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A few months back I was playing Mortal Kombat 11 on Kombat League. Kombat League is basically a online Ranking system. You fight random players and the better you do the more the rank you have goes up. I was doing pretty well on it and it built up my confidence to the point that I said to myself.. well why not push this? Why not try to really focus my skills and abilities. I’m pretty good at this…Not the best by any means but pretty good. So why not try out the world of REAL competing.

So my focused moved more from Kombat League to actual Online tournaments. I learned very fast that it takes a level of focus and skill that is really far beyond my “Current” ability. Some people really put in so much time into learning Frame data, combos, Links, Counters, speed variations. The entire thing is a real science kind of like playing speed chess. What I came to discover is that the community around competing is super GREAT and it’s what keeps driving me to do it.

The first Tournament and Community I found was Outworld Television.

Getting in it was a welcoming community of Hundreds of people and it’s still growing. I joined the Discord, Signed up and was viewed by over 500 + players and fans. It was a HUGE THRILL… I was nervous out of my mind…and of course I lost.. but it was the first step in a much bigger world than I ever could have thought about. Hell my family even watched that first match and like I said it was a thrill! I didn’t do terrible but it came to me very quickly that I still had a great deal to learn from the experience. So I was on the hunt for more!

I found other competitions!

Other communities and again was welcome for the love of the game. I even started to win a few matches. I continued to learn. Took some massive beatings! I continue to look into the community and celebrate other peoples successes and help those who welcome to learn just like me. It’s fun for me and it can also be very very discouraging also. Yet I have a great support group of friends and family that keep telling me DON’T GIVE UP!…

So I push on!.. it’s been an adventure.. and I am super surprised by how it’s all turned up. Mortal Kombat has since MK 2 been one of the joys of my life. Perhaps an obsession to a degree but I like to think it’s a healthy hobby. I put a great deal into it. With the recent post of NRS not Continuing DLC for MK 11.. AND MOVING ON TO SOMETHING NEW!!

My hopes are high to learn something new and continue this hobby. I will also continue to look into other communities and I welcome friends from all over the world with it!.. For the love of it!

This will be a 2 part review as the Online for the game isn’t up yet. From my understanding it is set to go online early 2021. That will be interesting and I’m sure I will have plenty to write about that “at the time”. Currently this will be all about the Single Player Campaign…so here…we…go

So take everything you enjoyed about Watch Dogs 1 and 2 “Which I reviewed here”

and apparently I never did a review for Watch Dogs 2 “My guess I never finished looking over the Online aspects of the game BECAUSE I WAS HAVING TOOOOO much fun with it!!…Will write one in the future soon”.

Regardless Watchdogs Legion takes place in London during a not so distant future. You are once again apart of the cyber hacking group DedSec set to fix the ruling Government for the people! It plays like many open world games. You gather and upgrade weapons, steal vehicles, and go on missions. The biggest difference with this game is that it doesn’t have a Single Player set to ride with. This game allows you to recruit playable characters throughout London to help with each Mission. It’s a group effort this time around and if you don’t like a character you don’t have to use em EVER!!

The game also has a pretty neat hand to hand combat aspect to it. It also has a cool Combat mode that you can use to gain more credits for upgrades and so on. They put you in a ring to fight several rounds against random fighters. To go along with this most of the missions in the game are puzzles. You are set up to hack computers, with drones some of which you can ride on fight with and hack cameras.

Using a blue line switch is a majority of the puzzles you are required to solve to hack into most of the computers. Some require sneaking into buildings and avoiding security. Think GTA V but better. Which is exactly what this game is. Graphically it’s beautiful, the music is on point and the story is easy to understand. The map system works great for finding places to go and it has a great fast travel system.

Overall for 60$ the game is great! While it doesn’t focus on characters the ones you do pick up are interesting enough to keep the momentum going. It’s fun and I really am looking forward to the ONLINE.



So this is probably going to be a long review because I am a big fan of the series in General. I have seen every Film, Played every Game, Owned a number of toys and even read a number of Comics based on this series. So yea… Here….we…GO!

If you are a fan of the first two films and have watched them both at least 1000 times each PLAY THIS GAME. While it’s an Open World, First person Shooter, Frogger “Like”, With a mix of Survival Horror and Decision Interactions in it game.  I must say the amount of love and detail for this game is undeniable.  TEYON Games which is a Polish Game Company have done the best Terminator Game I have ever played.


Starting off Before the first Two Films “And yes it’s Cannon”. You play as  Jacobs Rivers a resistance fighter against the Machines/Skynet in the year 2028. Like I said early it’s for the most part a First person shooter with Survival Horror Elements taking much of the feel from the first Two films vision of a Apocalyptic Earth Ruled being taken over by Machines. The game starts out as a very Run and Hide type of game but it Happily sprinkled with Actions Sequences and Frogger Puzzle elements. It has a Development Tree for your character to work on as you progress thru the game and the Weapons you choose from are a mix of Old School Guns mixed with Future.

While I am sure some people can easily finish the game in probably under 5 hours the game encourages exploration. Most of the charm it holds comes from knowing the series and it sprinkles lots of Easter Eggs that caused me personally to be like “HEY I REMEMBER THAT!!”


It has a crafting system in it that is actually really giving also considering at no time during the game did I have an issue with collecting Ammunition, Health Items or Lock Picks to open doors. The only real issue I had was trying to figure out some of the controls as it isn’t very good at explaining that HOWEVER if you have ever played games like Condemned or really any First person Shooter it can go without saying that you can figure it out fairly Quickly.

I am sure it has multiple endings which at this point I have only seen one but am Eager to jump back in and see what my decisions can change. While I had this game Pre-Ordered for the Price of about 60$ bucks. I personally think it was worth it just because I am a huge fan of the series. However.. I have seen it go now for about 30$ to 40$ and honestly for that price I feel anyone who is a fan of the series is getting there monies worth. Hell I have seen games with developers Much bigger DO FAR WORSE GAMES and really I had no Issues with sounds “AMAZING” OR Graphics “Pretty great Consider it’s a small company developing it”… So yea.. I would say it’s a MUST BUY for Terminator Fans…and a really really Great time for people who are just looking to Jump into that Future fight against the Machines type people.


So recently I have been on a mix of playing the entire series of Doom again. Still working on Doom II for the Switch and I completely forgot I finished this one about 2 weeks ago for the 1000 time or something. Anyway here is what I thought… here…we..go!

To begin with the game isn’t going to be as detailed in graphics as the Ps4/PC Original. You won’t get some of the lighting effects and some of the time you play the textures are blurry at points but let’s face it if you are buying this game for switch you should keep in mind TWO THINGS. It’s Handheld! It’s the same speed pace as the original and that is what counts!

doom switch

Why would I buy it on Switch? Well to begin with the game was cheap at about 20 $ and let’s face it I LOVE DOOM and want to be able to play it any place and that’s exactly what you get with this version.

Sound wise it’s perfect also. You get the loud amazing soundtrack from Mick Gordon. You get all the monsters,  guns, and stages however it’s lacking in the multiplayer section in that almost every time I have tried to play it NO ONE WAS EVER ON.. You can’t Create stages and levels like the ps4/pc one also but to be honesty I think I may have used that feature once and never bothered with it again.

So simply put if you want a Handheld Version of DOOM 2016.. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET.. it’s perfect for a fix but it’s not A perfect port. FUN!! And Worth the Money!!


Recently QuakeCon 2019 came and went.. WITH IT.. The surprise release of Doom 1 2 and 3 for the Nintendo Switch.  The cost!! 5$ Each for Doom 1 and 2.. 9.99 for Doom 3. Rumor has it DOOM 64 is also in the pipeline. Either way I finished DOOM 1 AND … here ..we..go!


To begin with the biggest complaint I have been reading about “that I didn’t and don’t have an issue with” is the Login issue. Which according the Twitter it’s already being addressed. The Idea behind the login was to link it to the slayers club which personally I think was cool because so far that site has been good to me.


Aside from that the game plays exactly like you would expect it. It’s a perfect port of the Re-release from the BFG Edition released in 2012. What came as a huge surprise is that on the Nintendo Switch the game play is EXTREMELY good.  Honestly I think I play the game best on the switch as opposed to PC or even N64. THAT IS HIGH PRAISE… It’s fast paced and runs perfect.

The save system works fast and really not much has changed at all short of it being on the switch system. Overall for 5$ it’s a great buy and I see no reason for anyone who loves this series to not BUY IT!!



I don’t play many online Game to begin with. The Few that I play I only enjoy playing because of Friends and Family. I especially don’t play Fighting Games Online because of how toxic and in so many ways UNFAIR some of the players can be “Looking at you HITBOX Moders!”. However Mortal Kombat 11 has struck something that has caught my interest in creating “Seasons of” days that allow the player to go up a ladder and gain titles! SO LET’S GO ON HERE!!….


To begin with it’s a silly thing to do but by playing online matches “YES AGAINST REAL PEOPLE”.. You gain access to items, coins, skins and Titles that drive you to want to play more. HOWEVER .. the big catch for me I have come to find is that it puts the player against the right range of fighters to progress and learn.

For example a player who is at the level of Apprentice isn’t going to play someone who is at the level of ELDER GOD.. It has this awesome system that upon winning you can progress.. Upon losing you can learn what both you and the other player did to get them to that point with a statics system that actually WORKS!!… I have learned how to measure my lows, highs, and mid attacks for each battle and can easily see a better player in me. It honestly shocked me to death how good I have gotten at this game by simply learning from the progress I have made.


So far I main Baraka and I haven’t really learned any other character because I feel like I haven’t perfected him just yet. Hell even saying that excites me because I come to understand and rediscover an old passion for competitive play. I should also note I have met some great great great players on here.. Of course naturally some not so great players… BUT that’s the online community!!  I LOVE IT!!



Mortal Kombat as a series has been something I have been keeping up with since MK 2. My history with this game is funny to me because I really didn’t like it at first glance. At first glance I was more of a Street Fighter 2 Fan and really the only person who should get credit for this addiction of mine “now” is my Older Brother.

He introduced me to both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat when I was the perfect age of Nine. Street Fighter 2 being released a year before MK I was Eight. At the time even with Street Fighter 2 I didn’t gravitate to the Violence or the action of the series it was the characters that caught my attention.


While Mortal Kombat (1992) had 7 characters to play as the story was very New to me and I didn’t have an open mind to what I wanted to see. My brother was far more into Ninjas, and Karate films than myself at the time. I had already invested so much of my time playing Street Fighter 2 that those characters became far more interesting than anything MK had to offer. So it took some time for me to show any interest in it at all. Yet what would really hit me about Mortal Kombat that didn’t really happen till MK 2 was released was this very interesting shade of mystery the game held.


Understanding that in 1992 we had no internet and all that I had to go on was Nintendo Power with some rumors from some friends at the time made the game interesting. The fact it held a layer below what was actually being presented sparked the questions.





Reptile would be my focus for MK 1 and later become my favorite character to play in MK 2. A character that held mystery and in some ways presented a small window into what the next game “Mortal Kombat 2” would expand the lore into. I think it was also the timing of everything in my life that made it work also. I lived in Ocala, Florida and anyone who has been to any part of the south can tell you… LIZARDS ARE EVERY PLACE.. so clearly being 9 it was interesting to see in a video game a character that was HALF lizard…half man.. and be a Ninja/Not a Ninja…. COME ON.. HOW MUCH COOLER CAN YOU BE?


From just one character I fell in love with the entire series because it would expand this lore and this story to the point that in later games it would actually become a focus. Like reading a great comic book the drama would unfold with each part in the series. I would get sucked into each one as it went on.  AGAIN the questions.. Who..what…why?

So here we are now with MK 11 just around the corner.. and of course the story likely to be at it’s best a movie in itself. EXPANDED.. and I find myself asking questions and even holding long discussions on those questions. It’s a good time and I AM Hoping for some great stuff to come next week!



Darksiders 3 is a game I have been looking forward to the most THIS YEAR. I have raved and ranted in the past about how much I love this series. So much so that I have TWO other post about Darksiders 1 and 2.

Darksiders 1

Darksider 2

So clearly I have some heart into this series. I love this series so much that in the past year I saved up enough money to buy the RIDICULOUSLY Large version of this game which if you ask me IS WORTH the money for a fan like me. Just one of the most insane purchases I have made in my life! HOWEVER… this isn’t about that.. this is about the actual game..which….here we go…


Darksiders 3 stars FURY.. This is the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse to be introduced into the series. I think it goes without saying that this is the only Horseman who is a LADY and naturally the game mechanics are very different from war and death before.

Furys focus of game play involves gathering 4 different secondary weapons with 1 primary weapon and a very large legion of upgrades and enhancements. Unlike Darksiders 2 you will NOT be required to upgrade armor or pick up Items from bad guys to progress. This game settles more so into the method of Leveling your character by collecting souls from dead enemies and choosing between 3 categories Health, Strength and Arcane to upgrade.


Vulgrim plays the part of Merchant “again” and is the vendor for how you upgrade, fast travel and purchase useful items “similar to Darksiders 1”. Sad to say it but this is also the shortest of the 3 games however it does expand in a very fun way the story and character.

While remaining open world and unlike many adventure games it allows you different paths to take to get to each of the 7 bosses and mini bosses you may or may not fight. With no definitive path you can play the game in a free roaming way. Some areas do require abilities you need to find a path but once you do the doors are open to explore and it’s a fun world to do so.


The biggest flaw that I have with the game is the ACTUAL game itself. Suffering from serious Frame Rate issues which are unavoidable, some sound glitches, and at time SLOW to STILL animations. This game is great BUT REALLY REALLY NEEDS TO BE PATCHED BADLY!.. I would say buy it now but I think waiting could only help as IT IS being patched and the bugs in the game are being worked OUT.

So only time will tell if those problems will be fixed. If you want a great story and a continued myths for the story BUY IT NOW! If you are looking for a DECENT..action adventure game.. I will say wait for a little till it’s patched.. it’s design needs work 😦




I have been for as long as I have been a gamer a fan of Tetris. I played it with my sister on the Commodore 64. Still play it with her to this day every now and again. I have challenged MANY an epic people online. Hell my digital wife would kill me if I didn’t say she was a great player “HI HANNAH!” of the series. So yes it roots itself pretty deep into my life.

So when I heard that a NEW Tetris Game was coming out it was a natural buy…and I am not disappointed at all! This is without question more of an experience than an actual video game. You need to play it LOUD, on a big screen in HD and Really dive into it.


It’s back to basic with this game. You have your simple mechanics of move the brick, flip, and Hold ONE Brick. The Tetris Effect button allows a meter to fill up and stop the movement of the game. Which is cool and simple to add to the game. It’s really very basic in terms of what a Tetris game should be.


The biggest Highlight of the game is the visuals and sound. It’s a beautiful game and it sounds perfect. Designed to be more of a puzzle experience it becomes emotional diving into it. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I have with the game is that it’s 40$ and it isn’t a long game. I am hoping that the 40$ price point will come with future DLC to expand the game. I am working on expert level now and it’s super challenging but Normal was a bit less than I thought it would be “I finished it without dying once on Normal”.

It doesn’t have two players BUT it does have a leader board which is epic to try to get to the TOP. So trying to beat your friends scores or other players around the world is always a fun priority for the game in terms of REPLAY.

To me it’s a new addiction and I love it for everything that it is!

(First stream of my expert Level Play!)

First Expert Stream of Tetris Effect

Quake (PC)

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Seeing as how Quake con 2018 started today I thought it would be cool to finally finish up this game that I have been pecking at for a very very long time. So here we go…


To begin with let’s go into a small bit of history here. Quake was released in 1996 for PC on MS-Dos.. So yes it’s a super old game.. give or take about 22 years old. Back in 96 I wasn’t much of a PC gamer and I didn’t really have my first PC till 1997 or late 96. I had friends who had played this game and I DID even finish/own the N64 Port of the game but I never really showed much interest in the PC Version.

Jumping 22 years later and seeing as how everything has changed on PC and still having a copy of this game just wasn’t enough for me sit down and play it. Yes you can buy versions of this game on STEAM but I went the extra step and took the version I had for PC and just used a mode called Dark Places “which is free” to enhance and modified the game to play on my current PC. Boy was I happy to do so.


The Modification not only allows me to play the game but it adds some cool lighting effects and re textures most of the game. Now this is cool and all but personally I like the original designs for the monsters rather than some of the skins for this modification. However we aren’t going to get into those details.

What I came to experience very much like the N64 version of the game is a fast paced shooter coming once again from the guys who made DOOM. The biggest changes this time around was that it’s a fully 3D Set game. Whatever limitations DOOM had Quake made clear not to have. You could move your head around in any direction. Fight monsters that could fly above you and below.  Over all explore a vast and dark world to all ends while still finding hidden rooms and power ups to manage the player in and out of long hallway corridors.

While it’s aged a long time now the game still maintains a brutal sense of challenge. It’s the most basic of shooters pitting you against demons, soldiers, and creatures from nightmares.. You will be shot,clawed, and covered in monster attacks having only 8 weapons to choose from without counting on the handful of power ups you can pick up.

The game holds a particular charm to it with showing the advanced graphics and soundtrack from NINE Inch Nails lead man Trent Raznor. It’s mostly about atmosphere and quick actions. You play 4 chapters in which you are given the direction to find 4 Ruin stones. Without the ruin stones you CAN NOT FINISH the game.. Tedious I know.. but that’s how it works. While brutal in game play it also allows you to save and load at any point in the game using the menu. Cheat codes are enables by using a drop down menu pressing the ~ button.

Honestly this game is a classic on both horror and shooters alike. To anyone young it might not look like much but this was the start of a long road of what we now have today as advanced shooters. It’s worth the pennies you can buy it for and the experience just to see how all this stuff started.