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This was one of those games I backed on Kickstarter a long time ago that had some serious promise to tell a good horror story and introduce some interesting mechanics to a new game series. It’s a sidescroller that tells a fun detective story. Overall a simple to play game not requiring much in the way of fast pace button mashing. A chill and thoughtful game that puts you into a Future filled with interesting characters and a story that makes you think about the world it’s introducing to you.

The bases of the game is to search for clues to progress the story. Action and horror wise it holds a silent creepy something is around the corner stalking you vibe to it. Personally I LOVE that feel. It’s very puzzle heavy in that you will be put into places that require you to remember places for items you check thru out the game. Take notes! Read logs and really it homes in on your ability to be a true detective.

Some of the puzzles are rather hard and a couple of em I found myself saying “DUH! Why didn’t I think of that!!”..which is exactly what you want out of game like this. It’s fun!

In terms of content I am pleased with it. It turned the gears in my head I wanted it too and really I hope we get more of this series in the future as it has a cool world to explore and a very interesting story to tell!


I think this might the 4th or 5th time I have only dabbled with a game but watched my girlfriend play the entire thing from start to finish. It’s not that I didn’t want to play it it’s more so she was better at it than me. So this review goes on that point of view and the little dabbling I did with it.. so here .. we…go


Little Nightmares is a adventure side scroller staring a character named Six. From my understanding and this is all based on interpretation and could be completely wrong. It’s a little girl who is stuck on a ship with monstrous Cannibals. Everything is larger than you in this game and for the most part you spend a majority of the game solving puzzles and trying not to get eaten.

It’s dark and gloomy but is also beautiful by design. The music sets the mood well and it tells it’s story thru the game play which is actually pretty ingenious. It keeps the player engaged with a variety of background elements but much of it comes from interpretation. So little is actually said and nothing is written “so a vague sense” of elements come to explain it all.


It’s a simple game to pick and learn having only a few things to understand about the controls. You have a lighter, a push and pull system, and a duck mechanic. Short of that you have your standard left to right side scroller movements. You can climb objects and interact with some of the items you will come across but this isn’t a fighting game. Most of what you will do involves hiding from large monsters, and exploring room after room you will go in and out of.

It’s a short game lasting only a few chapters and can be finished in about 3 to 4 hours?…maybe less if you are good at it..”like my girlfriend”… The game cost about 20$ currently and for that price I will say you get a pretty fun game to play. It’s kinda like looking at a gothic painting and the world is fun to explore. Personally if you are looking for something horrific and yet interesting to play … It’s a great pick for that!


OK so this the game that forced me to buy a 3DS.. I was such a big fan of Castlevania Lords of Shadow for the PS3..THAT when I heard a sequel was coming to both the PS3 and the 3DS.. I knew I had to buy a 3ds.. So at some point.. I DID.. and the game came out last.. Tuesday..and HERE I GO!


To begin with the game is structured into 4 parts.. A Prologue, Act1, 2, and 3… it also allows you to examine each monster in the game with a Besatry card mode.. “kinda cool if you want a closer look at the monster you fight and the list is pretty big” and a Cinematics player ” this lets you go over the plot points and story of the game” Which honestly ..for a 3ds game its done very well.. The voices are on par with the ps3 version of the game, as is the music and sound effects.


Really this is probably the best SideScroller I have played …well…all my life…lmao…THAT’S BOLD I KNOW!! but really I enjoyed this game so much that I honestly couldn’t put it down.. Sure I have work, and a job, and need to sleep…but really..if I had no responsibilities at all..this game would have been done probably the first day I got it..

That and I am also working on Tomb Raider..but kinda ditched it for the moment to finish this game..So NOW that I have it finished i will get back on Tomb Raider …again…

ANYWAY…This game plays so well that its kinda amazing how Konami didn’t get anything wrong with it.. So the big question is how does it play? Well that’s really the perfect part about it I think… If you take some elements from Lords of shadow for the PS3..AND some Elements from the old NES/DS/and GameBoy SideScroller games.. You pretty much have a sum of what this game is.. its what I personally have been waiting for in a Castlevania game since SNES’s Super Castlevania IV..


I would love to spoil stuff about the story…but I don’t do that..HOWEVER.. I will say you play in each Chapter 4 different characters.. Gabrial, Simon, Alucard, and Trevor.. Also I will say the story is REALLY REALLY GOOD AND soooooo much easier to understand then previous games.. its clear and to the point.. Do you really need it to understand the upcoming game? Probably so…Unless they plan on telling what happened in this game in the sequel… which I think they may have too.. it’s an important part of the story..


I will also say that for a 3D Sidescroller its used VERY VERY WELL… not cheesy or anything like that.. it blends well with the elements of the game..and the 3D graphics are probably the best they can be for  a game designed the way it is.. because really..This game like the First Lords of shadow is a WORK OF ART..and for sure something too see on the eyes..

If you own a 3D’s and you love siderscrollers..THIS IS A MUST HAVE.. I am overjoyed that I purchased the game and the 3DS for it.. and honestly.. am sure going to go back and probably work for 100% on it.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!


Ok so going back to what I was saying.. The game works in chapters…and each character is given 4 special abilities which they must search for.. but they start out with a basic attack, and a area attack.. Basic attack is just a whip attack forward..area attack is exactly what it says.. Attacks behind, in the air, and forward..but its slower.. your also given a jump, and a button to use projectiles like the axe or time stop.. You can swim and of course like older Castlevania games Swing using your whip from platform to platform..

Taking from previous games your also given a health bar and a magic bar..  this bar can be upgraded and based on your % you can find a number of boxes used to upgrade each bar.. The menu for the game is straight forward and really its super easy to understand if you have played previous adventure games…

Really it takes little to no time to learn the game and really everything is presented in such a way its hard to not pick up the game easy.. Its fun… very well paced.. and its also almost impossible to get lost considering your given a map that shows you pretty much everything you need to know..

IT DOES have some quick time elements during some of the boss battles, as well as having a few puzzle elements during some portions of the game. Really everything is placed well enough to enjoy it and not seem like a hinder..

So yea..Once again its an amazing game..and was well worth the money.. If your at all a fan of the series..or even love just the old one’s its worth looking up..hell it has a demo you can get a pretty good feel of what your getting into from that..