET’S FIND OUT!


To begin with like the previous games you “the player” are expected to expand your collection of figures to get further in the game. While the plays you had for the previous games work on this one.. they added the Swap Force Characters in this iteration. Meaning only if you have Swap Force characters can you get to particular BONUS parts of the game. Really they don’t effect the games main line but they do add to the hours upon hours of game play that this game has. Really the foundation that was built on skylanders 1 and 2 keep and stay faithful in this version of the game. Your still given elements to open portals to get you items that upgrade your armor health and so on. Each stage follows suit and really if you played the other two you already know how to play this one so really nothing new is to be learned short the mechanics of new characters and of course following the story line which is probably the best I have seen so far.


This game I should also add does come with a “required” new portal. I am guessing it had to be upgraded to provide a platform for the new Swap Force team. This team is comprised of only a few new characters but they can interchange to make different characters. So if you have two swap force characters you can mix them to make 4 new characters. It’s all easily done and pretty fun to do but it isn’t REQUIRED. Just another fun part of playing the game and a new aspect to dive into.


The game itself is beautiful. This being the third in the series the graphics you can tell have been slightly upgraded. Sound is epic and really the story is driving to get you from place to place. You will find a great innocent humor in the series that continues to charm the hell out of players who enjoy it. I can see why it has become so popular considering it’s really just a ton of fun to play and with each game in the series you want to learn more about the universe it’s building. It’s fun and simple to say the least. Sort of like Gaunlet “of my day” and over all a good game to play with really ANYONE. This particular game however I will say is the LONGEST in the series so far. With Trap Team already in my hands I expect it to be longer than Swap force which really took us a matter of 13 hours STRAIGHT.. to finish.. This is more than enough time to play any video game but yea.. the amount of content involved in the game is just OVERWHELMING and without question is worth every penny spent! For whatever the price if you are looking for a game to play with anyone .. I HIGHLY Suggest playing anyone of the skylander games!


This game I have waited almost half a year to play. I seen it demoed I believe last year at E3 “not sure” and it really interested me with the concept. Personally I am not a big fan of games like GTA or really many open world games like that. However the game had lots of interesting driving topics to it that I figured if anyone could put into a video game and explain it well.. IT WOULD BE LOTS OF FUN!


To start with this version of the game was in question to even be released. However last month IT FINALLY came out and it was released with DLC “i have yet to purchase” that no body expected would be. So of course the moment it had a release day I WAITED AND Downloaded it day ONE From the Eshop. The Download didn’t take that long but the game is MASSIVE so really it took a bit of time. The price was about what you would pay for a New Game..and really it’s something I NEVER PLAYED so give or take that’s a good or bad thing depending on who you are. If I was someone who played it on another system perhaps that price would be to much. However I am not so I was more than happy to pay the price I did.


The game is BEAUTIFUL…graphically it is spilling with details that really are fun to look at. The sound is done VERY well and comes off exactly as you would expect. I didn’t run into any bugs in the game and really the AI is just hard enough to keep the game entertaining. If your a experienced play at games like GTA  and so on.. really not much of a learning curve. You pretty much get what you know expect. Car driving, shooting, and the very thing that makes the game unique HACKING.


Hacking is done in a series of ways. You can hack people around you, you can interact with the environment by hacking into street lights, blocks and so on while you drive, you can also hack into cameras and computers to get around corners. Most of the game is based around that concept. YOU WANT TO HACK TO GET AROUND and Past your missions. It’s a fun little detail that allows the player to go places and see things you can’t see in other open world games.


The Wiiu version does have EVERYTHING the other versions have. PLUS the graphics from what I can tell are slightly better and again USING the WIIu pad makes the game really really fun and easy to play. It can be used as a map or you can use it to play the game as you would on the other consoles. Really the game is to much fun..IT’S MASSIVE..and really Well worth the price if your looking for a ADULT game to play on the Wiiu!


This was a game that caught my attention because of it’s trailer.. this one!

The game is very dark… Very easy to play..and sort of similar to old games like Flashback and out of this world. It focuses very much on story and the drive for the game really comes from that.


The graphics and sound are built very well. handling the character is pretty easy in that you really only need to learn to point and shoot or Point and Search. The menu is pretty easy to understand but that doesn’t make the game easy in any way.


To say this game is easy to play is one thing but to say the game is easy… IS NOT true at all.. It’s a extremely difficult puzzle game. So much so that the only way some of the parts can be passed is by using a walk thru. Now I am a smart guy ..”at least I like to think so” But some of the stuff in this game is REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD to figure out.

Also I should point out that while I ENJOYED the hell out of playing the … I COULDN’T FINISH IT… not because I didn’t want too.. or because I had a problem getting to the end..BUT BECAUSE THE SOFTWARE WAS BUGGED AND FROZE UP AT THE LAST 20 MINUTES OF THE GAME.. i tried to reinstall the game.. and even transfer the data to a different hard drive…

THE GAME NEEDS TO BE PATCHED NOW! NOT LATER… this is a bigggggggggggg fault for the game.. and I don’t recommend anyone buy it until IT’S PATCHED!


On April 2, 1992 a game was released for the SNES that would not only send action into a new level of excitement but it would become a standard for action games and interactive fun! Contra 3 The Alien Wars was a game I originally remember renting THEN owning for the Snes. It was fast paced, fast thinking action that was uncomplicated and exciting from start to finish. Few games have come since this game was released that didn’t take so many elements and perfect them into amazing action sequences.

As you can tell they released on the E Shop a Wiiu version of the game. It is a exact copy of the SNES release of the 1992 game. Plays the same as it did back in the day. Same old.. Run..jump.. Bomb and shoot game as I remembered. Your given during the game a arsenal of weapon varations from spreads, Lazer shot and my favorite Flame thrower access. Pretty much the game is summed up by running and killing everything that comes on screen. Not much to really think about but fun to play! Challenging to complete..and tricky to boot. You can finish the entire game on normal..but it’s going to tell you to play it on hard… which while that ticks me off…I can see why..

Either way the game is fairly cheap and is out on the E-shop .. It’s worth the play if you haven’t ever played it…and worth the play if you HAVE..BRING BACK THEM OLD MEMORIES!



Recently Nintendo has made Game Boy Advance titles available to purchase and play on the Wiiu Network “E-shop”. I never owned a Game boy Advanced as I skipped that generation and went to a DS ” Which does play Advance games but I almost never bothered with many of the titles”. So with the first few titles being released and one of them being a game I had my eye on for awhile. I finally got to play and finish METRIOD FUSION…AKA Metriod 4… so here ….we….go


To begin with the game was released in 2002 for a handheld system.  So just out of the gate I wasn’t expecting much from the game. I had played Super Metriod for the SNES back in the day “and yes I own it for the wii”. It was an epic and fun game! I had also finished and played Metriod Prime 1 and Other M. Going any further with the series really I can’t say I have done much aside from that. Many moons ago I watched the Caption N Cartoon also so I knew who Mother brain was and had a very small brief idea about what the focus of the game was about. I wouldn’t in anyway peg myself as a hard core fan of the series but I will admit it’s a series I have watched in passing. It is one I do admire and find most entertaining without question.

Anyway this game is both engaging and well planned. It has a very clear path of direction and plays to all the aspects you would expect from a Metriod game.  The story is fun to follow and it plays well to a action packed game. From start to finish your set on a story to advance both the character and the mythology of the series.

Over all for the price it doesn’t get much better then this in terms of action. The game is easy to understand and easy to play. You advance at a good pace and really the game is drawing! You can’t find a better action game on the wiiu for this price.


So this was a game I really didn’t know if I even wanted to play let alone buy. See my biggest problem with Prequel games, Movies, Books or anything.. is you know from the start how it will END..So the drive to get to the end is really like…MEH

The entire time I played the game I said…Ok he is clearly going to get past this.. and duh.. it will then move on to part 1… The entire time I played the game I felt no connection to wanting to finish it. I finished the game because A. It is a fun game and B. I wanted to see how it would end.


Now one of the many redeeming things about this game or Series in fact.. its BEAUTIFUL… the graphics are about as good as your ever going to get on the ps3, the game play is super easy to understand, and really its an ADULT GAME..meaning lots of ADULT CONTENT.. from gore to Nudity.. So of course it would come to terms in that manor.. However…..

One of the things I DIDN’T expect from this game was for it to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Different from the previous 3 games.. Much of what the series does is place you into spots full of bad guys and forces you to kill wave after wave of enemies.. Fair and to expected with this series.. but what I didn’t expect from this series was for the puzzles to be SOOOOOOOO GOD DAMNED DIFFICULT to figure out.. At one point I even needed to look at a walk threw to get past one point…which for the puzzles to be that difficult makes it almost unfair to a degree.. I DIDN’T NEED A WALK THREW FOR PORTAL 2 AND here I am on this game… pissed that I can’t figure something out..


Also I should note that the bad guys (not the bosses) are WAYYYY Over powered.. You can combine the difficulty of the last 3 games and you will still be lacking on how difficult this game was.. your required to use everything at your disposal and really I guess that’s a good thing….but for Christ SAKE…what a pain in the ass of a game it was.. AND YES I PLAYED IT ON NORMAL AND IT STILL FELT LIKE THE HARDEST GAME I EVER PLAYED…

but i finished it..and must say.. if your a fan of the series it’s worth playing… however.. DON’T EXPECT AN EASY RIDE..and Don’t expect to much new stuff from it.. Honestly I am walking away from this game..pretty much feeling the same way I felt about the series before… Nothing better…Nothing Worse