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So this was an unexpected surprise for me. I wasn’t 100% on buying this one and honestly was going to wait a few months before buying it. However!! I kept hearing mixed things about it so I wanted to make my own opinion..and here…we…go!

So Re 8 OR Village as it’s called.. Takes place a few years after RE 7 and it is for the most part a sequel to RE 7. You play as Ethan Winters “RE 7” once again and you’re trying to find you’re daughter. Not going to spoil anything with the story BUT I find it funny that this poor man keeps putting himself into these situations where he has NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!?

The game is beautiful in both terms of graphics and sound. It has a very cool story that directs you the entire game. Some interesting puzzles and monsters. The one thing I have to give Capcom so much credit for is Originality with this part of the series. The places you go to have a good mix of RE 1 and something new. People said we would see werewolves but they really seem like hairy hobos on steroids to me. Some of the designs look like characters from Bloodborne which isn’t a bad thing.. but yea.. odd..

This game is also very much in terms of the series an action game. Yes it has horror elements to it but compared to RE 7. Lots of pick up of inventory items like keeping track of Ammo, Herbs, and Key Puzzle Items. It made me happy to see the search and remember locations return for this game. Honestly it felt like a big return to RE 1 in that respect. Having to find a key and remember which doors to open. I liked it!

This week it was announced DLC is being worked on. I think it’s fun for the price I paid for it. Could I have waited? Sure.. But It was a fun experience and a good addition to the series. By the end of the game you will understand why it’s a RESIDENT EVIL game… check it out if you got the money it’s worth it..

Took me much longer than I expected to Finally FINISH THIS free DLC for Resident Evil 7. This will contain some Spoilers if you haven’t played RE 7. So yea.. here..we…go

So this DLC takes place directly after the Main story. You play as Chris Redfield “Yes Chris from RE 1,CV,5, and 6” who is chasing after Lucas Baker while unraveling more of the details and connections for this chapter in the Resident Evil Series. This DLC plays very different from the actual game in that it’s more ACTION rather than horror.

The DLC while Free doesn’t prove much in terms of NEW content. While you have more weapons and ammunition this time around but the monsters remain the same as those you encountered during the main game. The areas you explore are slightly different but for the most part are caves that you didn’t explore in the main story.

It’s mostly puzzle solving and key hunting. Not very long… at all..which for free content “NOT SURPRISED!”.. Either way .. it’s fun.. and a interesting part added.


So while I said I wasn’t buying any new games this year.. My girlfriend went and gifted me this horror thriller in all it’s glory. So here’s what I have to say about it…and here..we…go


To begin with any game that has Crabs… or promotes crabs.. or Lobsters.. IS GOING TO BE SCARY!! …or so I thought.. This Remake of the 1999 Classic Resident Evil 3 is actually not as bad as people say but not as good as I thought it would be. While people complain currently about the level of replay and shortness of the game I think it goes without saying you are only playing ONE character.. Not two as in Previous titles like Resident Evil 1 and 2 or any of the later games. Jill is the star this time around and while it takes very little from it’s horror elements of the previous Remake “RE 2” it fills it with action….again..

It’s a beautiful game to play and while it’s mechanics are pretty much exactly what was given with RE 2 Remake. It adds to it elements that work and some that almost NEVER work. Jill this time around is given the ability to mix products such as ammunition, and herbs this time, which is an interesting element added from the original and really brings nothing new to this remake “if you knew how to do it in RE 3.. YOU KNOW how to do it in RE 3 Remake”. I WISH I could say that about the dodging mechanic or even any of the button mashing elements that happen during the zombie attacks.  Both are poorly placed and mechanics that I guess a person could learn to master but why? It doesn’t help for much and isn’t nearly as helpful as the original game.


It does sprinkle some musical elements from the classic game which is awesome but while running around Raccoon City most of what you will run into is more of the same from the RE 2 Remake… SOME New monsters are in it which is cool and dealing with Nemesis is about the same as it ever was.. ANNOYING AND FUN!! I never really felt any elements of dread.  Even while the chaos was going on it just didn’t feel like it took the time to tell the why!!?

I can say that 60 bucks is for sure.. A HIGH PRICE to pay for this game. I would wait till it gets cheaper because it’s not worth the price.. HOWEVER.. It is a great experience of game and really it didn’t have anything bad about it. Just not as big a impact as RE 2 Remake.. again.. it’s a beautiful game and I loved playing it .. but in the end felt .. more could have been done and elements should have been better implemented.


This is one of 2 games I had planned to buy this year and I am super happy I DID!! This is also only PART 1 of my review as I have only finished Leon A and Claire B… just started Claire A…so once I am finished with THAT and Leon B.. I’ll write the other half.. but anyway..HERE…We…go…

This game is everything I wanted it to be. It’s a remake of a classic game that I have played at least a million times on the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. I never owned a Ps1 and I had heard it was a great series so naturally I started with 2 and bought all of em after that. So the concept of them remaking this game was a bit scary for me to even think about at first but my goodness did Capcom NAIL IT.


To start with the game begins like the classic allowing you to choose from one of TWO characters Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. For both characters this is a start to the series which is interesting because most sequels you take characters from the First part and Continue that line of story but not with this series. The only real link between Resident Evil 1 and 2 is that Claire is the Sister of Chris from RE 1 and instead of taking place on the outskirts of Raccoon City the sequel takes place in the city itself. Zombies are now over running the city and the two characters are looking for answers as to why and who can they help in that situation.

The biggest change with this remake is that instead of the game being played as a pre-rendered fixed background game it’s a Third person shooter. Which if you ask me was smart because the level of detail that can be focused on now is BEAUTIFUL..AND TERRIFYING. It feels exactly like the game I played back in 1998 only updated and with a bit more detail and focus on the main two characters.

Some of the core details about it remain. You still have Ammunition counts, Herb Combinations, Storage boxes and Type Writer Save points “No ink ribbons this time around it’s save as you please”. Ammunition unlike RE 2 “Classic” isn’t just picked up at random and often.. This time you are required to pick up mixes “Similar to RE 3” which can be combined together to make different types of Ammunition. A fun but often questionable detail that was added.

The zombies while slow still.. are often MUCH more difficult to maneuver around. Pretty much all of the original cast returns for this remake but some are more fleshed out I feel in terms of character. If you want to learn more about lore the game keeps it’s classic note system involved for lore. Clear and beautifully rendered cute sense help to explain each situation and the pacing is perfect in terms of what has been changed and often I found myself saying “OH I REMEMBER THAT…but..that wasn’t here… that’s a cool change!!”


As with RE 1 remake the puzzle have changed and are often just as difficult to figure out as the original. It keeps the game alive and really I think it will force players who didn’t play the original to probably go back and play it after going thru everything this game has to offer which is still A LOT.

The future for this game is also looking bright with FREE DLC on the way!! So really … Part 2 of this review will probably have me screaming at more details..LATER…

So before I Just jump into this I want to give some links to some past stuff I have written about this series.


PART TWO! <Click for part two!



So clearly I have a love for this series. HOWEVER I have no love for buying games that I already own with little to no difference between the original on sale item. Which means I really didn’t see the point in buying this version of the game short because I already owned it on the “Gamecube” with most of the rest of the series “0 – 4”.

So why did I buy it? Well truth be told it kept coming up in conversation. The conversations would go pretty close to this…

Someone: So hey did you play the resident evil HD remake?

ME:I played the game on Gamecube and don’t see the point in buying it again now.

Someone: Well you know they are releasing 0 next year in HD also.

ME: yea…I have seen the previous…

Someone: I heard if the sales of both those games do well they will work on a HD Remake of 2!


So over all this conversation was repeated enough times that I figured WHY THE HELL NOT. I know it’s a great game and really I keep hearing it’s a good HD version port of the game so …why …not?

Resident Evil®_20150711222514

Resident Evil®_20150711222514

Well alright.. I Downloaded the game from the psn which to my surprise it cost me less then 20$. Which helped it’s sale on me also because for that price I can understand spending the money for updated graphics and perhaps a revival of a experience I already knew I was getting myself into.  Now keep in mind my love for this particular game was pretty high. It was my first Gamecube game I owned and I played every mood it had to offer in the original GC version. This time I would come to understand that the settings of the game would come as a surprise. This version would have 3 settings as opposed to the original 2 settings of difficulty. Naturally I played the 3rd most difficult setting.

Resident Evil®_20150712091232

Resident Evil®_20150712091232

Me being a natural to this series my first play through it I picked Jill between the two characters “Jill and Chris”.  I came to find that the videos in the game I can assume nothing could be done to fix them so they still remain the same as the previous GC version. However the moment you enter the mansion EVERYTHING is Crystal clear and this is really what you are paying for. Better sound quality, and a better visual experience. Now I say better with a lose tongue because one of the things I enjoyed about the Original was the mystery that came with the game.

Resident Evil®_20150713143738

Resident Evil®_20150713143738

While it maintains the same story and everything that comes with the original experience something that I think was over looked was the fact that what you interact with  “items, ammo and so on” was supposed to be something you went looking for. Cause it’s remake nature and clarity built into the backgrounds most of the stuff that you are looking for is BRIGHT and CLEAR TO FIND. It takes away the question of what am I supposed to be looking for because everything you are looking for IS BRIGHT AND STICKS OUT ON SCREEN..

Resident Evil®_20150716141545

Resident Evil®_20150716141545

If the room was meant to hide a item you can see it clearly because chances are it’s brightly light and clearer then the background hiding it. Not really a big deal but if this was my first time playing the game I would lose that experience of …what am I supposed to be searching for? OH well the BRIGHTLY LIGHT AMMO BOX ON THE FLOOR COULD HELP! That sort of disappointed me but was really the only thing that brought the experience a bit down.

Resident Evil®_20150716175314

Resident Evil®_20150716175314

Short of that I found myself constantly say ..HEY I NEVER NOTICED THAT! This I think was the result of the HD experience. From paintings on the wall to the writing on some of the items it was all a real treat to see how high the details have become. It was clear from start to finish that Capcom put a great deal of love into making it a experience that old fans “like myself” would enjoy and want to relive.

Resident Evil®_20150716220102

Resident Evil®_20150716220102

So am I a fan of this version of the game? YES.. Do I think it was worth the 20$  price? For what I managed to get from it YES! Honestly coming from a fan of the series and someone who really enjoyed this particular game I can’t see any reason why anyone who loved the one for Gamecube wouldn’t want to relive this game and enjoy another run past it.

It does come with some extra treats in terms of content also so …why not help and support! WITH THE HELP AND SUPPORT MAYBE CAPCOM WILL FINALLY MAKE A RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE HD!!


So here we are again with another Resident Evil…and MY FIRST 3DS Game… honestly so many good things to say about this game..but yea..let’s get started


To begin with it’s a 3ds Version of a third person shooter.. Which due to technical reasons ” No second Control Stick” some of the game play had to be altered slightly. Alter yes…and GOOD… for the most part.. Normally when you play a third person shooter your given the option to hold the gun with one button held and aim it with the second control stick.. this time when you hold the gun it goes into a first person shooter sort of view and your then moving the gun around kinda like DOOM 3…  and of course you use another button to fire.. Really this works very well for the 3DS .. but really for me it did feel kinda slow at some points..but none the less was never really an issue for the game play..

Another thing I should add about game play is that this game does EVERYTHING correct with your Resident Evil style of game play.. your given quick touch screen controls to switch between weapons, you press one button to heal yourself.. “No Mixing of different Herbs this time around Green is all you get and no first aid sprays.. one green and your set to full health”.. Which I should also add.. you will not have to worry about your health going from one green wavy line color to yellow then red… NO NO no.. This time around when your hurt the top bottom and left and right side of the screen gets bloody… the worse you get.. the more bloody it gets.. I believe you have up to four different frames..of this… WHICH the time your on your last wave…. You can barely see the screen..cause its so covered in blood… which can be a good thing or a bad thing…depending on the situation…


Another thing I should add is that the game does add another Element which is actually done pretty well for this game…SWIMMING.. yeap.. you heard that right… you actually have to swim in some parts of the game..  which will have you tap a button to swim faster..and another to surface… no I should note I say this was done well..because I never died in the water.. “no pun intended”.. any of the parts that had you swim rarely had enemies involved in it and if it did have enemies..they had been placed in spots that had been easy enough for me not to deal with them..  So yea.. swimming isn’t the issue..  Your also given a map which pretty much tells you exactly where to go “RE4,RE5 AND RE 6..” Only because it’s a 3ds you can pretty much look at the map the entire time..and have no trouble finding your way..

Now another good thing about the game which I honestly thought was pretty Ingenious was that because it’s a handheld game..and god knows when you will pick it up and play it.. Right before playing the game and at the start of each chapter “Yes the game is broken down into different Chapters” you are given a small video review of each event that took place before you left the game… kinda makes it sound like a TV Show or something “Last time on Resident Evil Revelations..(and yes it says that)” so really your given a brief review of what has happened last time you played..  which for me i forget so many things…if i don’t play game all the way thru or am playing more then game at a I was…that this seemed pretty cool and helpful actually..


So story wise… Well you guys know me I don’t do spoilers.. and I am not a fan of giving anything away.. BUT.. I will say this game focuses on the events BETWEEN RE 4 AND RE 5.. You play as RETURNING Character Jill…amongst others.. which I will not Name… It has some New line up characters in the mix also..Some are done well… SOME ARE ANNOYING AS FU@# ALL.. and really the story to this game is a big confusing actually…. but nothing that doesn’t make sense by the end of the game… HOWEVER..IT DOES GET REALLY REALLY confusing and less interesting at some points… it does seem to drag….. a bit… but yea.. To my Surprise this game really did hold a VERY VERY REAL Resident EVIL 1 Feel to it.. lots of Isolation, dread, and places to search..

To be quite honest… the game is probably one of the better Resident Evil games I have played in a long …long …long time… It sort of felt like a good combination of Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 4 actually..  You will not be fighting Zombies this time around thou…but you will fight creatures that look similar to one’s from Silent Hill rather then anything from RE… which is actually pretty cool if you ask me..

It does hold a very good Survival Horror Feel to it…and this is actually the First Resident Evil game I have played since 2 that has done a good job of this… If the series goes in this direction I think It honestly can be saved without a REBOOT… the atmosphere and the game play worked perfect… and I had no real Issue with this game…

I SHOULD ALSO NOTE NOT TO BE FOOLED BY THE SMALL 3DS cartridge .. You are getting a FULL 3 TO 4 HOURS worth of game play with this game… So don’t expect it to be a short game… the damned thing is probably about as long as Resident Evil 2 playing both Scenarios..  So yea.. expect to be at it for at least a good 6 hours your first go.. and if you want to find everything probably lengthen that time..

Over all.. I AM VERY Pleased with this game.. and if I had to put it in an order of how I loved this would probably be my 3rd favorite in the series.. 1 on the gamecube being my 2nd and 2 for the N64.BEING MY NUMBER 1…

So while I know it’s being ported to the ps3 and xbox 360.. Honestly I think I will pass.. Everything I got from the game I think I got on my 3ds… and really I can’t imagine them changing much for those ports of the game.. maybe the graphics will be better..and they will probably make it a third person shooter without the First person aiming thing… I would imagine the menu will probably change because of no second screen..and they will probably remove the small touch screen puzzles “like the wall pannels and so on…” but really.. in terms of Resident Evil games… I will say IF YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON IT..PLAY IT.. NO MATTER WHAT PORT you play it on… I can’t think of how they can fu@# this up on a console it should be good regardless… but yea.. not much more I can think of for them to add to it..

Either way great game!


So yes I got this game DAY 1.. AND this is the first SINGLE game that I had to split up into 4 parts!! WHY? ITS THAT FREAKING LONG OF A GAME!! Honestly .. this game could have been 3 different resident evil games and they could have sold it as 3 different games…but LUCKY US…THEY DIDN’T!!…However its long enough to span 3 different games…

Currently I have only just yesterday.. Finished Leons story.. which I should say.. each character you pick from all mix into one REALLY BIG STORY.. so it does makes sense that they are all one game..however.. SUCH A LONG GAME!!..Probably the longest Horror/Adventure game I have played EVER..

So lets jump into this …and get started..

So to start with the game just BEGINS at a part with Leon S. Kennedy (re2, re4 and both digital movies) and Helena Harper (New Character) ..and yes this is even before you get to the menu for the game.. Just Put the disk in..and RIGHT FROM THE START of the disk…it loads this Pre game play!.. its a short part…but it does give a very small taste.. of how ..AMAZING this game is…  To say the least..its Dramatic… and it has some introduction to the new Game play for this game.. I should also note.. that I am playing this game with my girlfriend on split screen… so most of this applies to that!

Which I will say is a big difference in Game play from the previous games… Yes you still hold a button to point the gun…but you can walk and shoot this time around..the menu for the game is active in REAL TIME…meaning you can’t pause and combined items.. AS A MATTER A FACT.. YOU CAN’T PAUSE AT ALL!! …Which means once you start the game..your forced to DEVOTE your time to it.. until you die..which is the only time you are allowed to put the controller down..  This can be seen as good..or bad..but it is what it is…and the game does auto save really.. not a big deal..but yea.. its a interesting way to set things up..

Which brings me into the menu details.. to start the controls are pretty complex actually… you can quick choose your items with the arrow buttons..pushing up or down lets you choose your first aid sprays, grenades, and remote bombs… Left and Right lets you choose between your guns.. “if your Leon you can choose a knife also”… Pressing Triangle lets you open a small menu to combine or give herbs, your partner.. ODD NOTE ABOUT the herbs.. if you combine red and get SIX..small herb boxes.. WHICH is what your life is based on… your given 9 boxes…i think…maybe 10… and as your life goes.. the boxes go.. AS WELL as a stamina Bar.. which is what measures the amount of Melee attack ability you have…


So yea..pretty big differences.. in game play.. some of it is scary..and will make you jump… it honestly has a very good RESIDENT EVIL 2 FEEL to it.. which honestly.. was probably my favorite resident evil game… but now..this game.. WAY BETTER THEN 2 ..and I haven’t even really finished it yet!

But anyway.. yes gameplay is very different! It does require some getting used to “even if you played past games in the series”.. Graphics wise..not much different from 5… some parts.. REALLY REALLY DRAMATIC..AND its amazing the amount of detail they put into this game… So far.. I can say.. Leons part does feel like … a mix between Resident evil 2 and 4…  Environment wise.. keeps to that feel for the entire game… I just started some of Chris’s Story and will say that yes it does feel like 5…so what these parts do keep to a particular feel.. and ITS A GREAT THING!! Lots of interesting story but it doesn’t overwhelm you to the point that its like…ok…i want to play…i want to play…i want to play..its just RIGHT…which is REALLY HARD TO DO.. and most of what the story has to offer is said and done in game.. so ..again..A GOOD THING..and not one second of this game gets boring in the slightest…Probably the best written so far in the series…

Never really thought much about the feel of each game of the series.. but .. after playing this.. I notice that yes..each game does have personality and a feel to it.. Chris keeps his Resident Evil 2 and 4 feel to him with this game.. the only thing I found was kinda annoying.. LOTS of melee attacking..which is GOOD…but… can get annoying at times..AND YES…IT HAS ZOMBIES!!! REAL…WALKING DEAD…ZOMBIES..not the variations the series is known for…YET…i WOULD think chris and Jack…probably stronger in the other field..but leons story..pretty strict on Zombies, and classic RE monsters… I will not say whom..but you will see…

So over all.. I can say.. THE GAME IS AMAZING…so far….its LONG!!…and I really can’t wait to write about Chris’s part..which will  be next!

In 2001 Nintendo released its 4th console the GameCube. It ran on Mini-Dvd disks and had few titles on it to start with that interested me at all. I knew I wanted to get one but I didn’t know what titles would drive me to buy it.  I heard the development of the REMAKE for Resident evil was to be released in march of 2002 and it was at that point that I KNEW…I Wanted to get one.

The remake is probably the BEST remake of any game I can think of to date. It was the first game I purchased for the Gamecube and bought it WITH the gamecube from Blockbuster Video. My parents where with me that day and it was over a very exciting time for me.

The Gameplay was very much like the Original only this time like a good remake everything was updated and some minor improvements were added. Zombies could come back after being killed and left on the floor for several visits.  The voice acting was improved, some dialog was changed, added costumes, and a few different modes. It was a two disk game and was a ton of fun and probably one of my favorite games to date on the Gamecube.

It followed the story as the original with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Side characters Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker were all given updates.

Rumors of a prequel were around when the Nintendo 64 was released but due to several rumored reasons the game was pushed back and set up for the Gamecube.

Resident Evil Zero was released also in 2002 but later on in the year. I purchased it day one and must say it was a interesting game in both gameplay and story. For the first time you didn’t play separate stories but one single story with two characters. So you could switch between the two at just about anytime during the game. The puzzles had been set up so that you required both characters (Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen)  to be at particular points. The Gameplay still didn’t change much in that you still ran around shooting zombies, Collecting items, and figuring out clues from the story.

The following year 2003 the Original Resident evil 2(which introduced Leon Kennedy,Clair Redfield,Sherry Burkon, Ada Wong), 3 (Followed Jill Valentine during the events of 2) and Code Veronica (followed Clair after 2 and 3) were released for the gamecube. It was the only system to include every single game in the series to date..and the it was another 2 years wait until fans got to see…Resident evil 4…

Resident  Evil 4 was released in 2005 and was a follow up of Leon Kennedys story. It took place several years after RE 2 and pretty much summed up what the effects of the following games resulted with. It was the first time the Gameplay had changed Dramticly going from Survival horror to a more Action set up game. It was also now a 3rd person point of view game and included NO Zombies for the first time. The Zombies where replaced with much faster, much smarter creatures known as Las Plagas which didn’t look dead but had a very zombie kinda feel to them.

It was felt to some to be the best in series by some of the fans and by some to be the worst thing to happen. Having had several games before it with a very different feeling then this game it would be the introduction to a big land slide of games for the next generation. Games would be developed from its success such as Gears of war, The hunted, Dead space and several others.

It was also at this point Capcom would feel it necessary to retell the story’s of Resident evil 1-3 and a prequel to 4 using the new Nintendo Wii in a series known as the Umbrella Chronicles and The Dark side Chronicles. The games again would be a dramatic change in game play and graphics in that both were on rail shooters but were heavy on story and plot. Capcom would also take the First Resident Evil game for the original playstation and port it to the Nintendo DS and title it Deadly Silence which included a few different modes and some added characters..

Due to the Success with Resident Evil 4  the Development of 5 would already come under way and the story, graphics and game play would once again would change but not as dramaticly a depart from 4 as 3 was from 4.

Resident Evil 5 would take coop to its main selling point for this game. It being on the ps3 and xbox 360 online play and two player coop were both received well and BADDLY depending on who you spoke to. It would see the character of Chris following up his story from Resident evil Code Veronica and introduce the character Sheva Alomar to the mix of characters in the story.

Capcom since has continued to create a interesting universe for the series aside from the video game scene as well. Creating several live action films that do no follow the video game cannon but put a interesting spin on what could have happened in the universe. As well as several CGI films that Do follow the cannon and once again… several off shoots and a 6th game which just recently has been announced.

I am both excited and interested to see where the universe will continue to go.

What the future of the series will hold…is really anyone’s guess at this point..but over all I am pleased with what I have gotten so far..

So here I was as explained before in 1996 being my young 13 year old self.  Still a big Nintendo fan and looking forward to seeing the new NINTENDO 64. This year Mario 64 would be released and everyone would be talking about how great a game it was. Honestly it never really caught my interested and Killer Instinct Gold would be the first game my brother would purchase for the N64.  I would be going to school and doing my best to stress over its importance like more 13  year old’s. Life would pretty much be the same for me and little did I know else where something would be released this year that wouldn’t even catch my attention for another 3 years down the line. Resident Evil 1 was released for the PlayStation 1 on March 22, 1996 and me showing zero interest in the PlayStation would miss out.

It wasn’t that the game had bad press or that the game just wasn’t interesting to me. It was that I had my head so far into SNES and was planning on the N64 being so great…that I had to take my time with it all. School was always stress on me and Computer games were starting to show some interest that really everything was starting to boost up in my life that I simply didn’t know nor care much for what would be a GENRE I would fall in love with.. Survival Horror…

Resident Evil 2 would be the first game I would see or play from the series. I recall hanging out with an old friend of mine and going with him to visit a friend of his. It was perfect timing on my part because here I was sitting in this kids living room and here he was about to play his PlayStation which at the time I knew NOTHING about. I think at the time I thought it only played movies and what not. I remember seeing it in Blockbuster and playing Jumping Flash on it..but other then that.. it wasn’t on my radar.

From what I remember of the first time I saw the game was the impact it would have on me. Here was one kid stuck on this lamp puzzle in the Raccon City Police Department. He finally figures out the puzzle and gets the peace he needs..leaves the room only to be stopped in the hall by a 8 foot fall trench coat wearing MRX…

It was one of those moments for me that I just simply fell in love. The impact of the scene and the way it made everyone just jump out of there seats unexpectedly was just over the time and mind blowing. I knew at this point I had found something that would grab my interest.  As always I went…and had to find out more about this series new to me titled..RESIDENT EVIL

(me on the far right holding the axe..hehe)

It was during this time that I would meet my best friend Melvin also. Melvin I must have met at I believe during my last year of JR High school. I still know him to this day and we do are best to keep in contact with each other. However at this time I spent almost every day with him and his amazing family. His apartment became my home away from home… his brothers would become my brothers and his family would become my family and via versa. I spent so many nights at his house playing video games and dragging my backpack over to his house with my N64 I couldn’t count the number of games we finished and just enjoyed together.

However one thing that made a interest impact on this friend we had was that he had something I had very little knowledge about. It was a game Console called the Sega Saturn. Honestly I wasn’t much of a fan of the system because the controllers were kinda odd to me. However the games he had on it were great and we must have all spent Hundreds of hours playing them. Games like Mortal Kombat 3, Enemy zero, mist, and a few others I can’t seem to remember right now.

It would later happen that Melvin and his family would own a PlayStation. It was at this time that him and I got are hands on Resident Evil 3.  Melvin must have played the hell out of that game having gotten everything possible. He was great at it.. all the puzzles, items, Customes, and hidden steps he and his brother Carlos figured it all out. Carlos was really into the horror scene having introduced me to most of the horror movies I know and love today. I wasn’t sheltered to the stuff I just didn’t know much about it and being 13-15 my mind was wandering so naturally whatever they had known about for years.. I wanted to know more about. So we spent so many nights playing video games, watching horror films, drinking, eating TONS OF CANDY, going out and doing what boys from  Brooklyn do.

Resident Evil 3 from my recall also was released around the time of another game that would match its style called DINO CRISIS. Dino Crisis didn’t catch my interest as much however it was one of those very dark, very creepy games that would eventually lead us to back track and play Resident evil 2 and 1. I recall it was also around this time that my Cousin Chris would own a PlayStation and yes Chris got into the Resident evil series as well. So having two sources now to go to and learn about the series was great. The Company was amazing with Chris and Melvin and while time has moved on and we have all gone are own ways those memories of nights in the dark with these creepy freaking horror games just keep me happy in life.

Resident evil 2 would eventually be ported to the N64 and I would once again drag my Nintendo over to Melvins apartment to help me figure out the game. Several details to the game would change and it would be a slightly better port then the original PlayStation Version. The Videos were a little choppy but the game play was almost exact. The controls to me seemed far easier to play but most likely that was because I was used to using the N64 controller.

So much time would go by and things would eventually change. The game would remain a big memory in my mind.. and lots of other horror games would come from the series that I would love to play and enjoy.  Silent hill and Resident evil Code Veronica I would get to play with my Brother in law Charles. He also had and still has a interest in the horror scene and again without him I wouldn’t be so into it like I am today. Resident evil would become more interesting to me as I learned the story and horror movies in general even today still peak my interest. The Cheesier the better..

but again…another game would come about during the Gamecube days that would change the world of gaming for everyone it would seem…and that would be….