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So this is a game I have been working on for awhile now. To this day I have only really played 3 of the 4 Fatal Frame games in the series, so going into this I had a small idea of what I was getting myself into. Any who..this is what I thought!


To begin with this is one of the more beautiful horror games I have seen to date. The Graphics are really good in a dark and gritty sorta way. Not so much gory or bloody but it sets a good environment and atmosphere for what the story is trying to tell. The ghost are creative and really you are going to run into the same ones over and over again but what really stands out are the places they appear.

Because the game is 3rd person (like resident evil 4, Evil Within) to explore and First PERSON to attack it becomes a bit difficult to play. All the ghost in the game are slow moving until the moment of attack. You will switch from 3rd to First in a instant and this will cause you to move the wiiu pad to follow the ghost. It took me a moment to understand but like taking a REAL Picture with a camera angles and position with timing is very important on how you attack each enemy. Getting a Fatal Frame which is the strongest attack you can have is tricky but by the end of chapter 1 the game sets you up to understand everything you need to know.

The Upgrade system for the Camera is also very important to keep in mind and while the game paces it VERY VERY SLOWLY.. not upgrading makes the later chapters harder to finish “EVEN ON EASY…personally I played on Normal”.


Now again this is a slow paced horror game. You aren’t going to be running and hiding like most games now a days. Film is used as ammunition and for the most part it’s a giving system. In total you have 14 chapters to finish and while that doesn’t sound like much I would say it’s probably a 6 hour adventure NOT Counting the bonus Chapters after you finish.

What really drives he game is the story and for the most part it’s clear to understand HOWEVER you are going to read notes and pages of information that seem repetitive at times. By the middle of the game you pretty much get what is going on and for some odd reason the game likes to hammer it in.

Over all it’s a very fun game and the sounds and graphics are worth playing if you are looking for a slow paced horror game. A couple of times I got lost but only because of some minor detailed glitches. I enjoyed the game and for the most part the characters are fun to play with. Do I think it was worth the price? Yes! It had a free demo which included the first chapter of the game so really anyone can try it out and see what think. I am happy I finished it and think the series is still one of the better horror series I have played.


So before I Just jump into this I want to give some links to some past stuff I have written about this series.


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So clearly I have a love for this series. HOWEVER I have no love for buying games that I already own with little to no difference between the original on sale item. Which means I really didn’t see the point in buying this version of the game short because I already owned it on the “Gamecube” with most of the rest of the series “0 – 4”.

So why did I buy it? Well truth be told it kept coming up in conversation. The conversations would go pretty close to this…

Someone: So hey did you play the resident evil HD remake?

ME:I played the game on Gamecube and don’t see the point in buying it again now.

Someone: Well you know they are releasing 0 next year in HD also.

ME: yea…I have seen the previous…

Someone: I heard if the sales of both those games do well they will work on a HD Remake of 2!


So over all this conversation was repeated enough times that I figured WHY THE HELL NOT. I know it’s a great game and really I keep hearing it’s a good HD version port of the game so …why …not?

Resident Evil®_20150711222514

Resident Evil®_20150711222514

Well alright.. I Downloaded the game from the psn which to my surprise it cost me less then 20$. Which helped it’s sale on me also because for that price I can understand spending the money for updated graphics and perhaps a revival of a experience I already knew I was getting myself into.  Now keep in mind my love for this particular game was pretty high. It was my first Gamecube game I owned and I played every mood it had to offer in the original GC version. This time I would come to understand that the settings of the game would come as a surprise. This version would have 3 settings as opposed to the original 2 settings of difficulty. Naturally I played the 3rd most difficult setting.

Resident Evil®_20150712091232

Resident Evil®_20150712091232

Me being a natural to this series my first play through it I picked Jill between the two characters “Jill and Chris”.  I came to find that the videos in the game I can assume nothing could be done to fix them so they still remain the same as the previous GC version. However the moment you enter the mansion EVERYTHING is Crystal clear and this is really what you are paying for. Better sound quality, and a better visual experience. Now I say better with a lose tongue because one of the things I enjoyed about the Original was the mystery that came with the game.

Resident Evil®_20150713143738

Resident Evil®_20150713143738

While it maintains the same story and everything that comes with the original experience something that I think was over looked was the fact that what you interact with  “items, ammo and so on” was supposed to be something you went looking for. Cause it’s remake nature and clarity built into the backgrounds most of the stuff that you are looking for is BRIGHT and CLEAR TO FIND. It takes away the question of what am I supposed to be looking for because everything you are looking for IS BRIGHT AND STICKS OUT ON SCREEN..

Resident Evil®_20150716141545

Resident Evil®_20150716141545

If the room was meant to hide a item you can see it clearly because chances are it’s brightly light and clearer then the background hiding it. Not really a big deal but if this was my first time playing the game I would lose that experience of …what am I supposed to be searching for? OH well the BRIGHTLY LIGHT AMMO BOX ON THE FLOOR COULD HELP! That sort of disappointed me but was really the only thing that brought the experience a bit down.

Resident Evil®_20150716175314

Resident Evil®_20150716175314

Short of that I found myself constantly say ..HEY I NEVER NOTICED THAT! This I think was the result of the HD experience. From paintings on the wall to the writing on some of the items it was all a real treat to see how high the details have become. It was clear from start to finish that Capcom put a great deal of love into making it a experience that old fans “like myself” would enjoy and want to relive.

Resident Evil®_20150716220102

Resident Evil®_20150716220102

So am I a fan of this version of the game? YES.. Do I think it was worth the 20$  price? For what I managed to get from it YES! Honestly coming from a fan of the series and someone who really enjoyed this particular game I can’t see any reason why anyone who loved the one for Gamecube wouldn’t want to relive this game and enjoy another run past it.

It does come with some extra treats in terms of content also so …why not help and support! WITH THE HELP AND SUPPORT MAYBE CAPCOM WILL FINALLY MAKE A RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE HD!!


One of the first things I did when I purchased my PS4 was download the PT Demo. I knew before hand because it was written every place! “Spoiler” it had something to do with Silent Hill. However I was curious and honestly the experience was worth it. The ending result is kinda sad but regardless of all that.. we will jump into it and I WILL explain what I can about it.…we….go!


To begin with the demo starts the way I WISH every game would start. It explains the controls, highlights the options for lighting, language, and so on. The moment you are done with that you jump right into it. Now in terms of first person games this game is without question one of the most beautiful games I have seen in terms of design.  Every texture is as clear as could be, every sound is crystal and creepy! Also jumping into without any previous knowledge it sets you into a world that has no answers but plenty of questions.

Why am I here? Why is it so dark? What is going to happen? Can I die? WHAT THE F@## WAS THAT!!!?


Writing it down it sounds so uninteresting..but the game repeats the same hallway. However each time you enter that hallway something different happens. From something as simple as strange sounds to something really strange like people standing in the hall. It varies each time.

Now with all this in mind it is with a sad heart I say that unless you downloaded it before the 29th of last month. You CAN’T PLAY IT NO MORE. It’s actually very sad.. but the creators are still talking so something might come of it…who knows…


Fu@# ME….what do I even say about this game. Ok before I even start this review..Let me make something veryyyyyyyyyyyy clear. The game cost me all of 1.99 on the Nintendo Eshop.. So just from that price alone…I kinda knew what I was getting. However I was thinking MAYBE this will be like Slender! Or some other free ware software game.. no….no…and no…You GET EXACTLY what you PAY FOR!



To begin with the game is SUPER simple to understand. You move with one stick, Move your head with another, Jump, and have an action button. THAT’S IT. You put into 4 SHORT SHORT SHORT stages.. The idea of the game is to follow the story. Pick up a select number of items and that’s it. The first stage you pick up one thing.. and go to a door.. END STAGE… Second stage is the biggest but it’s also .. SUPER… BORING.. nothing happens.. and it’s design is so simple that it’s hard to even keep focus!


For a game that claims it’s horror.. Not a single thing about it is scary. It dull.. and not worth the 1.99 you pay for it.  i wish I could say something nice about the game. YET… I CAN’T…

Among the sleep

Among the sleep is one of the first “first person horror” games that I played and finished at the first sit down. It’s a short game but it tells the story of a baby! This is the first game I have ever seen that lets you play as a character EVERYONE can relate too. Just a baby! With imagination and a interesting take on horror the game is created extremely well.


To start with it is a simple game .. for the most part you just need to move around with the keyboard, climb, stand up, crawl and pick up objects. It’s really really easy to learn and engaging for the most part. The game doesn’t really focus so much on what might happen as much as it focuses on what IS happening. The sound is built to allow a the player a warning of events. More often then not you will find yourself chase voices, and running from sounds that ARE BAD.



Over all I purchased the game from Humble Bundle for a pretty decent price. It came with six other games and I am sure they will make it available again in the future. Regardless it’s price isn’t bad but I would honestly take my recommendation and wait for it to be available again with the purchase of other games. It’s just too short… and while fun.. and DIFFERENT… You deserve more!

Which! As of the 5th YOU GET! Free DLC which is titled “Prologue” has been released… But I haven’t touched it yet.. BUT SOON!





Jumped into another MMO “Said I wouldn’t …but”… This was worth it!


I was having a big craving for some good horror. Honestly so many games today titled “horror” are mostly jump scares and crappy stories. I wanted to find something that would catch my interest. I had seen “The Secret World” about for awhile.. just didn’t know what to think of it and honestly I HATE MMO’S at this point..but this game.. WOW Did it catch my interest…

So you start the game out with the same old same old. Pc download of the game which cost about 30 bucks. The good thing is that NO SUBSCRIPTION. You pay for the game 30 bucks and that’s pretty much all you need after that. The game does have some episodes after the main game but honestly paying the 30 bucks will cause you to play more then 200 hours of game play. It’s an MMO so really figuring out what missions to go on is really up to you and the worlds are MASSIVE..”hence MMO”..


The start of the game has you choose between one of three Factions “Illuminati (From New York), Templar (From London), and the Dragon (From Korea). Each Faction has a back-story and in that back-story you will develop your characters back-story. You create an agent and work your way in and out of Modern day Myths, Legends, and stories. This part is what really drives the game. You set out on your missions to go after Zombies, Vampires, Ghost, Monsters, and all sorts of different horror elements.


Alexander “Kainless”Gonzalez…hehe that’s me!


Now while the game plays out like most MMOs having to click and point and set number buttons for actions. It has a very diverse game-play element to it.  Action, Puzzle, Mystery, Searching Horror elements, and character building is just part of what builds the game. I honestly haven’t played a game that makes so many elements mix and mix well not left field at all. To explain it best it’s like watching the X-files mixed with World of Warcraft elements. It all takes place in real time so most of the people you meet are real people. With that the community is very NICE.. and well monitored unlike most MMOs. It becomes a group of support and fun!


I can go on about this game but really I think I will wait and make this more of an episode write about.. So much has happened already and I only just started..

The Last of Us

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The Last of Us… So many good things but with the good of course …come…the…bad.. So let me start off with saying that my brother sent me this game and said I HAD TO PLAY IT!! So …yea…


So to begin with this game has a BIG focus on story telling. Most of what the game revolves around is the story of Joel and Ellie. It of course gets more detailed then that but I will not ruin it cause that is really the only drive to play the game. The details are amazing for this game also… it’s original and it does well with keeping you into the story.


The game holds some horror elements, lots of suspense and a hint of action. Really the game plays very much like uncharted. However this is a flaw… cause while the controls are easy enough to learn the game at many points is fast paced. Perhaps too fast because some of the creatures you face run at you so fast that you don’t have time to react and ONE HIT KILLS for some of the monsters up close. The trick to the game is that most of the “infected” need to be close to you to kill you. They can’t see but they can hear your steps so its ruff…

Really again..its the story and the graphics that make you want to play the game. Its a very pretty game and it has a great story. Getting around some of the elements with the “infected” is pretty hard. Its paced pretty good and really is over all a good game..but really on a personal note… It should have been a movie.