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So this is a love story about a event that accord recently. More specifically yesterday “04/07/2015” it involves Customer Service and how THINGS SHOULD BE DONE ALL AROUND!

So I have had my Nintendo Wii “Not Wiiu” for about let’s say.. 8 or 9 years now. The machine runs great! All but once did I have to send it to Nintendo to get it repaired and even at the time that I did send it in.. they REPAIRED IT FOR FREE. So really no big deal on my end.

Now at first my thought was that maybe it was the memory card. I have had that GameCube Memory Card since 2002 so that was more then 10 years ago I figure maybe I needed a new Memory card. I went on amazon and managed to purchase a NEW memory card for fairly cheap. No big deal! I put the memory card in and played Resident Evil Remake and it worked fine. The card saved my data no biggie.. didn’t think anything more of it.

Then I played Mortal Kombat Deception and managed to get all the way to the Second Quest of the Conquest mode and for whatever the reason when it went to load the next Chapter it started the issue again. Only this time the game said it was corrupted and needed to DELETE EVERYTHING off the memory card. Sad to did that.. and I was back to START on ALL GAMES.

So I looked up the phone number for NINTENDO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. The phone call lasted over all perhaps 20 minutes. I spoke to a really nice gentlemen and explained my problem to him. He listened well and was very helpful at trouble shooting the problem. In the end it came down to me sending my Wii in for a repair. Not really a big deal because I sort of knew this was going to happen when I called.

Now here’s the best part! The guy would explain to me that a price would be required “something I also knew would happen”. He started out explaining the price of shipping tax and how much the repair would cost at about 99$. So I questioned him.. “at 99$ couldn’t I just go out and buy a new one?” and he replied.. “Yes you could so I tell you what.. I WILL DROP the price to 75$ is that a better price?” I was like …yea that’s not to bad.. but I think I will just wait it out then because that’s still sort of High for me…HE REPLIED AGAIN..”Ok 75 is too high how about I cut the price of shipping and make it 50$” …

I…WAS…IN…SHOCK… Because not only did he cut the price down to 50$.. but he added a renewed warranty on the machine IF they could repair it.. OR A BRAND NEW MACHINE with all my data transferred for the same price.. SO TO SUM IT ALL UP.. FOR 50$ I GET MY MACHINE SHIPPED AND REPAIRED “OR REPLACED” in just a week and halfs time!

no company I have dealt with in the past has been this giving..”I AM LOOKING AT YOU SONY”.. Hell Sony when I called about my ps3 being yellow lighted.. WANTED 150 BUCKS TO REPAIR IT .. PLUS I HAD TO SHIP IT… SO MORE THEN 200 BUCKS..

Honestly.. I will be shipping my Nintendo this morning.. I already have my shipping information.. and really.. I LOVE HOW AMAZING NINTENDO IS FOR BEING SO COOL WITH A MACHINE I HAVE HAD FOR ABOUT 8 OR 9 YEARS AND WILL PROBABLY CONTINUE TO HAVE FOR ANOTHER 8 OR 9 YEARS…



Whats going on?

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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So the last game I finished was Street Fighter on the 3ds. Fact is I was on vacation for a week at the start of this month. The following week I had to work some insane hours and the week after that I was attempting to get myself back into my routine/workout. I just had my tooth pulled last Friday and really my focus has been mostly on writing a book that will either get finished or nothing will come of it at all. I have also been very much in the opposite mood of reading. Lots of comic books have I been catching up on and so on.

I have been attempting to stream at 9pm on Thursdays.. but of recently my girlfriend has been using my computer to play TERA.. which is an MMO that really I have little to no interest in. In all honesty and aside from all of this I just haven’t been able to focus on any video games in the past few weeks since my 30th birthday. I have a very long list to catch up on…

BioShock Infinite

Ninja Gaiden 3

Crysis 3

Deus Ex

Red Dead Redumption

Dragons Dogma


Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

and a ton more!

And more recently I want to do a speed run of Castlevania Lords of Shadow during my Thursday night streams… Yet again.. it has been hard to focus on anything for that matter.. I really have no interest at all in buying anything new that came out because A. I am broke and B. my job is under going a big change very soon and so I might have some extra time to catch up on lots of this stuff..but that is really yet to be seen.


So for awhile Now I have been looking into a way to get you guys to see me when I work on the games that I review on here…

FINALLY after many months and so on.. I have away..

I will be streaming pretty random.. I might come up with a time and date for a stream show…but at this point it’s pretty random..

THE BEST way to find out when I am playing is by following me on Twitter…


I post when I am streaming..and what I am streaming.. like I said its pretty random…at this point..but if it should Change I will post about it on Here first…XD

Ok so … just writing 20th… makes me feel super old.. I can’t believe its been 20 years that Kirby has been around.. but I guess the NES and Gameboy “Tank”… WAS A LONG TIME AGO!! BUT ANYWAY..lets get into this!!

To begin with.. if you love any of the kirby games and even kinda want to call yourself a fan of the series.. YOU NEED THIS GAME!! Even if you already own all the games on the disk.. its got some great content on it..and its only 40 bucks!! Which is less then most new games..but EPIC!!

So what do you really get for your 40 bucks?

well the first 6 games presented in the series..”NOT THE SIDE GAMES”…YOU GET!!

Kirby’s Dream Land “Game boy”

Kirby’s Adventure “NES”

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 “Game boy”

Kirby’s Super Star ” Snes”

Kirby’s Dream Land 3 “Snes”

Kirby 64 “N64”

You get a Music CD with 45 tracks from all of the games going back as far as Kirby’s Dream Land “Yeap chip music…BAD ASS!!”

YOU ALSO get a history catalog that does include Several videos… 3 EPISODES FROM THE CARTOON…  Some interesting details about the history of Kirby.. and A REALLY COOL THICK.. ARTBOOK..about …duh…KIRBY!

if you didn’t love this little man but wanted to know more!! YOU SHOULD FREAKING BUY THIS GAME AND FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!! Yes its a wii game… NO REAL MOTION CONTROL..JUST BASIC .. OLD SCHOOL WII CONTROL…

Honestly always just makes me feel fuzzy and warm XD

Well this is going to be several parts I think. Honestly I have much love for this series but much hate for it also. See I was Born in 1983…So when Castlevania first was introduced to me I was 3 or 4 at the time and well…didn’t show much of any interest in video games at the time. It wasn’t until 1991 that SNES would release Super CASTLEVANIA IV that I would show any interest at all in the series.

Now one of the main things I should note before I go on is that I am VERY picky with this series. I jump around A LOT!… I wouldn’t say I am much of a fan of the series as a whole but I the few games I have played I enjoyed the hell out of playing …and for whatever the reason some parts of the series I just didn’t pay any mind too..or just didn’t care at all to play because of how they were presented…


Any who Super Castlevania IV was probably one of the first games my brother and I purchased for the SNES back when we had it. The game was animated very well for its time and honestly some of the stuff added to it was just mind blowing to us. Spinning rooms, Growing monsters, details in this and that was all simply unheard of at the time. So lots of..WOW…That is cool…and OOOOOOO LOOK AT THAT….happened. This game in particular had a interesting impact on us because it made us really look at a game and if they could do that..imagine what more they could do later on.

Over all the game play was pretty simple for a Side-Scroller. Go from the left side of the screen to the Right side, attack whatever comes your way,Gain as many power ups as possible, and enjoy the ride.  The game wasn’t really frustrating to play until about the last few levels. I STILL TO THIS DAY HATE THE FU@#ING CLOCK TOWER STAGE..

The series would go on and a few other sequels would be released but nothing that would really catch my interest. The next game that I would buy would be the Original Gameboy version of Castlevania Legends.

Castlevania Legends was your average time consuming sidescroller game that you had for the Gameboy at the time. One of the more interesting things about this game was that you played the first female main role in the series. Before this you played mostly male leads and really the gameplay didn’t differ much from the other series.

Gameboy was black in white at the time and really not much can be said for it that I can think of. It was a fun game and it consumed lots of my time. Monsters, in my pocket made trips going to and from long distances fun so really not having much to say for it now can only mean that back then it was …interesting…at the time?

It was during the year 1999 that the Nintendo 64 would see the first Castlevania for its system. A sequel or addition to this game would come out later on that I WOULD MISS…but from what I Heard they were both the same game but one was expanded.

CastleVania 64 was released during a very interesting time for Video games. Graphics were still going from flat sprite based games to Polygon set graphics. For awhile games would be released that just looked awkward and for the most part didn’t play out as well as they should have.  The ideas had been written well but getting the games to function seemed to be the biggest issue with this time period.

It had its points but honestly at the time I enjoyed it. I still to this day could pick it up and enjoy it however I now see the faults it had. Honestly those faults weren’t just for this game they were for a series of games that I could think of and really I blame these mistakes for the rise of what good games we got today.

It was all a work in progression at this point. Without games like Castlevania 64 we wouldn’t have games like Resident Evil 4,Silent Hill and so on. Learning from its mistakes Konami would progress the series but learn that maybe 3D wasn’t the way to go.. Several more Side-Scroller Versions of Castlevania would be released. Again my interest in the series was very limited… The series would move on to the Playstation 1 and Gameboy Advanced which I didn’t own till much much much later…

Again nothing would catch my interest in the series till I purchased the PS2 yearssssssssssssss later on. I did attempt to play games like Devil May Cry, and Castlevania Lament of innocence however something about those games just didn’t catch my fancy. I couldn’t focus on them so for the most part I skipped those games in the series. I still own Devil May Cry and I plan on finishing it sometime in the future.. but until that happens.. I really don’t have much to say about it.

Again years would pass and I would buy a WII and then this game would be released..

This game honestly is a tonnnnn of fun to play and a big throw back to why I started playing the series. Honestly I still haven’t finished it but I plan to at some point in time. Again… FUN!!

The only game in the series that would actually attract any attention to both story, gameplay, design and so on…would be released…shortly after…

In are world today we have a pretty big list of fighting games.I have played so many fighting games since 1992 that I can’t even list them all on here. Some of them had charm and some of them had some pretty interesting button set ups however I still even today can’t feel comfortable with any game if it be fighting, action, first person shooter, or puzzle like I am with this one series.

MK 4 hit arcades in 1997 and having  been back in new york for already 4 to 5 years I started to travel around more. I managed to find a place called Fun Time USA which was located in this very odd part of Brooklyn. The great thing about the spot was that it had three floors to it. On the second floor it had nothing but arcade games and dead in the center was this GIANT 70 inch tv screen with giant speakers and on top was Mortal kombat 4’s arcade title..and on the screen was this EPIC MORTAL KOMBAT 4 that simply blew my mind away from at least 10 feet from the game…

This was probably the first time I saw a new mortal kombat and didn’t know what to make of any of it..I ran to the game and looked over the button set up and noticed that it hadn’t really changed at all. still two punches, two kicks, one block and a run button with the stick that allowed you to move. The biggest question I had was how the heck do you move in 3d? The other games were only in 2D as far as fighting went and here I am looking at this game like its Tekken. When I first got to play the game the character select screen over joyed me because here we are again with lots of the older characters (Scorpion, sub-zero, Reptile,sonya, jax, liu kang, Raiden, and noob) but also included new characters (Shinnok, Kai, Quan chi, and Tanya). The first thing I noticed about the game was that it had 3 spots for secret characters. None at the time were actually revealed nor did they spin like in the previous version of MK 3.  Once again characters were removed with no explanation and really the game didn’t have much of a story to it until months later when it was announced that the game was going to have REVISIONS of it that would include more characters, fatalitys, and other aspects of it added. So that first time i saw the game it had Noob Saibot in it…

The second time I went to visit the same place that held the game…IT DIDN’T!…However while playing as Noob I noticed he was also incomplete and thus I could assume this was why he was removed and replaced with other characters. Jax, Jarek  and Johnny cage were added as well as Reiko who was my favorite character in is chapter of the series. Fatalities were added along with several other new special moves that the first version also didn’t have as well as bug fixes. The game would also include weapons for the first time. Each character was given one weapon with which they could pull out during a fight or find on the floor. Rocks and spiked ball would also be included on the floor to pick up and throw along with severed heads. The stage fatalitys would continue and the chaos would consume.

The Nintendo 64 would get this version of the game and dear was the most complete version of Mortal Kombat 4. If you used a gameshark you could play as a unfinished version of Kitana as well. Goro, Shinnok, and Noob were included plus hidden character meat. The company probably should have stopped at this point.  HOWEVER…IT DIDN’T…STOP

A Later Dream cast version much like UMK 3 titled Mortal Kombat 4 GOLD..Would be released which included, Kitana, Mileena, Kung Lao, Baraka, Cyrax and “Sector whom was hidden with noob and goro.

This version wasn’t horrible but the characters added seemed very TACKED on. The pluses to this was that the stages were complete and the level of detail to what was in the game was complete to the fullest VERSION! The endings were now high res videos and really i felt it was not worth the price if you ask me..but still if you enjoyed MK 4 IT WAS fun.

The same year Mortal Kombat 4 was released the first console story action game (Sub-zero Mythologies) would be released. This game was unlike the Fighting games but did play the same as MK 3 in terms of controls. Using both the combo system, Run button and new TURN BUTTON (WORST IDEA EVER!) as well as a action button. It was a prequel to Mortal Kombat I..Telling the back story to Sub-zero and giving a history to the series that leads into MK 4. With the fall of Shinnok and Quan chi..the Amulet story and so on..

I owned the N64 version which didn’t include the videos but a word and picture version of the game.  It included everything else in terms of gameplay but no bloopers and no videos :(…but still ENJOYED THE HELL AND STILL ENJOY THE HELL out of the game.

Another game was released as a side story to the mk series titled “Special forces” However this game wasn’t done by any of the cast who produced the previous games and failed miserably in sales. I WILL NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT IT BECAUSE IN MY MIND..IT’S NOT A MK GAME IF IT ISN’T PRODUCED BY THE PEOPLE WHO MADE ALLLLLLLL THE OTHER GAMES..

Mortal Kombat Mythologies would also be the last Side-scroller version of the game for YEARS!!

Years would pass.. Arcades would die..:(… Consoles became the thing to have.. as powerful and enjoyable as they were.. I once again went with NINTENDO.. And didn’t regret it! The Nintendo Gamecube would be released and using now MINI DVD type would do everything the PS 2 COULD DO…but more!

The only real difference at this point was that Nintendo couldn’t go ONLINE.. So while that was evolving Nintendo even to date… STILL LACKED AND LACKS ONLINE Play…of types..

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance or MK 5 as it was called would be the first version of a mortal kombat game to be produced solo for console use. It was released in 2002.. almost 5 years from mk 4. This was the first version of mortal kombat that wasn’t a port of an arcade game and it surpassed every version before it in both graphics, sound and story. However the biggest change was game play and content.

The Game play worked out in that you would pick from some new and some old characters. The game again was in 3D not 2D and each character had 3 sets of styles.. two fighting and one weapon was included for almost all characters. Learning one character no longer meant you knew the basics for ALL characters. The button set up changed to 4 attacks, a throw, switch style and the run button would no longer be included in the series to date.

The story to the game would also become a BIG selling point to the game as it was now clear that mk as a series had a story to tell. It would introduce characters such as (Kenshi, Bo rai cho,Li mei, Nitara, Mavado, Hsu Hao, Dramhin, and Moloch) Also long awaited character Blaze would be hidden this time and playable plus a spoof character titled Mokap. While the Animated endings were removed and replaced with pictures and voice over work which would continue in the series to date. It was clear that while most fighting games didn’t give much effort towards its myth’s.. Mortal kombat would be a story driven game.

The games content would include several videos, A selection from AA TO ZZ of Krypt (AGAIN WITH A K) content and a Konquest mode which acted as a story mode/learning part for the characters included in the game. This time around Secret characters could be found by using Kurrency (yes with a K) which was used in the Krypt and by also completing Konquest mode. Going back to MK I it included several mini games which also was used to collect Kurrency. The biggest fall back was that each character had only ONE fatality.

The game while its impact was rather good for a starting point it wouldn’t be seen in years to come as the best of the 3d games…the best was still ..yet to come.

Mortal Kombat Deception was released like MK 5 only for consoles of its time. It wouldn’t see the day of light till 2004 and still to date people argue this game to be the best of the series by some and the best of the 3d games. For both content, gameplay, the first to include online play “ps2 version”. It was a fully packed buy to say the least.

The game play would follow that of MK 5 only this time the details would be pushed to the limits of the designers. Weapons would be included and stage fatalities would come back. Every character had two fatalities this time around and one Hara-kiri which allowed the player who lost to kill him/herself. Characters introduced (Shujinko, Kobra, Kira, Ashrah, Darrius, Hotaru.Dairou,Havik, and Onaga). Also included was a zombie version of Liu kang as well as a team up of smoke and Noob titled NOOB SMOKE. The stages were interactive like in mk 3, and everything was summed up in this version with the exception of a run button. It again…had everything.. and was ported for the PSP which included, Shao Khan, Goro, Jax and kitana. The Krypt would make a return but a smaller verison with keys that could be found in the Konquest mode. One of the more interesting things to the game was the side options set up to play it. You had a fighting game that included, several mini games such as chess and a battle Tetris game, along with a adventure game that some to date beg for a return.

Another two years would pass and what was thought to be the end all of battles would take place..

In 2008 Mortal kombat Armageddon would be released.. Everyone who enjoyed deception had high hopes and what would later be told to be one of the WORST versions of mortal kombat to date would take place. The story was incomplete, The fatalities were shared, and while every character in the UNIVERSE  of mortal kombat was included. It was poorly received due to errors in game play, and design.  Again the story would start after Deception but no defining ending or artwork would be included. Some claim the reason for the poor ending would be due to the amount of content which was needed to be generated. Having now had over 62 fighters, with individual styles. Much that could have been done wasn’t…

Yet again… as time went on.. the generation would move platforms again..and while Armageddon was released for the wii with ONE added character. It would not continue its legacy of holding Mortal Kombat as a series under its name. So for the first time in my life.. I had to move to a new console that wasn’t NINTENDO…:(

I purchased my Playstation 3 2007 having heard rumor of a new mortal kombat coming out. I didn’t know anything about the game at the time but I like many fans had high hopes for a HD Follow up with a story that would explain what happened after Armageddon. Little did I know..but a BIG BIG BIG Surprise was coming …and NO ONE could have guessed it.

Mortal kombat vs DCU was released in 2008 with mixed reactions from fans. I myself was thrilled with the idea and a bit upset because I knew I would have to wait for my Armageddon story.  The again in 3D it would pit most of the cast from Mortal Kombat II against some of the more well known DC Universe characters against each other. It would feature two story modes that allowed for each point of view of the events to take place to be seen and understood. Again it would be very story driven and online play would be something that would work and not work…

It was Midways last Mortal Kombat video game. The company would soon go under and with it all hopes of another mortal kombat game…..?…..

or so we thought…

Warner Brother Entertainment would buy out the franchise of Mortal kombat. Having done team work on MK VS DC..and concluded that the franchise did do well for its last stand. It wasn’t mortal kombat that was the problem..but that midway made poor business plans. The Developing team would soon get there own title .. now called NeatherRealm studios…it was later revealed that while Midway was going under..the team would be working on a new mortal kombat game while making its business transitions.

On June 10th (MY BIRTHDAY) 2010 the greatest present in my life would be revealed…

A reboot to some..but in story line considered MK 10 As it is a continued story to Armageddon. The game Titled MORTAL KOMBAT would have its release day in 2011. Currently the last installment of the the series. It was a throw back to the 2D Games but with the details of a 3D Game. The game is in essence everything the mortal kombat fans had been asking for since mk 3. A amazing story, Great game play for both beginners and Masters, Over the top Violence, and all the charm and humor that the arcades included. The online is to say at its best. It included new DLC which could be purchased via PSN and had tons and tons of content.

the ps3 version included a Special guest character

It was recently announced that it will be ported to the PS VITA… with more content.. and really news to date is still being announced about this current title..

…AS OF yesterday.. It was announced that MORTAL KOMBAT Will be getting another Sequal and that it is currently in the works… 😀