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A few months back I was playing Mortal Kombat 11 on Kombat League. Kombat League is basically a online Ranking system. You fight random players and the better you do the more the rank you have goes up. I was doing pretty well on it and it built up my confidence to the point that I said to myself.. well why not push this? Why not try to really focus my skills and abilities. I’m pretty good at this…Not the best by any means but pretty good. So why not try out the world of REAL competing.

So my focused moved more from Kombat League to actual Online tournaments. I learned very fast that it takes a level of focus and skill that is really far beyond my “Current” ability. Some people really put in so much time into learning Frame data, combos, Links, Counters, speed variations. The entire thing is a real science kind of like playing speed chess. What I came to discover is that the community around competing is super GREAT and it’s what keeps driving me to do it.

The first Tournament and Community I found was Outworld Television.

Getting in it was a welcoming community of Hundreds of people and it’s still growing. I joined the Discord, Signed up and was viewed by over 500 + players and fans. It was a HUGE THRILL… I was nervous out of my mind…and of course I lost.. but it was the first step in a much bigger world than I ever could have thought about. Hell my family even watched that first match and like I said it was a thrill! I didn’t do terrible but it came to me very quickly that I still had a great deal to learn from the experience. So I was on the hunt for more!

I found other competitions!

Other communities and again was welcome for the love of the game. I even started to win a few matches. I continued to learn. Took some massive beatings! I continue to look into the community and celebrate other peoples successes and help those who welcome to learn just like me. It’s fun for me and it can also be very very discouraging also. Yet I have a great support group of friends and family that keep telling me DON’T GIVE UP!…

So I push on!.. it’s been an adventure.. and I am super surprised by how it’s all turned up. Mortal Kombat has since MK 2 been one of the joys of my life. Perhaps an obsession to a degree but I like to think it’s a healthy hobby. I put a great deal into it. With the recent post of NRS not Continuing DLC for MK 11.. AND MOVING ON TO SOMETHING NEW!!

My hopes are high to learn something new and continue this hobby. I will also continue to look into other communities and I welcome friends from all over the world with it!.. For the love of it!


I don’t play many online Game to begin with. The Few that I play I only enjoy playing because of Friends and Family. I especially don’t play Fighting Games Online because of how toxic and in so many ways UNFAIR some of the players can be “Looking at you HITBOX Moders!”. However Mortal Kombat 11 has struck something that has caught my interest in creating “Seasons of” days that allow the player to go up a ladder and gain titles! SO LET’S GO ON HERE!!….


To begin with it’s a silly thing to do but by playing online matches “YES AGAINST REAL PEOPLE”.. You gain access to items, coins, skins and Titles that drive you to want to play more. HOWEVER .. the big catch for me I have come to find is that it puts the player against the right range of fighters to progress and learn.

For example a player who is at the level of Apprentice isn’t going to play someone who is at the level of ELDER GOD.. It has this awesome system that upon winning you can progress.. Upon losing you can learn what both you and the other player did to get them to that point with a statics system that actually WORKS!!… I have learned how to measure my lows, highs, and mid attacks for each battle and can easily see a better player in me. It honestly shocked me to death how good I have gotten at this game by simply learning from the progress I have made.


So far I main Baraka and I haven’t really learned any other character because I feel like I haven’t perfected him just yet. Hell even saying that excites me because I come to understand and rediscover an old passion for competitive play. I should also note I have met some great great great players on here.. Of course naturally some not so great players… BUT that’s the online community!!  I LOVE IT!!



How do I describe Mortal Kombat 11? A fighting game with layers of mystery and a story that is complicated to follow that leaves you with more questions than answers!? A part of the series that didn’t need to be but became a fast reminder of why we all LOVE the series….let’s see…here…we…go…!


To begin with you start with 23 characters. Unless you pre-ordered the game you don’t get Shao Khan and Frost is unlocked after you finish a chapter of the story mode. The Story mode itself is probably my favorite part of the game. Basically a 3 hour interactive film with Fighting game elements. The only thing I don’t like about the story mode is how it ends. Far more interactive than MK X and The Mortal Kombat I do feel the way it was executed was perfect.  However the biggest problem I have is that it does absolutely NOTHING to answer questions about the future of the series or progression of the characters involved. If you had any questions about MK X don’t expect any answers from MK 11.

It does take place after MK X and any fan of the series would think ” FINALLY SOME ANSWERS!!”.. no … it raises more questions and more so because “Time Travel” Erases some questions we had without really resolving anything. Will the story have any DLC…? WHO KNOWS! However I expect MK 12 might be the place that will resolve most of this… at least.. I HOPE…


The game itself does return to a interesting pace for itself. Having once again re wired the controls this time around you control one character to fight in several modes “Towers”. The controls go from Front Punch, Back Punch, Front Kick, Back Kick, Throw, Switch Stance, jump, Duck, and a number of combinations for special moves and a Single Fatal Blow move which can only be used ONCE per fight.


Character is at it’s best with this game. Each Fighter has a personality and it’s very clear this time around NRS gave the players what they wanted in that aspect. Personality was important as so many of these fighters feel like real experienced characters. Backgrounds and Music are also top tier in that you could tell how much work went into cutting all the details.

As of right now it’s still a work in progress with how it will be balanced and so far the community has been great with patches, and tweeks to keeping it a interesting game. Fatalities are by far the most brutal and detailed they have ever been.


Holding in my opinion the most gory of the series. The reward system is also interesting in that you are given gold, souls and hearts as rewards for everything you complete in the game. Each of those is used in a krypt system which could be in itself it’s own game.  Exploring and opening chest to reveal new costumes, fatalities, and other items used to make the game more interesting.

It’s a massive game and the content is consistent with keeping the player to come back for a long time. we will see what the future brings…


Mortal Kombat as a series has been something I have been keeping up with since MK 2. My history with this game is funny to me because I really didn’t like it at first glance. At first glance I was more of a Street Fighter 2 Fan and really the only person who should get credit for this addiction of mine “now” is my Older Brother.

He introduced me to both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat when I was the perfect age of Nine. Street Fighter 2 being released a year before MK I was Eight. At the time even with Street Fighter 2 I didn’t gravitate to the Violence or the action of the series it was the characters that caught my attention.


While Mortal Kombat (1992) had 7 characters to play as the story was very New to me and I didn’t have an open mind to what I wanted to see. My brother was far more into Ninjas, and Karate films than myself at the time. I had already invested so much of my time playing Street Fighter 2 that those characters became far more interesting than anything MK had to offer. So it took some time for me to show any interest in it at all. Yet what would really hit me about Mortal Kombat that didn’t really happen till MK 2 was released was this very interesting shade of mystery the game held.


Understanding that in 1992 we had no internet and all that I had to go on was Nintendo Power with some rumors from some friends at the time made the game interesting. The fact it held a layer below what was actually being presented sparked the questions.





Reptile would be my focus for MK 1 and later become my favorite character to play in MK 2. A character that held mystery and in some ways presented a small window into what the next game “Mortal Kombat 2” would expand the lore into. I think it was also the timing of everything in my life that made it work also. I lived in Ocala, Florida and anyone who has been to any part of the south can tell you… LIZARDS ARE EVERY PLACE.. so clearly being 9 it was interesting to see in a video game a character that was HALF lizard…half man.. and be a Ninja/Not a Ninja…. COME ON.. HOW MUCH COOLER CAN YOU BE?


From just one character I fell in love with the entire series because it would expand this lore and this story to the point that in later games it would actually become a focus. Like reading a great comic book the drama would unfold with each part in the series. I would get sucked into each one as it went on.  AGAIN the questions.. Who..what…why?

So here we are now with MK 11 just around the corner.. and of course the story likely to be at it’s best a movie in itself. EXPANDED.. and I find myself asking questions and even holding long discussions on those questions. It’s a good time and I AM Hoping for some great stuff to come next week!



So this evening I received my invite to stress test the new mortal kombat. To say the least I was very excited and really looking forward to today.. so here…we …go


To begin with you are given 3 characters. Baraka, Skarlet and Scorpion with 3 variations to play with. Only two Backgrounds to select and you can only play Online..”Duh it’s a stress test”. So far I love the level of detail the game has applied to it and honestly it feels far more like a Mortal Kombat game than the last game. Learning the basics of each character is over all pretty easy to do.


The combo system is similar to the mk xl but it seems more focused. Easier to time and I am sure easier to learn than the last game. While it is a stress test I can say for the most part it feels much more balanced to play online than any of the previous games.  Slightly slower with an attention to detail so it’s not just a mix up of a bunch of fast motions that no one can control.


The game does allow you to play a little bit with the variation system but I would imagine this is just a small small taste of what the game actually has to offer. It’s fun seeing the characters in such high detail. So much attention really brings out the personalities of these characters.



I must have watched it at least 100x already.. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

THAT’S RIGHT!! The tenth installment of the series has been announced.. It’s titled Mortal Kombat X

Scoprion promo

has a link to the new WWW.MORTALKOMBAT.COM

it also has a small link to the old 2011 released game.. which is cool… but the new site has some pretty cool stuff on it also.. namely the trailer, a forums board, and some quick links to updates on twitter and facebook..

So far not much is known about the game but that it will feature Sub-zero and Scorpion.. as displayed in the trailer.. it has also been announced that it will be for the xbox360,ps3,ps4,xboxone and pc.. not word on wiiu yet.. but ONE CAN HOPE! You can check out the trailer here..or go to the web site for more details… so far.. I AM THRILLED! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!


You can find all 10 episode by clicking the picture above…As a big big fan of the series..I must say this is a must see to everyone who has ever wanted a movie to show respect to the characters…ITS AMAZING


i SHOULD ALSO NOTE!! it has fatalities in it…and if you know your history of the will notice which one’s are which…all I will say is…SCORPION …DECEPTION!



So the tournament starts… Outworld is BEATING EARTHREALMS AZZ..and shit is about to go down! Liu Kang is the chosen one by the monks and Raiden.. Sonya is all like..KANO THAT BITCH.. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM…Johnny Cage is all.. Yo.. I AM SEXY…LET ME BEAT SOME AZZ… Raiden is like…HMMMMMMMMMM o.o and stuff starts…


Sub-zero (OLDER) fight Scorpion and Loses.. Scorpion wins and is all like YAY… I WIN.. Now I can Die in peace…

Kung Lao Reveals himself..and is all like..Watch me beat Baraka’s AZZ…HE DOES IT…and Baraka is all like..I fucking hate Monks..JUST you wait and see what I do to you mother flowers!! Goro is Defeated by Liu Kang.. and Liu Kang beats…


Shang …thus winning the tournament..  Shang Returns to Outworld like the bitch that he iz and is all like… Shao Khan.. I FUCKED UP… Khan is like..YEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ YOU DID!!!… But Shang is like.. I GOT AN IDEA!!! but for this shit to work.. WE gotta take this BIG RISK… why don’t we make ONE MORE Tournament… but sum the shit up to ONE instead of TEN…and IF WE lose… THAT’S IT ..WE CAN’T FIGHT AGAIN… …BUT IF WE WIN.. WE GET IT ALL.. Khan is like.. HMMM…OK…Letz see if that bitch Raiden will be ok with this… So Khan Send Shang back…

Raiden’s all like..nah.. that’s a stupid Idea.. YOUR FUCKING STUPID SON…then Baraka is all like.. YA KNOW..lota fucking Monks around here… LETS PLAY!!!STORY 4

So Baraka starts some shit.. Raiden is all like OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!  They Capture Sonya.. and Kano…


Kano is all like..FUCKING SON OF A BITCH.. I AM A BACKGROUND SPRITE WITH THIS BITCH SONYA!! Reptile is all like.. HI GUYS!! one pays attention to him.. Kitana finds out about Mileena.. Jax is all like.. GOTTA FIND MEH HOE SONYA!! Raiden’s all like..ok Liu Kang…Kung Lao..lets agree to do this.. AND KICK HIS ASS ONE MORE TIME… Johnny Cage is all like.. DAMN I AM SEXY…lets fight again..!!! So Jax..Raiden..Liu Kang and Johnny all go to Outworld and fuck shit up again… Kitana is all like..DAMN Mileena…what’s up WITH YO FACE!!! She’s all like…Damn I IZ SEXY DON’T HATE BITCH!!!..

Scorpion is told by Quan chi..YO ..check out this YOUTUBE VIDEO of Sub-zero fighting in this Outworld Tournament that just started…Scorpion is all like O.O…WTF….. I KILLED THAT BITCH… LET ME FIND OUT WHATZ POPPING HERE!!!


Liu Kang Fights Shao Khan and is like…BITCH WHAT I TELL YO HOMIE SHANG ABOUT FIGHTING EARTH REALM.. YO BITCH AZZ ISN’T GOING TO WIN!!! SO FUCK YOU TOO!! They win… Jax loses his arms.. Sonya Returns to Earth with him…Raiden’s all like.. I can’t believe this shit… Reptile’s still like..HI GUYS!!! STORY 7

So… Raiden Returns to Earth Realm with Sonya..and meets up with Nightwolf who is fixing Jax’s fucked up arm situation.. They handle that shit… and Shao Khan who isn’t actually dead.. is all like…SHANG… YOU FUCKED ME OVER SON.. NOW WE CAN’T DO SHIT.. I am going to Pimp Smack you BRO!! Shang is all like..NAHHHH I GOT ONE MORE PLAN..AND this time… I need help from my homie Quan Chi.. Quan Chi is all like.. YO LISTEN… you remember that bitch you used to get down with when you got to Outworld and took over… Khan is all like.. YA!! SINDEL..She was some hot shit yo.. and her daughter ain’t so bad either.. HE’S LIKE YA..THAT BITCH… well… believe it or not.. we can bring her back… and IF we bring her back.. EARTH and Outworld will merge without a Tournament..and you can take over without Winning MORTAL KOMBAT…

Khan is like WORD!!! THAT SHIT IS REAL… Quan is like.. FO SHO.. i kid you not.. …Khan is all like..ok…ummm what about the Elder Gods? Quan is like.. YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!! They ain’t real… I can’t believe you still believe that shitz… what you going to tell me SANTA IS GOING TO FLY OVER THE MOON NEXT OR SOME SHIT….”repitle is like HI !!!”….o.o…

So Khan is like..YA your right… LETS DO THIS!!


So they steal Sindel’s body..bring her back EVIL…and Nightwolf is all like…YO Raiden.. HE’S LIKE..YA SON!!! Nightwolf is all like.. Check out this hole… what is up with this shit.. I was in the desert doing NIGHT WOLF SHIT…and I found it… Raiden is like…OHHHHH SHIT!!! WE gotta go back home and get are homies together..cause shit is about to GET REAL SON!!!


Without Warning.. Johnny Cage is killed…and the Attack on the Earth Realm starts… AGAIN!!..STORY 10

A house Party on Cars vs Baraka starts.. Kabal is introduced and FUCKED UP… Stryker is all like… DUDE.. I was just doing my shopping mall thang… SHEEVA is all like… yo .. Ever been with a lady with FOUR ARMS!! ? Sindel is all like… Didn’t I have a daughter? Khan is like..NAH.. Lets just take Earth Realm and we can talk later..Kitana is all like…OH SHIT …MY MOTHER IS BACK..AND EVIL!!! I HAVE TO FIX THIS!!  Mileena is all like..YO I BRUSHED MEH TEEFFFF…

Sub Zero is all like.. YO Smoke.. pass the blunt… he’z all like.. YO .. I DON’T SMOKE THAT SHITZ… then Cyrax and Sector grab Smoke and are all like..BITCH YOUR COMING WITH US.. SUB IS LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOO NOT MEH HOMIE… But he’s like…BETTER YOU THEN ME SON… smoke getz turned into a robot and hunts down SUB… who also Finds out that an odd Ninja in black is running around…..he’s like.. I KNOW THAT MOTHER FUCKER… but i can’t put my finger on it.. hmmmm… So they chase Sub zero… Sub zero beats Cyrax in the desert….Smoke meets NOOB.. “the black ninja”.. Sectors all like.. OK i am going to build an army THEN … take to killing sub while controlling my NEW CLAN.. “This all takes a very long time to happen but it sums it up”


Liu Kang once again.. is like.. YO… FO RIZZY SON!!! THIS SHIT IS PISSING ME OFF.. KNOCK OFF YOUR SHIT.. AND he once again KILLZ Shao Khan.. and things are set back to normal…FOR …A MOMENT..


Shinnok is all like.. Did Khan fall for it Quan Chi? He’s like…ya …the dumb dick..fell for it.. TIME TO SET SHIT UP FOR MK 4 YO…so … Shinnok Attacks Earth Realm.. Reptile is like…I really need some skin cream… Mileena is like… Damn.. I need a new tooth brush.. Kitana is like.. TIME TO TAKE BACK Earth Realm with my NEW HAPPY MOMMY… “Not evil anymore” Liu Kang is like…yo what up KAI… Sonya and Jax are like..CHECK IT.. I GOT A NEW TOY ROBOT..LETS PLAY WITH IT..its called…Cyrax or some shit..and I found it in the Desert.. Jax is all like PRIORITIES BITCH.. we need to Take Jarek To SOME PLACE CALLED the Nether Realm and stop this Shinnok BITCH.. he’s all like..OK Lets do that first..then LEGO TIME!!

They find Johnny Cage who I guess was bad..cause he was found in the Nether Realm…and brought back to life…YAY SEXYNESS!!

The Warriors fight The Nether Realm..Rekio is all like..YO I AM SHAO KHAN.. The Real Shao Khan is like SON GET THE FUCK OUT MEH CHAIR!!! Jarek gets lost some place during the battle..and is all like…What happened to Kano? Kano is like I AM RIGHT HERE SON!!! They make some streetz deals and that all ends well for them… the new black Dragon is built… Tanya is all like SUP Homies!!  Quan Chi deals with Sub Zero who is ambushed by Scorpion..and told the truth too… Scorpion is all like..SON YOU BEEN PLAYIN ME FOR YEARS..TIME TO DIE!! he brings Quan Chi back to the Nether Realm and strips him of his powers..they Chase each other in hell for awhile… Quan Finds away out. Shinnok is left to fight Raiden by himself and loses.. Shinnok is like…AWWW MAN..this sucks… and wanders around Neather Realm…fo awhile…

Jarek runs away when the moment comes…and Jax and Sonya are all like…KANO!!?





Quan Chi then is like… yo ..Shang…”who is chilling in Earth Realm some place this entire time” Shang is like…ya? He’s like.. I helped you you help me out..First of Scorpion is pissed cause I lied to him….so help me get away from him.. Shang is like…FO SHO!!  Quan Chi is like..oh yea..and check it.. I found this Dragon army.. we should like Rebuild them..and TAKE OVER THE WORLD or some shit…he’s like OK COOL…but… two problems.. Quan is like.. what’s that? Shang is like.. First.. Shao Khan isn’t dead.. he’s just resting.. BUT I KNOW HOW TO FIND HIM “not really its his clone they find”.. So Quan is like..OK COOL…Let deal with him….and Shang is like..OK BUT… WE have to deal with Liu Kang also… So he’s like.. OK TWO OF US… TWO OF problem.. We kill Khan first…then Liu.. no one will even think its us!!  So Shang is like.. OK COOL.. i know this secret portal that can send us to both places..and Might help with this Dragon Army you talking about..OK COOL..LETS GO!! So …They kill Liu Kang and the Clone of Shao Khan.. and are all Ressurecting the Dragon Army..


Raiden is all like.. OK… time for some revenge.. First.. LET ME get my homies.. Sonya and Jax…they are all like..YAY LEGOS… Cyrax is good…BUT .WE STILL need to find Kano again..! ALSO … Reptile who was all like.. YO HOMIES…….Comes back to his home in Outworld to find the dead body of his once EPIC MASTER..SHAO Khan.. NOT knowing its just a clone “Dumb ass” he’s all like.. WHO DID THIS SHIT… WHO!!! I bet it was that mother fuckin LEGO Bastard Cyrax… LET ME AT HIM.. LET ME AT EM!! SON!!!

So reptile Hunts down for Cyrax….who is now GOOD..and is all like.. ok Let me help Raiden, Jax and Sonya out with the problem of Shang and Quan… so he runs around is all like…LA LA LA LALA…WHA….He find NITARA.. WHO IS a vampire chick from a Vampire Realm…he’s all like.. I LOVED TWILIGHT.. What’s your problem Girlfriend!! XD… She’s all like…listen.. I need your help… You help me get this Orb I am looking for… and I will send you to  your friends who are currently FUCKING UP  Quan Chi and Shang.. he’s like..COOL…LETS DO THIS… Reptile is like.. YO I AM ONE STEP BEHIND YOU…. WHEN I CATCH YOU…JUST YOU WATCH.. i am going to eat yo FACE!!!


Raiden goes to Sub Zero now..who is still hunting after Noob and Smoke..and now like… Yo Raiden..check out this bitch FROST..he’s just like me..but with N-ICER Hair then me…HEHEHE GET IT… NNNNN IIICCCEEERRR HAIR… Raiden’s all like…YO…YOU STUPID SON!! but yea.. I need you and yo Beotch to help us.. SO THEY JOIN Forces…


So Raiden is all like.. Liu Kang is dead… shit has gotten real again.. You guys need to help me stop them… They are going to bring back this Dragon Army and if we don’t do something RIGHT THE FUCK NOW… we are all going to be killed…

Shang and Quan are like.. OK COOL…lets start this shit.. Kenshi is all like.. YO I AM BLIND.. AND WILL KILL SHANG FO You guys!!! Bo Rai’ Cho is all like.. ohhh they killed my boy Liu… time to bring out the FAT MAN!! Li Mei is all like.. DUDE…. I am a slave… I will fight in this shit too… Johnny cage is like.. Yo I dead once… lets try that again…  Reptile is still hunting down Cyrax…Moloch is like.. YOU CAN’T FIGHT SHANG OR QUAN TILL YOU KICK MY teddy bear azz… *SMASH with his rock*

Kabal is all like.. YO… who the fuck are you…and the new guys named Mavado is like… I am here to kill you… BUT NOT FOR REAL…I am going to just steal your shit cause you be a bitch azz anyway!! So Mavado steals Kabals shit.. and leaves him for dead… going on to help whomever!

Sheeva, Goro, Kintaro, ermac, and a few others are all like… Outworld is looking damn good this time of the year..lets go to the beach… So they are all relaxing and shit..

Sub Zero while helping still like.. I KNOW That black ninja mother fucker from MK 2….DAMN….I think he’s….MY DEAD BROTHER FROM MK 1!!! So off he goes to find him…but not before Frost is all like.. GIMMIE THAT SHINNY THING ON Your belt…and She goes into a frozen Comba for a few days..and its like…DAMN IT..!!

So he goes back to his Frozen palace and leaves Raiden to do his own Thang with the rest of the gang…  Raiden with only Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax and Kung Lao are like.. FUCK.. we can’t kill em.. but Raiden is all like..OK I WILL… So they fight! and most of em get there ass kicked!!!  Raiden is the last man standing…and at the very moment when Raiden loses..NOT TO FAR AWAY…

Cyrax gives Nitara the ORB.. She sends Cyrax to his homies.. She Breaks the orb and rerturns to her planet…Reptile is like..FUCK NO ONE IS HERE… AND A Large egg in the area around like..CRACK.. POP….FIZZ.. YOUR THE NEW DRAGON KING.. GO FUCK SHIT UP… so he does…


So he is like… TIME FOR YOU ALL TO PAY.. AND GIVE ME BACK MY GOD DAMNED ARMY.. they destroy the army… Raiden Kills off everyone in the room BUT.. The Dragon King..and Returns.. to do his thing.. in the clouds…

The Dragon king.. MUST BE STOPPED… So.. Raiden says.. hey Elder gods.. you have to help me.. The Elder gods are all like..CHILL SON… WE got Scorpion to be are Champion now… HE Will deal with your Dragon king problem… Raiden is like….. WHAT!!! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID.. just bring back my homie Liu Kang and we can deal with this shit.. They are like..NAH… he had his chance… trust us.. this plan will work..  Scorpion is all like.. I WILL Defeat all of them… and the Elder gods promised to bring back my Clan and Family… Elder gods are all like..YEAP…WE SAID WE WOULD!!!

RAIDEN is like.. Yo.. you stupid.. i will bring him back myself.. and instead of trying to save everyone.. I WILL JUST save Earth…


So Raiden using some black magic shit he learned that the Elder gods didn’t know he had Learned .. Brings back Liu Kang.. but… JUST HIS BODY… zombie BOY Liu Kang now… and goes to fight off the Dragon King….

At this time.. Raiden thinks to himself.. Ya know… all this fighting is for the what?… the humans… or the Earth.. I want the Earth safe..and I THINK if I make a packet with my Enemies.. Maybe I can make it happen.. After all… Blaze is about to Grant everyone the power to do whatever we want..  and ya know… Shit just doesn’t feel right anymore… Lets see what I can do to make it all alright for JUST THE EARTH…


So the dragon King wins…But just as he is about to finish his First time killer Shao Kahn “yes The Dragon king has died before” he finds himself in a situation with the one being known as Blaze… WHO CAN GRANT ANYONE Whatever they want… So .. again.. Onaga “The Dragon king” is like…Listen Kahn… Your a smart guy..and you seem strong.. You fooled these two morons “points to Shang and Quan” into killing your Clone and are now stronger then probably all of us.. You help us Kill Blaze and we will talk after its done.. Khan is like..ok cool…

Raiden then enter the room… LISTEN.. i hear you guys want to kill blaze…everyone is like…WTF… Raiden!!! Raiden is all like…listen after I just brought back my zombie boy Liu.. I HAVE come to understand what everyone’s goal here is.. We all want the Earth to be safe …right?..Khan thinks to himself “Fucking moron”…but agrees… Sure.. we all want the Earth.. ….safe….sure….

So Raiden discusses a Plan with them to kill Blaze and make the Earth Safe… The Earth World Warriors are all like.. We need to find this Blaze guy because .. the bad guys are also looking for him too…and if they get him first.. IT COULD BE REALLY BAD FOR EVERYONE…

So they join forces… both the good and bad find a location on a map.. both lead by Sonya.. who leads the good..and Sector who leads the bad… to the location… all the while TAVEN.. who just woke the fuck up… is trying to figure shit out.. and is like..OK … i need to find out what is happening here… …HE FINDS Raiden …only moments after everyone Agrees and fights Raiden…


Raiden’s like.. YOU CAN’T HAVE BLAZE..Because we are going to get him FIRST…


EVERYONE fights.. it out.. Raiden loses…and Shao Khan gets WINS… or so he thinks….


Reptile is a being known as a Saurians. A creature from the realm of Zaterra. Zaterra was one of the first realms that Shao Kahn merged with Outworld. In doing so Kahn caused the race of Saurians to almost go extinct. Most of the race started to devolve back to dragon like creatures they came from. As time passed Reptile became a servant for Shao Kahn. He crept in the shadows as an eye watching and making sure everything was going according to the plans set before him. However the ONE BEING would have other plans for reptile.

As a mixture of both fate and deception Reptile would be set on a mission to help Shao Kahn and he would fail that mission due to Shang Tsung and Quan Chi’s plot against him. Reptile would return to Kahn to find his body and leave in a lost haze. He would run into Nitara the vampire. She would become his new master and would send him on his next mission to assassinate cyrax of earth realm.

During this mission he would follow Cyrax into a hidden cave that held one of the last dragon eggs.  Moments after realizing that Cyrax as there and gone the egg would crack and the power within it would rush into reptile.  His existance would change and he would be reborn as the Dragon King Onaga…