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A few months back I was playing Mortal Kombat 11 on Kombat League. Kombat League is basically a online Ranking system. You fight random players and the better you do the more the rank you have goes up. I was doing pretty well on it and it built up my confidence to the point that I said to myself.. well why not push this? Why not try to really focus my skills and abilities. I’m pretty good at this…Not the best by any means but pretty good. So why not try out the world of REAL competing.

So my focused moved more from Kombat League to actual Online tournaments. I learned very fast that it takes a level of focus and skill that is really far beyond my “Current” ability. Some people really put in so much time into learning Frame data, combos, Links, Counters, speed variations. The entire thing is a real science kind of like playing speed chess. What I came to discover is that the community around competing is super GREAT and it’s what keeps driving me to do it.

The first Tournament and Community I found was Outworld Television.

Getting in it was a welcoming community of Hundreds of people and it’s still growing. I joined the Discord, Signed up and was viewed by over 500 + players and fans. It was a HUGE THRILL… I was nervous out of my mind…and of course I lost.. but it was the first step in a much bigger world than I ever could have thought about. Hell my family even watched that first match and like I said it was a thrill! I didn’t do terrible but it came to me very quickly that I still had a great deal to learn from the experience. So I was on the hunt for more!

I found other competitions!

Other communities and again was welcome for the love of the game. I even started to win a few matches. I continued to learn. Took some massive beatings! I continue to look into the community and celebrate other peoples successes and help those who welcome to learn just like me. It’s fun for me and it can also be very very discouraging also. Yet I have a great support group of friends and family that keep telling me DON’T GIVE UP!…

So I push on!.. it’s been an adventure.. and I am super surprised by how it’s all turned up. Mortal Kombat has since MK 2 been one of the joys of my life. Perhaps an obsession to a degree but I like to think it’s a healthy hobby. I put a great deal into it. With the recent post of NRS not Continuing DLC for MK 11.. AND MOVING ON TO SOMETHING NEW!!

My hopes are high to learn something new and continue this hobby. I will also continue to look into other communities and I welcome friends from all over the world with it!.. For the love of it!

I have no clue how I managed to forget to write this review. This game came out in 2016 and is without question one of my favorite PS4 games to be released on the system. Anyway.. here.. we…go!

Watch Dogs 2 is set several years after Watch Dogs 1 and follows instead of Aiden Pearce a New collective group part of DedSec set to correct justice in San Francisco this time around. Instead of working with only 2 other people on your side you have a larger Younger Group of Characters to help you. It’s in this respect the game shines because the drive this time around isn’t Vengeance but Hacker Justice and a crew trying to set right the issues played out by the corporations involved.

The main character you play as is Marcus Holloway. One of the things that you will notice this time around is how nibble the character is. Using pretty much the same mechanics as before but with an added advantage to use Parkour and better hand to hand combat. The game sets up lots of missions to hack into buildings and solve puzzles as the story progresses. This time around you are also given a cool 3D Printer which allows you to upgrade, Customize and create new items that will help you get in and out of each mission. Your granted a Drone, Spider Drone, Robots and while it does use the same Blue Line Hack puzzles it’s far friendlier this time around and not used as often.

While watch dogs 1 had a interesting online component of invasions. This time around you have a coop element also. Finishing missions with other players is super fun and can also be tedious at times while working with other players. It’s all optional this time and you don’t need to do any of it to progress the story but in terms of fun it’s on another level.

I can’t explain how much time I spent playing watch dogs 2 but it was ALOT. The game is clearly much cheaper than what I paid for it on release now 4 years later… almost 5… Honestly this is probably one of my top 5 games on the PS4. It’s fun.. great story driven action and worth every penny.


I don’t play many online Game to begin with. The Few that I play I only enjoy playing because of Friends and Family. I especially don’t play Fighting Games Online because of how toxic and in so many ways UNFAIR some of the players can be “Looking at you HITBOX Moders!”. However Mortal Kombat 11 has struck something that has caught my interest in creating “Seasons of” days that allow the player to go up a ladder and gain titles! SO LET’S GO ON HERE!!….


To begin with it’s a silly thing to do but by playing online matches “YES AGAINST REAL PEOPLE”.. You gain access to items, coins, skins and Titles that drive you to want to play more. HOWEVER .. the big catch for me I have come to find is that it puts the player against the right range of fighters to progress and learn.

For example a player who is at the level of Apprentice isn’t going to play someone who is at the level of ELDER GOD.. It has this awesome system that upon winning you can progress.. Upon losing you can learn what both you and the other player did to get them to that point with a statics system that actually WORKS!!… I have learned how to measure my lows, highs, and mid attacks for each battle and can easily see a better player in me. It honestly shocked me to death how good I have gotten at this game by simply learning from the progress I have made.


So far I main Baraka and I haven’t really learned any other character because I feel like I haven’t perfected him just yet. Hell even saying that excites me because I come to understand and rediscover an old passion for competitive play. I should also note I have met some great great great players on here.. Of course naturally some not so great players… BUT that’s the online community!!  I LOVE IT!!


So currently the game has been released and you can buy it for about 20 bucks.. I will be doing a review of it soon..BUT!!

I figure since this is one of the first games that I am playing in awhile..that RANDOM PEOPLE can join… why not set something up while I play!

So if I am on and your looking to play with someone.. HERE ARE THE DETAILS!!

GAME NAME : FunWithKabal

Password : WordPress

the Difficulty is Normal..seeing as how everyone is just starting… I may raise it in the future!

I am allowing 6 players to come and join FAST!…who knows if anyone will show up or not… I currently am playing a Beserker.. and am level 5 right now

I will also be holding this game at a specfic time of Between 9am-11am.. EST (New York time)  Sun – Saturday (yeap all week)

but like I said I will also be on at random times during the week..but that time will be held ALL WEEK… until further notice.. I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING SOME OF YOU AND CAN’T WAIT to have this game reviewed and up!!


09/27/2012 UPDATE- Will be hosting another game On Monday! Will write the time on here and on twitter!! its the best way to find out when I am playing..just look up @cumberlandalex

Raptor Fire

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So my girlfriend ran cross this web page that sells these modified controllers. Honestly as a guy who enjoys playing some shooters online and some fighting games….THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT IF YOU ASK ME!