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Darksiders Genesis is the prequel to the Darksiders series. The Fourth released game and it’s very very different from the previous Three. So excited and curious …this is what I thought of it!…

To start with this game has some massive changes to it compared to it’s previous sets in the series yet somehow still plays like it belongs in the series. No longer a over the shoulder third person point of view hack and slash game this is the first in the series to take a top down prospective of the world you are going to explore. This is also the first two player game in the series which is interesting considering the series revolves around the four horsemen (Not exactly the biblical type as previous stories have told).

In this part of the series you play as War (From Darksiders 1) and New (to be playable) Strife. Oddly enough War plays exactly as he did in Darksiders 1. He’s heavy and relies mostly on his sword strikes and Strength power moves that you acquire as you progress thru the game. While Strife relies mostly on a run and gun and slightly faster movements type of play. While I attempted to play this game with my girlfriend on coop we found it was just easier for me to play it in single player in which I could just switch between the characters at any time using a button combination that was given. Holding L1 and taping X switched between characters and made it easy and pretty fluid at times. Also the game allows you to play as both characters based on a health bar which when depleted would also switch between characters However had a time limit so as to not make it impossible to kill both characters.

As with previous games you are also given characters to help you thru the story which while shorter than the previous games also comes with a new tree experience core system that can be used to upgrade things like Armor, Health, and Attack. Both Strife and War are also equipped with different abilities between the two but are also given a meter (as in previous games) that builds up for a Chaos form that grants invincibility for a short time and extra increased attack.

Honestly the game is pretty awesome and while I didn’t finish it as quickly as I did the previous three this felt like it belonged to the series. It’s beautiful by design and the sound is exactly what you would expect from a Darksiders games “FUN AND AMAZINGLY EPIC”. The story is interesting mixing both lore and a bit of humor between War and Strife. It adds just a bit of extra this and that to the story you already know if you played the previous games. Over all it’s worth the price if you’re looking for a hack and slash adventure that isn’t too difficult to play.


Darksiders 3 is a game I have been looking forward to the most THIS YEAR. I have raved and ranted in the past about how much I love this series. So much so that I have TWO other post about Darksiders 1 and 2.

Darksiders 1

Darksider 2

So clearly I have some heart into this series. I love this series so much that in the past year I saved up enough money to buy the RIDICULOUSLY Large version of this game which if you ask me IS WORTH the money for a fan like me. Just one of the most insane purchases I have made in my life! HOWEVER… this isn’t about that.. this is about the actual game..which….here we go…


Darksiders 3 stars FURY.. This is the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse to be introduced into the series. I think it goes without saying that this is the only Horseman who is a LADY and naturally the game mechanics are very different from war and death before.

Furys focus of game play involves gathering 4 different secondary weapons with 1 primary weapon and a very large legion of upgrades and enhancements. Unlike Darksiders 2 you will NOT be required to upgrade armor or pick up Items from bad guys to progress. This game settles more so into the method of Leveling your character by collecting souls from dead enemies and choosing between 3 categories Health, Strength and Arcane to upgrade.


Vulgrim plays the part of Merchant “again” and is the vendor for how you upgrade, fast travel and purchase useful items “similar to Darksiders 1”. Sad to say it but this is also the shortest of the 3 games however it does expand in a very fun way the story and character.

While remaining open world and unlike many adventure games it allows you different paths to take to get to each of the 7 bosses and mini bosses you may or may not fight. With no definitive path you can play the game in a free roaming way. Some areas do require abilities you need to find a path but once you do the doors are open to explore and it’s a fun world to do so.


The biggest flaw that I have with the game is the ACTUAL game itself. Suffering from serious Frame Rate issues which are unavoidable, some sound glitches, and at time SLOW to STILL animations. This game is great BUT REALLY REALLY NEEDS TO BE PATCHED BADLY!.. I would say buy it now but I think waiting could only help as IT IS being patched and the bugs in the game are being worked OUT.

So only time will tell if those problems will be fixed. If you want a great story and a continued myths for the story BUY IT NOW! If you are looking for a DECENT..action adventure game.. I will say wait for a little till it’s patched.. it’s design needs work 😦