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This was one of those games I backed on Kickstarter a long time ago that had some serious promise to tell a good horror story and introduce some interesting mechanics to a new game series. It’s a sidescroller that tells a fun detective story. Overall a simple to play game not requiring much in the way of fast pace button mashing. A chill and thoughtful game that puts you into a Future filled with interesting characters and a story that makes you think about the world it’s introducing to you.

The bases of the game is to search for clues to progress the story. Action and horror wise it holds a silent creepy something is around the corner stalking you vibe to it. Personally I LOVE that feel. It’s very puzzle heavy in that you will be put into places that require you to remember places for items you check thru out the game. Take notes! Read logs and really it homes in on your ability to be a true detective.

Some of the puzzles are rather hard and a couple of em I found myself saying “DUH! Why didn’t I think of that!!”..which is exactly what you want out of game like this. It’s fun!

In terms of content I am pleased with it. It turned the gears in my head I wanted it too and really I hope we get more of this series in the future as it has a cool world to explore and a very interesting story to tell!


To go along side the release of Doom 1 and 3.. Doom 2 was also released for the Nintendo Switch so naturally I had to buy it with the rest of the series. This time around I played it solo “Yes coop is in the game” and came into a few different issues with it. SO HERE are some thoughts..and here…we…go


To begin with Doom 2 is the least played Doom game I have played and not because I didn’t want to play it more but because I never really owned it for PC until I got my first Personally owned PC which was maybe in 2002. It’s slightly different from DOOM 1 in that the difficulty level even on normal is SOOOOOO MUCH HARDER..

So what makes it more difficult? More enemies, harder stages to solve and a personal sense of ego that causes me to never give up on stages that i put myself into a hole with! The biggest change in this game from DOOM 1 is that you are given a Double Barrel shot gun and NEW DEMONS!! The Double Barrel is slower but more powerful than the single Barrel and it helps to killing off some of the previous monsters but not so much the Newer Demons such as the Pain Elemental and Revenant “HATE BOTH OF THOSE GUYS!! But love the designs!”


You can tell that with this sequel everything that was learned from DOOM 1 that worked.. Works really well with this Sequel. The satisfaction factor of clearing out a room of 30 Demons is always pleasant however I will say that so many times you will die and saving is a must considering how often you can do it in this game.

With this game concluded I am happy to say that a recent update has added that on top of this game coming with the Master Levels which is a added 30 + stages. The game will have added FINAL DOOM AND DOOM SIGIL On top of the upcoming release of DOOM 64 which now comes with the new Doom Eternal to be released on March 20th!

SUPER EXCITED About that.. Yet coming back to topic.. Yes doom 2 is sooooooooo much harder than Doom 1 but for the price of 5.99.. your out ya mind not to buy it! It’s fun…Simple.. AND challenging


So recently I have been on a mix of playing the entire series of Doom again. Still working on Doom II for the Switch and I completely forgot I finished this one about 2 weeks ago for the 1000 time or something. Anyway here is what I thought… here…we..go!

To begin with the game isn’t going to be as detailed in graphics as the Ps4/PC Original. You won’t get some of the lighting effects and some of the time you play the textures are blurry at points but let’s face it if you are buying this game for switch you should keep in mind TWO THINGS. It’s Handheld! It’s the same speed pace as the original and that is what counts!

doom switch

Why would I buy it on Switch? Well to begin with the game was cheap at about 20 $ and let’s face it I LOVE DOOM and want to be able to play it any place and that’s exactly what you get with this version.

Sound wise it’s perfect also. You get the loud amazing soundtrack from Mick Gordon. You get all the monsters,  guns, and stages however it’s lacking in the multiplayer section in that almost every time I have tried to play it NO ONE WAS EVER ON.. You can’t Create stages and levels like the ps4/pc one also but to be honesty I think I may have used that feature once and never bothered with it again.

So simply put if you want a Handheld Version of DOOM 2016.. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET.. it’s perfect for a fix but it’s not A perfect port. FUN!! And Worth the Money!!


Recently QuakeCon 2019 came and went.. WITH IT.. The surprise release of Doom 1 2 and 3 for the Nintendo Switch.  The cost!! 5$ Each for Doom 1 and 2.. 9.99 for Doom 3. Rumor has it DOOM 64 is also in the pipeline. Either way I finished DOOM 1 AND … here ..we..go!


To begin with the biggest complaint I have been reading about “that I didn’t and don’t have an issue with” is the Login issue. Which according the Twitter it’s already being addressed. The Idea behind the login was to link it to the slayers club which personally I think was cool because so far that site has been good to me.


Aside from that the game plays exactly like you would expect it. It’s a perfect port of the Re-release from the BFG Edition released in 2012. What came as a huge surprise is that on the Nintendo Switch the game play is EXTREMELY good.  Honestly I think I play the game best on the switch as opposed to PC or even N64. THAT IS HIGH PRAISE… It’s fast paced and runs perfect.

The save system works fast and really not much has changed at all short of it being on the switch system. Overall for 5$ it’s a great buy and I see no reason for anyone who loves this series to not BUY IT!!



After months and months and months of me telling my girlfriend I would get to Undertale.. WE FINALLY DID IT… and all it really took was for me to buy it on the Nintendo Switch.. to do it… SO HERE WE GO!!!


To start with HAVE AN OPEN MIND…cause to say this game is an experience is an…UNDER….STATEMENT… HAHAHAHAHAHAH…. ok … ummm

You play as a little boy?…..little girl…… ummm…little person.. “That works!” who falls down a hole into a world of Monsters. You encounter lots of different creatures, monsters, both cute and scary looking.  One of the most interesting things about the game is how it’s played. It has sort of a turn base thing that gives you the options for Fight, Act,Items, and Mercy. It forces you to interact with your actions by moving your heart piece in a box while things try to attack it.  Personally I think I sound crazy describing that but that’s exactly how it works.


Lots of text fills this game and personality is a quality I have learned it builds very well. It’s a unique story to tell and often I found myself saying….”what?…what happened?” The music and graphics are probably some of the best I have heard in awhile with this type of retro style. It was a good mix of horror at some points.. and some action rpg…You will gather items and build the character as you would in most RPGs.  Like I started with it was a experience.

From my understanding of this game it has several endings..and depending on how you choose to play it can change the game dramatically.. I went with the pacifist route…  Meaning I didn’t kill anyone the entire game… Which was hard.. but not impossible. I might go with the more aggressive route in the future but … who knows…

Was it worth the money to buy it off the Switch Shop…YES!! If you are looking for a adventure game that is over all easy to play and unique… GO FOR IT!