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So this is going to be a bit of a strange story. I purchased my Playstation 4 as any normal person would and I knew buying it that it only came with one controller. So eventually I know if I want to play any two player games I need to buy a new PS4 controller. For whatever the reason the ps3 controllers aren’t compatible with the PS4 “I think this has to do with the fact that ps4 controllers have different button schemes “Share button, Option Button, Touch Pad”. I found that part fair enough..


However recently with the purchase of Mortal Kombat X I also understood that they made “the game” compatible with old Arcade sticks. Which means if you have a PS3 Arcade stick like the one I have you can use it to play MKX. It won’t have the same functions as the ps4 controller but it runs the game the same as you would play it as a arcade game. Giving it that amazing arcade feel!

Now here in is the problem I didn’t know till yesterday! You can have the Arcade controller “TEKKEN 6 Wireless Legacy fight stick in my case” connected to the ps4 and IT WILL WORK. However you can NOT use it as a second controller to play the game. WHY?

Because the game and the system NO LONGER HAS A CONTROLLER ASSIGNMENT Setting. On the PS3 you could assign the controllers to whatever player you wanted. For example if I connected a controller to my PS3 Was able to assign it “going into settings” to be player 2 or 3 or 4… whatever the number maybe. However with the PS4 it doesn’t work that way.. You have no way of assigning players for each controller. So if you connected a Arcade stick to the game it reads both THE ARCADE STICK AND THE PS4 CONTROLLER as PLAYER 1! Pretty dumb if you ask me!

Now I am hoping this will be addressed in the future by either SONY or Neatherrealm STUDIOS… which ever can figure out how to assign controllers would be great! Yet for looks like I need to get a second ps4 controller …blah


With the holidays in full swing and everyone and “there mothers!” Coming up with list of games you should and Shouldn’t BUY OUR CHILDREN this year. I have come to terms with something a little more easy to understand. Facts you should know about the stuff you are buying for your children!

Now all this information is coming from ME! A adult that was a kid during the 90’s so chances are I have seen and heard about almost every Violent, sexual, or other wise ADULT contented video game known to be released to date. I still play video games and really the stuff I played as a kid looks otherwise silly by comparison to some of the stuff they are releasing today! So here are some tips to help EVERYONE out when buying a video game for you child. 🙂

Tip 1.

First and foremost I think the biggest problem Shoppers have is that most people forget that they have a mouth. Communication is the mother of all HELP FULL things to do when shopping for your child. Ask the local sales man if the game is right for the child given the age. Ask Neigbhors if they know anything about the game. ASK THE FREAK DELI CLERK… Communicate your ideas and let it be known that you are buying a game for a child of age 1-16 and pull as much information about the game as you can out of it.

Best EXAMPLE: A man is going to buy his son a game titled Skylanders. His son is 8 years old and the man knows NOTHING about the game. The first thing a person can do in said situation is communicate with the sales men “who should be informed” about what exactly he is buying. Asking questions like “what does the game involve? Is it violent? Does it have any type of content that would offend me?” Perfectly normal questions that really you can relate to any forum of Media. Would you let your child watch CNN without known what was being presented? Probably not so really .. ask ask ask

Tip 2.

Reading!! READ! READ! READ! I don’t know how many times I have seen someone hold a box and still have no clue what the heck was being held at hand. Really it makes me laugh! The back of every video game box has a very brief explanation of the video game. Some back story! Also ..and it shocks the heck out of me.. but some people don’t even notice that the back of the box  in the same spot ON EVERY SINGLE BOX.. IS a Label titled ESRB..


I think even most Gamestops have a GIANT POSTER.. that gives this information. It’s a rating system and it explains exactly what is in the game. if it labeled M, A, RP, OR RARELY K-A… Chances are you shouldn’t buy it for your 9 year old. However who am I to really say .. some kids are more mature than others but really … that’s a judgment call and you will sort it out.

NOW I SHOULD also point out that while we live in a modern setting today.. It is also important to note THAT THE ESRB DOESN’T NOT control the content you can DOWNLOAD! Many full games today can be downloaded onto the system themselves and many of your children KNOW THIS! So while you might think I DIDN’T BUY HIM/HER THAT! You probably did buy him/her the Xbox box points, or Sony points…or EVEN ESHOP Cards.. that allowed the child to download the game ONLINE.

Most games you download online will tell you before you CLICK NEXT.. This game HAS ADULT CONTENT! again…READ!! While you might think nothing of it now chances are the game has a rating system on it and they tell you about it BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD THE GAME!

Tip 3.

Research is pretty much PARENTING! Most parents are so stuck on work, or other things that they don’t have the time to do the research. Can’t be bothered with crap like that.. and really just want to make sue and john happy! So My suggestion to you is this.. Take 5 minutes… BEFORE BED…AND REVIEW SOME VIDEO GAME WEB SITES… most web sites “this one included” have a search bar! All you need to do is Search the title of the game “hell google it!” and chances are you will find something on it. IF READING IS FAR TO TIME CONSUMING! We have alternatives! YOUTUBE.COM IS YOUR FRIEND! Chances are if it’s a new… title someone on youtube has reviewed it! If it be some random guy or a website like IGN.COM or… Chances are someone has said something about the game. It normally is a short review…KEEP IN MIND YOUR LOOKING FOR REVIEWS… NOT LET’S PLAYS…those are much longer.. and while yes they can be entertaining..chances are your going to watch the entire game with someone commenting about it.. and still have no clue what is going on..

REGARDLESS RESEARCH IS KEY! Again we are talking about MEDIA! Some of it is for children ..some is for adults…and really that is just the time we live in’s 2014.. not 1990… i hope you all enjoy your Holidays..and i HOPE this was informative..

This year has had it’s ups and it’s downs. I am currently working on my top 10 favorite games for 2014 and honestly it’s been very interesting to say the least what I have come up with. Now I did last year in December 2013 favorites “click here to read that” and while reviewing that list I noticed something interesting. 6 out of the 10 I listed all came from Nintendo consoles. Which sort of threw me off a bit because Last year I owned FARRRR more ps3 games than anything else. So this year while sadly my ps3 broke on me and I will be getting it back in December I had to give some thought to a few different factors on the topic of favorites.


Alright so to begin with the PS3 Broke so really I didn’t have much to play or even keep up with in terms of the system. However when looking back on the list of games released this year for the ps3..Not much really came out after the system broke on me that I would have wanted to play. Short of Castlevania 2 “which I played and will be on the list”, Alien Isolation and The Evil within really can’t say I would have bought much else for the system. Wolfenstein I have for the PC “still working on that”, and a list of other games that really I just ended up playing on the wiiu or PC anyway and from what I have noticed are better versions on those anyway. So the lose wasn’t anything that big… if anything at all really?

So here I am thinking to myself the big question. Do I even want to rebuy/repair my ps3? Well honestly YES because A. It has a blu ray player on it and I want to watch my movies “tho I can stream them for free really ..but meh” B. I have a big collection of games that I might want to play again and without having the system I see no reason to have such a big collection. Yet short of that I don’t see much reason for having it.

Now the bigger question?! Will I buy a ps4 Next year? Honestly at this point unless they port MKX to the wiiu like they are to the ps3 and xbox 360 that is the single only reason why I will say yes to buying a ps4. Honestly not many series on the SONY system that I see going any place interesting. Resistance was a great series… however after 3.. the story is done.. so really not much interest in that going further. God of war 3 also..Great series! Yet after Ascension can’t really see them making a 4th game that would take the story any place interesting? Over all the ps3 is a great system and I am not knocking it in anyway but really what does Sony have that I am not really getting from my PC or Wiiu that isn’t superior?


Here is the truth… I have had more fun in the single year that I have had my Wiiu then the last 5 years I have had with my ps3. Now how can I say something like that? is how I figured this all out. When I purchased the ps3 I was living in Wisconsin. Really I purchased the system because I wanted to have something to keep myself connected with my brother, my friends here, and of course to play Mortal Kombat vs DC and eventually MK 9 “The Mortal Kombat”.  Really it didn’t seem like it offered much at all to my interest. Yes it had Silent hill and Resident evil on it’s side to grab me. I learned about such great games to follow as Bioshock and Dead Space with it. However while those games peak my interest and I Love playing them I Enjoyed playing Nintendo games more because of the NEW experiences I had with it.

Take for example Silent Hill shattered memories “MY FAVORITE SILENT HILL GAME”. It was on a Nintendo Console and really that shocked me that I enjoyed playing that game more then BOTH of the Silent Hill games released on the PS3 “HOMECOMING AND DOWNPOUR”. True to the statement those games are fun to play but NOT AS FUN.

Or let’s take a game like what I previously spoke about God Of War! Truly an amazing game with breath taking graphics and a very grabbing story, violence and pretty much the “Mario” of the Sony Brand series. However when I think about how much fun I had playing it really I can “in my own opinion” say that I had just as much of the same type of fun playing Madworld on the Wii. Equally as satisfied because they are both over the top violent games but Madworld has a bit more of a sense of humor about it as opposed to the series story of god of war.

Again really that is just my opinion on the topic. This years list I think will explain this all in better detail but yea.. just something to think about!


So Recently my girlfriend/ My Second Playstation 3 broke.. Same issue as with mine the stupid Cpu Jell stopped working and well once that happens you can either fix it yourself or buy a new Playstation 3.. Now this is going to sound like a rant.. but here’s my problem..

I have well over 30+ playstation games.. All of which I have no want at all to trade in.. Hell I keep everything I ever buy because knowing myself well enough at some point in the future I am going to want to play those games again… Hell I still have Nintendo 64 games that I love very much and at time’s like this pick up and play…”Doom 64 is still my favorite Doom”…hehe

Anyway the problem I have right now with the industry the way it is.. is that They know the systems are going to have a 10 year life span.. the Nintendo 64 has a FOREVER life span because nothing on it can burn out.. same with the Snes..and so on.. but the disk base system that THEY KNOW are going to eventually burn out .. have about a 10 year span.. I have had both Playstation 3’s for give or take 6 to 5 years.. both of which failed after that..

Now we step into TODAY.. we have a brand new system by the same company… same everything really.. BUT WE ARE GOING TO TITLE IT PLAYSTATION 4.. it’s got higher graphics, does pretty much everything the ps 3 did but just a bit more HIGHER POWER…

my issue here is.. I would be more than happy to buy a ps 4… BUT IT DOESN’T PLAY PS3 GAMES!!! …so … wtf…. do I just sell all my old shit.. buy a ps4 and say f it to HOURS UPON HOURS of gameplay that I had… NO!  I refuse to do that! Further more I am pissed because it doesn’t make any sense to have one system not be compatible with the other.. The Companies KNEW BEFORE HAND that the ps3 wouldn’t last that long…so they make a new Model and knowing full well that the systems weren’t going to last..LOCK OUT all the others? … It makes no sense to me..but .. I suppose that is the world we live in!


What better way to bring in the New Year then to play a coop/beat em up Arcade game with your girlfriend. I have had Scott Pilgrim vs the world on my PSN for awhile now but didn’t get much of a chance to play it UNTIL TONIGHT! SO…here….we…..go


So what type of game is this! Well to begin with it’s fashioned like an old school arcade game. You pick between four characters (Scott,Ramona,Stills, and Kim) “the girlfriend and I played Stills and Kim they are just bad ass!” Either way it’s fashioned pretty easy in concept.. and follows the comic books pretty well for what they are worth. You have 7 stages, with several mini stages in between. As you level up you are granted more powers, and nifty moves “they are super simple to understand” Your given upgrades from stores you can enter and really it’s a simple game to grasp and really easy to play “anyone can play it!”


The design of the game I think is the biggest draw to it. Its artwork is fashioned very much along the lines of the Comic book. It’s animated well and hold a very cool old fashioned “Maximum Carnage” feel to it… Your treated to some fun fast paced 8 bit music, that go alone with some of the old school references that come with the video game communities… Easter eggs are hidden all over the place in this game and really for someone like myself it holds a great deal of charm in that respect.

You would think a game like this built today would have no flaws..however a couple times the enemies did get stuck in buged walls..but really we managed to get past them pretty quickly. It does have an auto save and really isn’t a very long game to play however it is packed with lots of fun and action. Grinding is also a pretty necessary part of the game as when you get to the later levels it will become INSANELY crazy to play.. so really grinding is more of a suggestion then anything…but yea…it gets crazy littered with enemies at some points.. The bosses in the game really aren’t challenging but they do hold personality which again… holds the game together.. if your looking for a challenge it’s not really the greatest game to play but I can say that it’s fun in it’s own right..

NOT TO ALSO SAY ITS CHEAP..and Worth the price!


HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! Hope to post more soon! and Don’t forget.. still steaming every Wednesday at 4pm (est) at… WWW.LIVESTREAM.COM/KAINLESS

Favorites of 2013!!

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So here are my top 10 for the year! I have 10 games I want to reflect on and talk about a few details on games to come…but over all this is it from 10 to my NUMBER 1 GAME OF 2013!

10. Tomb Raider


This game surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. I played a few of the other games before this series reboot/prequel and they didn’t really catch my attention. From start to finish this game had so many elements that had been done well that really it was hard to not add to my list here. Truly a fun Action packed Adventure Game.

9.Flashback 2013 Reboot


This game I knew was going to be at least fun because I loved the SNES release of it back in the day. However to find this game and play it again in HD with so many elements unchanged, and the few that had been changed “Improved” was a nice play for me. Cheap! Fun! and without a doubt bound to be a Classic!

8.Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Now this is the only game I haven’t written my review for yet on the list. However I wanted to add it because since buying it “Only Last week” I have spent many hours with my girlfriend playing it and really am enjoying it. I won’t say to much but I will say I have both the wiiu and 3ds version of the game and if you own both systems it’s worth paying for twice and enjoying and YES it will cost you less then 50 bucks to purchase for both systems..if you know how to SHOP!

7.Injustice: Gods Among Us


Now I am basing this one on my list purely for the story mode to the game. While I love a good fighting game “and yes this is one” the story mode to this game caught my attention the most and was really a great game for a guy who loves himself some DC COMICS. It was well written, fun to play, and had lots of elements to the game itself that just bound well to it. I look forward to seeing more INJUSTICE IN THE FUTURE!

6. Resident Evil Revelations AND 6


Now here is the thing.. The version of the game I played which was the 3ds version was released in 2012 as was Resident evil 6 “Which I wanted to include in my list here”. However I didn’t get to play it till 2013 “when I purchased my 3DS. So I am making a minor exception for this game.. Now why DID I LOVE IT to include it with 6! Well because it was a really fun coop game that not only did I enjoy playing with my girlfriend but my brother and I even finished Leons story “and yes he lives in texas THANK YOU PSN”. So yes while it has its flaws as some would say I seen nothing wrong with this game or 6…so yes..going to say both epic games of 2013 and oddly enough… Number 6 on my list of games I enjoyed this year and the tale end of last…..

5.DMC: Devil May Cry


Early in the year this game was released and really I didn’t play it till maybe later in the year after the demo had me gripped. See the thing with this game “Like Tomb Raider” was I played “and do own” the Original Devil May Cry but it couldn’t keep my attention so well. However for whatever the reason this version of the game I really enjoyed and it did keep my attention to the end. It had a fun story, very cool game play, and over all was just a good time to enjoy. It also helped that Combichrist did the soundtrack for it and I think they are a cool band…blah

4. Skylanders Giant and Swap Force


Now Skylanders has a special place in my heart because this game was released in December of 2012. I didn’t finish it till 2013 “December” Not because I didn’t want to but because I simply didn’t have the time. It was a fun game that takes all the elements from its predecessor and improves upon it while also expanding the storyline that is fun. Its game play is simple and the toys are cool to collect “even for a 30 year old Male/Boy! XD” Currently I receieved the new one this year with the WIIu and must say… Doesn’t let me down yet… BUT THE REVIEW WILL BE UP yes… Looking forward to that..once it’s finished!

3.Batman Origins


Oh Batman will you ever stop being so cool in my mind! Not only was this a good game but it was a GREAT Series to play. Perhaps a ending to a series “who knows!” it is a prequel that not only managed to hit # 3 on my list but it managed to place itself as a part of a now Trilogy of games that I love to play. Not only because I am a big DC COMIC BOOK FAN “yes I know I said that before” but because the games are just built well, fun, and do come up with good concepts for anyone who wants to get into the batman series if it be the comics, cartoons, movies, or whatever….Origins is a GREAT GAME!

2.The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds


This game managed to hit number 2 on my list and almost was number 1 but because of some minor reasons which I will explain in number 1 “when I get to it” this game pulled off number 2. It is very rarely that I play a game that not only grips me but makes me think very much about my past “No Pun”. Being a Direct Sequel that takes places several years after “A link to the Past” Probably my favorite Zelda game of all time. It Managed to add new elements, and new game play to a series that really continues to amazes me. While I am still working on Skyward Sword and just recently started to play “GC” wind waker.. this game managed to bring back so much for me and will forever hold a nice place in meh little gamer Heart!

……finally…….NUMBER 1 AND IT IS!!!

1.Castlevaina Lords of Shadow Mirror Of Fate


Now before I begin let me explain that this game had my attention so well..that it warrant me to spend 200$ on a 3DS Plus I purchased the HD Version of it on its released day for the PSN. So to say this is my number ONE game this year is barely touching the surface of how much I love this game. Now why do I love it so much? Well let me start off by saying this is the first game in YEARS that not only caught my attention but kept it to the point that I played it for hours, upon hours, upon hours… and even went as far as to having to get 100% with the game. I never get 100% with any games I play but this game really had pushed me because not only did it have great game SIDESCROLLER game play… but the story was amazing, the Characters are Lovable (and tragic). The Score to the game was perfect, the design was flawless, and really everything that I love about video games just shines so brightly with this game. The Series in itself is a damn good reboot considering, and I really Look forward to seeing what else will come from it with Castlevania 2 just around the corner…. this game is a MUST PLAY for anyone who reads my writing here..and really.. is MY Number 1 for 2013!