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The Finally part to my review of Mortal Kombat X took a bit longer because of the nature of the beast! Anything ONLINE normally takes me a bit longer to write about because so much really goes into it. Plus I wanted to add the little details about the game I didn’t get to earlier. So let’s just start!

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Booting up the game you are sent to make the decision on which FACTION you choose. Your Faction is based on the concept that your joining a group ONLINE to build up points and Earn currency and bragging RIGHTS. The game has 5 Factions to choose from Lin Kuei, Black Dragon, White Lotus, Special Forces, and Brotherhood of Shadow.MKXFACTIONS

So over all 2 Good, 2 bad, and 1 sort of neutral? The grouping really doesn’t change much to the actual game short of the Online points you can POSSIBLY build up. The thing to be noted is that everything you do in the game goes towards that ONLINE group. So for example if you join the “White Lotus (like me)” Every Fatality, Brutality, Online Faction Kill, win, lose and even the single player mode you do builds towards advancing that group. At the end of the week the decision is made as to which SINGLE group wins and based on that you build up points to advance.


Now during the course of the week each group will be given a chance to fight back at A INVASION. Each Invasion is a chance for the groups to pool to do three things. Fight a INVASION BOSS, INVASION TOWER, and a INVASION ASSASSIN. The boss works in that it’s a group effort. YOU CAN NO NOT KILL THE BOSS ON YOUR OWN. It’s life bar is based on the pooling of groups effort. Invasion tower pretty much is exactly what it sounds like. You fight the invasions enemies in a tower constructed to that INVASION. The Invasion Assassin can pop up at any time during a single player match on any of the towers. It’s sort of tricky to get it..but completely all three can be done in a 24 hour period.

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Now let me take a step back and explain that before each battle “no matter the mode” you will choose a character from 1 of 23 characters “Not Counting DLC”.

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Each Character after choosing him/her has 3 variations to that 1. Each Variation has it’s own fighting style to it. Basic moves, Special Moves, and combos are all changed based on how you choose it. This also makes picking a character online sort of open to different concepts unlike previous games. If you knew you could fight well against one character that character now has the open option to change based on the 3 variations.

Honestly it’s built well into the social aspect of the game. It keeps each week open to something and adds to re playability. It’s fun and has a ton of content that even after 3 weeks I have yet to find all of. Not to count that the game is currently adding new stuff each week. It’s worth every penny spent and is fun!



Thanks to my UPS guy I managed to get hold of the one game I have been waiting several years to play MORTAL KOMBAT X!! This is the first part of what I hope to be a 3 Part review…… We….go!


First off I want to make note of a couple of things on installing the game. When you install the game it will take about 8 minutes to do the start up install. However!! Once the game starts up you will only have access to the practice mode and the tutorial. The rest of the options will remain RED UNTIL you finish the install which IT DOES NOT give you notice for! So be patience with that. I didn’t know this detail and no place on the internet explains it. So I am saying it here! After about give or take 40 – 50 minutes all the options will open up!

Mortal Kombat X_20150413104559

Mortal Kombat X_20150413105234

As everyone knows who reads this blog I am NOT about spoilers! I will say that I finished the story mode in about 7 hours. Some people have noted it’s in total about 4 hours but I did it in 7. Yes I failed some matches but regardless it was a fun filled ride that was more then pleasing to me and soooooo worth the wait! Very much like watching a movie. I should also note that this time around the story mode included some quick time events. So be ready to always push buttons even when not fighting.

Short of that I also managed to finish 1 the classic Tower with Farra torr. Finishing the classic tower is just one of the ways Single player mode works. You fight 10 characters and receive a single ending from it by completing it. I have yet to touch much else from the game short of exploring a little of the krypt which is massive and has tones of rewards… I will explain more about that in the next post.ūüėā

How Do I not write about this? As a Mortal Kombat Fan I would be insane not to write about all the things presented in this one Trailer. From Sub-zero outfit “as shown in the comic book” and the 5 new characters ” Also some revealed in the comic”. It’s like Christmas day for a fan! Lots of hidden stuff in this video which included a cameo of dead Sindel, Kitana, and living Rain kicking Kotal off a rooftop. It’s all just 46 days away!! I CAN’T EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM!!

I must have watched it at least 100x already.. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

THAT’S RIGHT!! The tenth installment of the series has been announced.. It’s titled Mortal Kombat X

Scoprion promo

has a link to the new WWW.MORTALKOMBAT.COM

it also has a small link to the old 2011 released game.. which is cool… but the new site ¬† has some pretty cool stuff on it also.. namely the trailer, a forums board, and some quick links to updates on twitter and facebook..

So far not much is known about the game but that it will feature Sub-zero and Scorpion.. as displayed in the trailer.. it has also been announced that it will be for the xbox360,ps3,ps4,xboxone and pc.. not word on wiiu yet.. but ONE CAN HOPE! You can check out the trailer here..or go to the web site for more details… so far.. I AM THRILLED! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!


Holy hell I bought another game… I know I have enough on my plate right now but I couldn’t resist. So when I went to pick up the new Pokemon Y for the girlfriend I picked up THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII!

Why would I buy this game you may ask? Well fact is I have been using and watching for a few months now and I have been exploring¬† a great many games that I showed some to little interest in but figured hey..”Lets see what this is all about.” So anyway here we are! Lets step in!

So I am sure your curious why 2 parts? Well to begin with the game is really that big. It has a story mode, an arcade mode, a training mode, and a customize your character mode. Currently I still working on the Arcade mode which is hard enough. The training mode does help to get the basics down of movement, attacks, and how to adjust to playing the game but really if you have played several fighting games in the past you already have a semi sort of idea on how to play this game.


To start the game your given a pretty big cast of characters.. of which I should note I haven’t played anything from this series since “Fatal Fury 2” …on the snes…yea…that long ago….(I AM OLD!!)

Anyway the cast really does hold pretty much everything for every taste of fighter. You have your big guys, small girls, big girls, small guys, and of course your insanely ruff guys to play with. The Arcade mode “which will be the focus for this post” Start you off with selecting 3 characters from the cast. Personally I like Mai, Athena, and Terry! You can even pick different colors and really the customize mode really only lets you play with that. Your then set off on your way to fighter 3 other characters from the cast. The game does start off very much like most fighting games starting at an easy level and progressively gets harder the further down the line you go. The focus of the fighting is what really makes the game very different and stand alone from other fighting games thou.


Now the fighting in this game is set in such a way that your forced to be offensive. Being defensive helps but only when its rarely called for to defend against attacks. If you don’t play the game offensively you will not get far at all. Trust also that the game is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT at times and does require a big learning curve for timed execution and strategic thinking. While button mashing might work for some fighting games it will only get you so far in this game. If you don’t learn how to do some of the more advanced moves and techniques you aren’t going to get far.

Like most fighting games your given a health bar and a power bar. The Power bar allows you to preform Advanced special moves and builds up based on how much your being attack “typical like most fighting games”. The moves are really over the top at times and some of the times seem so unfair that its angering to play at times.¬† Yet again I will say You NEED TO LEARN THE MORE ADVANCED MOVES OR YOU WILL NOT GET FAR. One of the things I also noticed about it was that if I hadn’t played other fighting games it probably wouldn’t have been worth my time to play this because while it does have a training mode it is BRUTAL on starters! Not really the best starter game for someone wanting to get into the fighting game scene but fun for more advanced players with a mind to want something new.


Now while the graphics may look like something from a Street Fighter rip off.. really it couldn’t be further from that series then any other. Like I already said its very technical and not a good game for starters. AMAZING to learn to play and so much fun for those that are willing to try it. It does have a fashion of its own that really does grab the player.

The Artwork is top notch, the music is what you would expect from a fighting game “Very fast paced, techn-ish” The backgrounds are peaces of artwork on its own stage that are presented with lots of eye catching movements, and animation. Really its a very very smooth fighter and without a doubt from what I can tell probably the best fighting game in its series. Personally EVERYONE knows at this point I am a big Mortal Kombat Fan…but this game really does have a charm to it. The story mode which I will play thru does look interesting…but more of that will be in part two…


This is going to be two parts.. Reason being the game has two parts to it.. The story mode..and the battle mode.. the game provides a LARGE amount of content with it..but I figure I will cover that in this post also..Now to be fair this game was created by the same guys that did Mortal Kombat.. So clearly it being a fighting game..was kinda in the cards..but honestly.. FEELS NOTHING AND HAS NOTHING to do with Mortal Kombat..short of that..

So let’s jump into this!


The game starts pretty basic.. Your given the option before you even jump into play to go into a short Tutorial on Basic Mechanizes of the game. It will teach you everything you really need to know about how to start. your jumping, Crouching, Blocking and attacks.. Your given 3 Attack buttons for each fighter.. your also given a button which plays of as sort of an action button “This lets you do different things for each character” So for example if you play as Wonder Women… The Action button will change your fighting stance from your Rope Lasso to your Sword and Shield. This in turn effects how you preform Combo’s and¬† use the character.. The basic blocks are more of a street fighter that you hold back or Down to block attacks..

Your also given 2 Health meters that are layered on top of one another.. and a small Special Meter which is used to Enhance Special Moves, Counter Attacks or if it’s full you can do a Super Special Attack by pressing R2 AND L2 at the same time. The biggest change in the game’s Mechanize between this and any other fighter is the inclusion of interactive backgrounds. Depending on your Position in the game you can use all sorts of Items to attack¬† your opponent.¬† All sorts of attacks can be combined with the backgrounds to provide more damage and action to the game.


Story mode pretty much sets up the game much like Mortal Kombat did.. It tells the story of the DC Universe and why your playing the game. You play as the Hero’s of the DC Universe and a few mini games while the story is told. During which time you also gain XP.. The xp can be used to Gain extra Content and to Level Up the characters. Over all the story mode is about 5 to 6 hours long.. Which isn’t to bad if your a fan of Comic books or even Action stories. It’s done very well and action portions of the game pretty much are on an even level playing field..Meaning you don’t have to be AMAZING at the game to finish it..

SO FAR .. I will say it’s a fun fighting game.. not really that technical .. Probably better suited for a person who has never played a fighting game because of how simple the controls are.. I still have battle mode and online to mess with.. but that I will leave for part 2..¬† However I will say this.. Being a person who does read comics and is a big fan of the DC Universe .. I will say that this is A MUST HAVE.. for me.. I wasn’t sure how this was going to rub me when I purchased it..but after having finished the story mode and can clearly tell a good amount of love went into the details of the game.. I am actually Over joyed by what has come about with it..