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BOTW-Share_iconSo before I start this I think a brief bit of history should be given. I have in the past Finished Most of the The Legend of Zelda games which include (The Legend of Zelda, Link, A Link to the past, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twlight Princess, and A Link Between worlds) Any that I haven’t named I am still working on currently. I have never been a fan of open world games and have even gone on the record to say I HATE OPEN World games. So this being my prospective of this title I was very weary going into it. Yet here we go…lets see what I thought.


To start off this is the first Zelda game I have played in awhile that really had no guide to it. You wake up and you get going for the most part. No real directions are given as to what place you should go or how you should go about playing the game. This is also the first Zelda game that I can remember in awhile that you didn’t get the sword or shield in the first 10 minutes of the game. Cause it’s open world (very much like Zelda 1) you are pretty much given the story that you have been asleep for 100 years.. Zelda needs your help.. and you need to find your memories to figure pretty much everything out. No Navi, No Midna, No real help….short of the nice people of Hyrule.

Now while I did finish the story to this game I am 100% sure that I didn’t find everything the game has to offer. I knew from exploring that I had to defeat the 4 Guardians and that the world was open to explore and without bounds. Which is why it took me so long to just get past the story.  I knew that from playing the other Zelda games that a Master Sword was probably in a forest some place. That a Master shield had to be around to go with it and that Link would also acquire different outfits to get past different areas. That much is Common with every Zelda series. However the amount of exploring this game opens up for you is just OVERWHELMING.

One of the main reasons I don’t really do well with open world games is because I get lost very quickly. However getting lost in this game is pretty much how you find everything. It places into your hands the thought of HEY .. what’s over that mountain or what’s in that cave and lets you explore. Personally I both love and hate that idea. I love it because if you think about something chances are you can do it. I hate it because if you just want to get from point A to point B chances are you will have to deal with some nonsense in between that.


It’s a beautiful game without question and has all the things I personally want out of a Zelda game. Puzzles, Interesting Monsters, Interesting mythology, Fun story telling, Items to help me get in and out of places and above all HOURS UPON HOURS of replay ability. Yet for the most part the one thing I noticed that was missing was lack of Direction. I know at least 4 people who are currently or who have already finished this game. Every person has a different story to tell as to how they managed to finish it and what they needed to do TO DO IT. Personally I think that is awesome because it becomes a experience. It makes for great conversation and keeps the game mysterious while maintaining a basic concept for what is happening.


Again the game is beautiful and full of things for you to explore and do. The world is very much alive and something is constantly happening around you at different times. While I will say I would have much rather it been a linear adventure much like A Link Between worlds with some exploring on the side I find this game to be a very new and very modern way of exploring the game world. Who doesn’t want to run around Hyrule without bounds after all?

Now in terms of game play the game has a really easy setup. You get health from eating/cooking combined Items. Yes you can still gather faeries and yes they still do what they always have done but for the most part you want to keep the food to up your hearts. The game puts a emphasis on gather hearts and gathering Stamina upgrades. All Zelda games have had in the past the heart meter and while the Stamina gauge is new it also limits what you can explore. Without the correct amount of Stamina you aren’t climbing some mountains or gliding to some areas. So in a very clever way of gathering that you are required to gather orbs from Shrine locations all over Hyrule. From what I understand the game has over 100 Shrines. You are required to have 4 orbs per heart and or Stamina Upgrade.


To sum it all up simply If you find a shrine you deal with a small puzzle and or Enemy to get the orbs. Again the game emphasis or exploring to get those heart and Stamina upgrades.  You will run into Forest, Deserts, Water temples (I HATE THOSE in every Zelda), and Caves. Overall the game never leaves you bored with things to do and to explore.  It does have a fast travel system that allows you to teleport from one Shrine to another and this time around you can gather mounts to run around the world if you like as well. Again the game is an experience because of all the things it allows you to do while maintain the basic structure of a Legend of Zelda Adventure.

Personally for my money I am happy I purchased it and still want to explore more of that world. Like I said I am 100% sure I didn’t find EVERYTHING just…yet.. and yes it has DLC…but we will get to that another day…maybe….



Arkham Origins was a game that I originally played and Finished on the PS3. I enjoyed it so much to the point that at the point that my ps3 stopped working. I went and traded in that version for the Wiiu Version to see if it could hold up. Honestly I received more with this version of the game than I expected.


Right from the get go I Could see that the game is stunning to look at. Really not to much of a difference from the ps3 version but you can tell some minor details are better. A fluid game that really graphically and sound wise does a great job. The game is amazingly fun to play both on the screen and on the wiiu controller. It’s again more fun to play when YOU DON’T HAVE TO STOP.


The only thing that upset me about this version of the game is that not all the DLC was released for it. The DLC that was released WAS GREAT. However finding out that a part was missing and wouldn’t be released in the future of course is upsetting. However the game does hold more than enough hours of game play to enjoy. The Details are in the content. Really having no problem with the price or anything that followed the game. It’s just a minor thing… Over all this version of the game IS STILL being explored for hidden details and is well worth the price!


Fu@# ME….what do I even say about this game. Ok before I even start this review..Let me make something veryyyyyyyyyyyy clear. The game cost me all of 1.99 on the Nintendo Eshop.. So just from that price alone…I kinda knew what I was getting. However I was thinking MAYBE this will be like Slender! Or some other free ware software game.. no….no…and no…You GET EXACTLY what you PAY FOR!



To begin with the game is SUPER simple to understand. You move with one stick, Move your head with another, Jump, and have an action button. THAT’S IT. You put into 4 SHORT SHORT SHORT stages.. The idea of the game is to follow the story. Pick up a select number of items and that’s it. The first stage you pick up one thing.. and go to a door.. END STAGE… Second stage is the biggest but it’s also .. SUPER… BORING.. nothing happens.. and it’s design is so simple that it’s hard to even keep focus!


For a game that claims it’s horror.. Not a single thing about it is scary. It dull.. and not worth the 1.99 you pay for it.  i wish I could say something nice about the game. YET… I CAN’T…

Something I forgot to add that I thought was pretty ingenuous about this system and the way Nintendo pushes community and gamers is the mii verse. The Mii verse is a peace of software that acts very much like a message board. It divides games into the name category and allows players to make comments, post pictures, and communicate about the games that they play.

For example if you are playing OR HAVE PLAYED “Contra 3 Alien wars” (SNES OR wii) You can go on the Mii verse and talk about it in a friendly atmosphere “no cursing, no fighting, just questions and comments about the game”. You can even post pictures from the screen shots you make of any game.

Honestly one of the things that drove me crazy about the ps3 is that It had no social aspect to it that allowed you to find like minded players. A place to ask for hints, or anything about a game I was playing. Either way it’s pretty cool and I think people should really look into this feature…

Nintendo Wiiu

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Recently I purchased this WiiU and I did so because I played a couple games at a store (and yes enjoyed it!). I enjoyed it so much I knew I had to get one. So it helped the cause that I was looking to buy Skylanders Swap Force and they bundled it together. Really everything I had hoped for came to be and here ….we….go…


To begin with the wiiu works pretty much the way every new system works. When you set it up it asks you questions about yourself to create a profile. You create a mii which acts as your “Profile” for the duration of the systems owner ship. It also allows you to use the tablet as a TV REMOTE “I never had a remote for my TV so this is a plus” Of course like everything it takes track of your game play and like everything else gives you rewards for playing games. The first thing I noticed is that the menu compared to the original wii hasn’t changed all that much. You still have the menu boxes which keeps things simple organized and easy to fiddle with. The version I purchased had the options to play games, netflix, hulu and so on… really everything is pretty standard.  You can play Wii games on it but it does NOT PLAY (GAMECUBE Games) Really this was a plus considering the system is in HD and if you wanted to play any of the Wii games you wanted to see in HD you could do so…sort of…

If you used the red white and yellow cables (component) for your Wii and played games with that.. It will look slightly better on a Wiiu because it uses HDMI. However the games are only at the rate of 480p which means its not High Res but it is defined more then what you could pull off with the Wii.


Now it seems like another “ploy” for Nintendo to go the nontraditional route with the control but really everything here is pretty simple. Now me personally I have been playing my ps3 for the last few years so I know how the controller feels when I am comfortable. This control feels pretty much the same as that only this one is wider “which doesn’t make a different” and has a screen on it that for the most part so far has been really useful considering. I have only played “Nintendo Land”, Skylanders Swap Force, and a demo for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and I can say while the screen seems useless to players looking in. Players “ACTUALLY PLAYING” will find it to be something they wished they had with other games. The controller is organized and simple to use. It doesn’t make way of buttons that get confusing or add anything that protrudes and gets in the way. Its comfortable and for the most part lots of fun to use. (When I write my reviews of Wiiu Games I will explain more but for the most part understand its just a control and super easy to use)

Now the best part about my story with the Wiiu is that it cost me only 259 “bought it on cyber monday” your average cost is 299$ for the system “with a game (Nintendo Land and or Mario,skylanders,zelda,etc…) and yes it cost less then the competitors and GIVES YOU more for the value. Your still getting a 1080p system.. the only fault it has …is that it isn’t NEXT is Last Gen which if you ask me isn’t a fault at all considering I loved my PS3 and felt why would I really need more power in graphics and sound then this? All of the equipment I have for my wii also is backwards compatable with my Wiiu. So I don’t have to go out and buy another control or anything else along those lines. The system does use an SD Memory slot which really “THEY ARE CHEAP” And can hold up too 32 GB of memory which really…is more then enough for games. This isn’t an issue… and actually more of a plus considering I have a 100GB PS3 and constantly have to uninstall and install games at this point…”Wish I HAD AN EXTERNAL DRIVE FOR IT! OR PORT”

Either way its a super fun system and I will be reviewing games for it soon.