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This one took me by surprise for several reasons. First of all it’s FREE DLC for those who purchased any of the new versions of DOOM or DOOM 2. ID has been extremely good to the fans with supporting Free DLC. Some.. small..and some like Doom Zero an entire experience.. So what did I think of it?….here…we…go!

On the Surface you could look at Doom Zero and say “Oh another Expansion!!”… However if you really dig into it you will come to find “Pleasantly” it’s telling a story about a piece of the doom universe that was never really explained. About a Villain or.. Villainess who was in the background the entire time and no one bothered to question it. I won’t say more than that but if anything this game is worth playing just to get a bit more context out of the Doom Universe.

Now the game itself is pretty much Doom 2 with a couple of added demons. Yet Again this is just a surface observation. Cause what charm is layered in this DLC comes in the form of amazingly brilliant Puzzles. I am talking the kind of brain teasers you wouldn’t expect from a Doom game. This game had me really using my detective skills to get past each level. Of course it starts out easy as all games should.. As you progress the stages themselves become amazingly fun to figure out. Not so much hard as much as it’s making sure you are constantly paying attention to what you are doing with the key searching.

If I’m being really honest this game which consist of 32 levels and was FREE is probably better than some of the PAID content I have seen for Doom. I won’t name anything BUT It’s really that good and really should get more credit for what you receive from it.

More Doom Eternal CONTENT!! What could possibly go wrong!!

So to begin with the DLC is in two parts which is fine but .. costly..20$ a pop.. Now the content for DLC 1 is pretty long and worth the money. You learn more about the lore, find some interesting puzzles and even deal with some new monsters. Which is fun and difficult as it’s adding to the story of Doom Eternal. So don’t expect an easy ride! If you didn’t finish Doom Eternal don’t play the DLC thinking it’s going to give you a learning curve… IT WON’T!

Much of what you learned from the base game is important to keep in mind for the DLC. You must be comfortable with using bombs, the chainsaw, understanding the weapon timing, and so on. The lore takes us into a interesting part of the lore and while I don’t want to spoil anything I WILL say it’s FILLED!! with content about the slayers past and the demons. Fun little details that I think make it worth the price point.

Part two introduces some new weapon mechanics, some newish..monsters?…kind of… puzzles and of course continues directly after DLC 1. It’s shorter in terms of content but brutally harder than DLC 1. You deal with a great deal coming at you and at times it can be frustrating but once you figure out patterns and again learn more about how everything works.. it’s fairly easy to progress.

Lots of crazy stuff happens in the lore with this DLC and it’s supppppper cool to see it all go down the way it does! However again it’s short and sweet. Personally I don’t know why they cut it up into two parts. It feels like 1 arch for the story but maybe cause of development…who knows? Do I think we will see a part 3….MAYBE!! but only time will tell…meh

So today was the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath. The expansion to Mortal Kombat 11 and while everyone knows I am a huge fan of this series and I want to SPOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT… That is not what I do on here.. However I will tell ya alittle bit about it!…so here…we..go!

Just to start with I want to point out that while the expansion does cost about 40$ IT IS NOT REQUIRED for some of the content. That is correct.. SOME OF THIS STUFF WAS FREE FOR ALL WHO ALREADY OWN MK 11!.. They patched it this morning and gave everyone New Brutalities, Friendships, and some new Stages WITH… Stage Fatalities! All you had to do was download the patch that was released this morning and POP!.. You got that content for free! Pretty AWESOME NEWS and cool!

So what did you actually purchase for 40$? Aftermath is the Second Chapter to the Story mode.. which is about 6 chapters long = about 3 hours worth of content story. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me! With it you also receive 3 New Characters Sheeva, Fujin, and Robocop. What I later came to learn after having finished the second chapter is that while you play it you also receive lots of added content in the way of augments, Costume changes and character skins. Again pretty cool stuff to have but is it worth it?

Honestly I think it’s worth it just for the story alone but with the characters as a fan of the series I can say I feel like it was worth it! I do believe you can buy the characters separate for a bit higher of price.. but still.. fun!


Normally I would wait till I finished the DLC to write about it. However considering I made it all the way to the end of this one..but didn’t finish the very very very last part of it “DAMN 5 RETRY LIMIT!!”. I figure why not write about what I know and YES I WILL FINISH THIS TODAY!!

So this DLC for Batman Arkham Origins dives into the past for Bruce Wayne “BATMAN DUH!”. It is based around his training as a younger man trying to learn to fight. Clearly entering this part of his life he has an idea on how to be Batman but discovers that with training from this North Korea band of Ninjas he can learn more about himself.


Now nothing about this DLC is EASY. Honestly it’s ruff and REALLY HARD to get past but so gratifying that I can’t even put it into words. Playing the DLC doesn’t change much about the controls. Some of it even takes away elements to challenge you more but it’s really really ruff!! Over all the price is cheap.. it’s very well designed and FUN! Honestly … I wish it had more too it but for the price YOU CAN NOT COMPLAIN!


Arkham Origins was a game that I originally played and Finished on the PS3. I enjoyed it so much to the point that at the point that my ps3 stopped working. I went and traded in that version for the Wiiu Version to see if it could hold up. Honestly I received more with this version of the game than I expected.


Right from the get go I Could see that the game is stunning to look at. Really not to much of a difference from the ps3 version but you can tell some minor details are better. A fluid game that really graphically and sound wise does a great job. The game is amazingly fun to play both on the screen and on the wiiu controller. It’s again more fun to play when YOU DON’T HAVE TO STOP.


The only thing that upset me about this version of the game is that not all the DLC was released for it. The DLC that was released WAS GREAT. However finding out that a part was missing and wouldn’t be released in the future of course is upsetting. However the game does hold more than enough hours of game play to enjoy. The Details are in the content. Really having no problem with the price or anything that followed the game. It’s just a minor thing… Over all this version of the game IS STILL being explored for hidden details and is well worth the price!


So exactly one month after the game’s release Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 gets its first and from what I hear only DLC titled “Revelations”…Let’s see what we got! here we go!


To begin with the game is 7.99 on the PSN! With that price you are granted a 4 hours expansion that plays very much as a prequel to the main game. This time around you play as Alucard “Son of Dracula”. The game features a few changes and some minor updates to the story. Really nothing is being told here that you didn’t already know IF YOU finished the Main game. I believe honestly that this was DLC set up just for the fans of the series who love the character of Alucard and wanted some clarity on his role.

While it does present some minor clarity the game features pretty much the same gameplay as Dracula. The few differences are based mostly on the effects of the character. Alcuards abilities to shift from space to space using bats is similar to Draculas but presents a more effective way of traveling from Ledge to Ledge “which you will have to do a lot!” He also is granted the ability to turn time backwards “but only for a small window of time” using this ability will help you restore some parts of the areas you will travel and present a cool effect on puzzle solving.


Alucard unlike Dracula starts with all of his abilities. The DLC presents a small demonstration of the ability and then explains how to do it. From the point of presentation it incorporates it into the game play. Things like shifting into a wolf to jump further then reachable platforms becomes a task that not only entertains but at times sets a mood.

Over all the DLC is fun! It adds a minor bit to the story but again “nothing you didn’t already know if you finished the game”. It’s not a very long DLC but for the price it’s exactly what you would expect and probably gives you more then most of what Konami has given for prices as of lately…. I will say it’s worth a try if you enjoyed the main game and YES IT HAS NO STEALTH for those asking..


I am very excited about the news that on the 25th of this month Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 will be getting a DLC titled “Revelations”. It will tell the story of Alucard during the events of Lords of Shadow 2 and perhaps prequel to help explain the story. WE WILL SEE ON THE 25TH CAN’T WAIT!!! XD


Gawd…This game keeps giving! So new DLC  for Darksiders 2 was took me awhile to get to this.. BUT here I go..


So on the theme of just placement.. this DLC just like the last.. places you in an interesting setting.. again.. its an expansion on puzzle solving and little hints to what the other games will likely lend to.. Not exactly a IMPORTANT PART of the game..Not something YOU NEED TO BUY…but it is a great add on to a story that so far has kept my attention and has even become “my favorite Action/Adventure game..”..

The puzzles are fun..kinda difficult..and require GOOD THINKING!… the bosses..not to bad.. really Keeping with the style of the game..and really enjoyable to say the least… well worth the money if you ask me 🙂

So this game is still …no wait…. This series!! Has become probably my favorite on the playstation 3 system to date. Darksiders 2 when I purchased it I purchased the LIMITED Edition version and it came with a expansion to the game called “Argul’s Tomb”…it was pretty fun to say the least..but lets get started here..

To begin with the DLC is short…but kinda long in terms of DLC… i MEAN WHEN you buy dlc.. “Which I didn’t it came with the limited Edition” you pay less then 10 bucks so you can expect about 2 hours worth of game play.. This game is pretty much the same thing.. about 2 hours worth of very difficult DLC..

the dlc separates into three parts..the first part is kind of a shooter.. you will be required to shoot lots of enemies.part two is sort of a maze..and three is similar in the same manor that you find yourself looking for keys and defeating bosses…

Its fun…it gains you experience after your finished with the main campaign but its not really necessary to play.. Kind of useless to have…HOWEVER..if your a fan “LIKE ME!” you will enjoy it and find use for it.. Currently I am trying to get past Nightmare mode…so yea… every bit helps!

Recently I downloaded and played the new DLC ” Harley Quinn’s Revenge” for the Batman Arkham City video game on the ps3.

This game plays out very much like the original.. only you start off as Robin…not Batman… During the beginning..batman is missing and the only lead that you have is that Harley Quinn was the last person to see him..

Robin plays out very much like batman only he has a bit more length to his attacks..because he uses a stick.. The DLC is really challenging …and pretty short ..but worth the 10 bucks.. it expands the story and does lead to a interesting conclusion…

In many ways you find that batman has changed… but really this only leads me to hope and CAN’T WAIT.. for a third part..that may eventually …happen..nothing has been reported yet..but I CAN HOPE!