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Among the sleep

Among the sleep is one of the first “first person horror” games that I played and finished at the first sit down. It’s a short game but it tells the story of a baby! This is the first game I have ever seen that lets you play as a character EVERYONE can relate too. Just a baby! With imagination and a interesting take on horror the game is created extremely well.


To start with it is a simple game .. for the most part you just need to move around with the keyboard, climb, stand up, crawl and pick up objects. It’s really really easy to learn and engaging for the most part. The game doesn’t really focus so much on what might happen as much as it focuses on what IS happening. The sound is built to allow a the player a warning of events. More often then not you will find yourself chase voices, and running from sounds that ARE BAD.



Over all I purchased the game from Humble Bundle for a pretty decent price. It came with six other games and I am sure they will make it available again in the future. Regardless it’s price isn’t bad but I would honestly take my recommendation and wait for it to be available again with the purchase of other games. It’s just too short… and while fun.. and DIFFERENT… You deserve more!

Which! As of the 5th YOU GET! Free DLC which is titled “Prologue” has been released… But I haven’t touched it yet.. BUT SOON!






Ok I don’t know much about Journalism, Media or really anything to do with the Video Game Industry at all. However I find it TRULY Insulting when a “Unnamed” Web site chooses to send letters or Memos to a particular gaming company and says it’s from the “FANS”. Sorry but Myself being a fan of said company the its recent years works I think someone is really riding the High Horse a bit to far.

First of all I will never go back to said website again for several reasons. One being its lost its TITLE audience and started showing crap about opinions that are the worst I have heard written and spoken. They put together information they clam as fact leaving little to no room for the update system. Further more its run by people who most the video games aren’t designed for PLUS have continuously said one thing then went back on that moments later. I don’t know but I will say this…

Some good sources are out and about on the web for video game information.. but honestly..most have gotten really crappy and that’s a damned shame…


To my surprise I finished Uncharted Drake’s Fortune before Aliens Colonial Marines.. However I will explain more about that once my review for that game goes up. Either way.. here…we….go!


So since I bought my PS3 people have told me “Alex you need to play the Uncharted games because they are EPIC Action/Adventure games!” I had taken my time with buying because the way I figured it… The games weren’t going any place and the price was still kinda high for my liking especially for a game that was several years old by the time I bought my ps3. However I must say in terms of aging games really this game will probably go down in history as one of the PS3’s best designed, Best game played games on this generation and for all the correct reasons. I loved this first game and when I finally did purchase it I did purchase it with 2 and 3. SO yea….expect those reviews later…but lets get back to this one..


In terms of design the game is beautiful. Lots of eye candy and the designs of each stage are pretty awesome for what they are worth. Like many adventure games this games lead character ” Nathan Drake” has charm to him that keeps him interesting. As a matter a fact the entire cast is interesting in his and hers own way. This is actually the first game I can actually say I have played in awhile that didn’t have an annoying character to it. Yes some points got a bit frustrating with having to shoot enemies while having to protect someone else who could die and PROBABLY THE MOST frustrating part of all was the jet ski sections of the game. Having to jet ski in a game is pretty straight forward for any game…HOWEVER.. Having to jet ski in the Opposite direction of the water… REALLY REALLY Annoying but … not impossible and sort of a fun part of the game if you can manage to get past it.


The game is very Action set. You will find much of the game shooting enemies with various different weapons and using some hand to hand combat when close. You will be REQUIRED to do lots of cover shooting and lots of hiding when necessary to avoid dieing which you will do a TON OF because trust me.. You will die several times but the game is good at bring you back at close save points. You will climb and jump off cliffs which for the most part is pretty straight forward also however some points aren’t as clear as they could be…but over all its pretty straight forward… push forward… left..or right..and you will change direction… easy easy.. not really a difficult aspect to the game..but questionable to the player which actually makes it fun in a twisted sort of way.

Honestly I wish I would have played the game sooner and already I started to play Uncharted 2 not moments after I finished this one. Its worth the price of whatever you can buy it at these days. Me personally I bought all three games off Bestbuy for less then 30 bucks because I had extra bucks from there points…and so on.. so really you can get all three games for a GREAT PRICE..and from what I can tell you.. The first one is great for what it is..and has AGED VERY WELL…

Few games I can think of recently do I start and REALLY want to finish. Dante’s Inferno was one of the titles last year that struck a cord with me.

To begin with you should know that I did read the book YEARS before this game was even thought to be a concept for a Video game. When it appeared I played the demo and fell in love with it. The artwork, the story and the way it played out all worked for me in such a way that I knew it would a game that would leave a mark.

Probably one of the most graphic games in terms of content. It really does take the rating of 18 + to a different level that I honestly didn’t think was legal for Video games. Violence, Nudity, Blood, Gore, on top of a story very similar to something oddly enough like super mario (Save the love of your life) and you pretty much get what this game is about.

Game play is your typical God of war style of control. You are given quick attack, mid, and strong, a jump button, magic secondary abilities and so on.. The thing that makes it so different from the other types like it is the feel it gives off. The soundtrack is dramatic, the level of detail is pretty well done. The creatures and characters are all the type that just invoke you into the world presented. The lower the levels are the higher the details with how far you get into the details.

It really appeared to me that video games can be played very much like other games but if the story, artwork, and scene’s don’t grab me they are boring and really aren’t worth trying. This game has a feel of its own and plays out as a experience…TRUE it is very extreme with its content and the game play content doesn’t really play out to fair…but the story is what makes it really worth playing it for…